Date: 14th May 2010 at 2:36am
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Every season, their is plenty of debate about the progress Blackburn have made. 2 seasons ago, we breathed a sigh of relief, after the horrible failure of Mr Ince, Mr Allardyce managed to keep us up. This season, after a horrible start by Mr Allardyce, Mr Allardyce turned us into an inpenetrable force, eventually notching up 50 points. Fantastic…

So the 10 steps to hopefully push us onwards next season are as follows (in my opinion of course)

10)Early Season Form- We need to double our collection of points, early in the season. Our back end is normally strong, if we can pick up 6-10 more points in the first batch of 10 games, it will allow us to push upwards, and challenge for 7th/8th (need to be realistic)

9)Fortress Ewood- Under Sparky, Ewood was a fortress, under Ince, Ewood was no longer a fortress. Allardyce turned this all around, with a league record of 10-5-3 at home being top 6 material. This needs to be continued, and possibly slightly improved. We can do it, and with the Rovers faithful backing the lads, 40 points at home is achievable.

8)Away from Home- 3-6-9. A poor record, with several points dropped against teams in the bottom half of the table.if we can turn this around to say 6-6-6, thats 9 points we are better off with, and, its 9 points which can be achieved. We should push on for a winner, rather then hold back which we do at times

7) The Kids- The last thing we want is the kids (Kalinic, Olsson, Hoillet, Jones, Hanley, Nzonzi, Linganzi) to suffer second season syndrome. Sam is experienced enough to be aware of this, the experienced heads of Dunn, Salagdo, Nelsen and Emerton need to do their share to not allow the status of Premier League footballer get to the heads of this amazing crop of talent we have coming through our ranks.

6) The Cups- Another League Cup run is a must. Not just for the extra prize money, but this is where the likes of Jones, Linganzi, Hoillet and Kalinic develop the most. The pressure is applied in the knockout format of Cup football, bringing an extra level out of the lads.

5)Vince Grella, Until January- Bare with me. Give him until January. Please. Im telling you, Grella and Nzonzi playing in behind Dunn, anything is possible. If he has failed to impress by January, let loose, sell him of, and bid him farewell. Agreed? Watch how he plays at the World Cup. He will sit and destroy anything that comes ahead of him, whilst Cahill, Bresciano and Kewell do the attacking work. Please, until January? Thanks!

4)Set Pieces- I read somewhere that 55% of our goals this season were from set pieces. Whether this is because we are so good at set pieces, or because we missed so many chances from open play, its debatable. However, these goals are vital to us. I dont recall a direct free kick going into the back of the net, and personally, Brett Emerton should be taking the ones around the box, Gamst wastes way too many. However, our indirects and Corners, we must continue to work on, and score from!

3) Early Goals- Boy we concede a heap of early goals. We need to get stuck in early, and not concede. With our lack of a goal scorer, it proved to be our downfall, especially away form home

2)A Striker- I dont care who, I dont care if he isnt the most skillful striker in the world. As long as he can hit the net from 6 yards out, thats all we need. For all their trickery and work ethic, Kalinic and Roberts are not clinical enough for us to push onto bigger things. Kalinic might develop into one, if he hits the other side of the post more often, but Roberts, his physical prescence, with a striker who can finish running off him, can be vital.

1) A new finishing coach! Surely something has to be done in that department. I can honestly say we miss more 80% opportunities then any other Premier League team. Our defence is solid, our midfield is a work in progress, but whoever is coaching our forwards, ship out, and bring in someone who knows what he is doing upfront!!!

Anyways, thats my opinion,

Hope you enjoy the read

2010/11 Onto Bigger and brighter things!


13 Replies to “2010/11- The 10 Point Plan”

  • Def agree about the early goals… doesnt help at all and puts us under uneeded pressure. Some very vaild points and I agree about Vince.

  • Really agree about the direct free kicks..too many were wasted by Gamst and Brett can do much better than him.
    I also think that we didn’t try our luck from distance as much as we should have particularly the likes of Morten, Emo, Dunny and Vince who are really able to do that…

  • I agree with some of what you’ve put here Sas – however I think the one main problem that we had (which covers or is related to a few of your points) was consistent defending. When we had a regular back four they began playing as a unit – which was much better – Salgado got used to the pace, Samba calmed down, Nelsen was solid, Givet was superb – then that allowed Jones to slot in and excel. I think with better defending – we will get more points at home and away. However, now I think we need to do the say thing with the midfield – we need consistency with selection so that the players get accustomed to the 451 formation or whatever Sam plays. I know its not always feasible with injuries and so on – but we need to make as fewer changes as possible.

  • Good points SAS. All things which can be improved on. Zola for a finishing coach please! It won’t happen but he sure knew how to finish!

  • I’d say sell Grella.. no matter how good a player he is… if he excells in the WC we can get a high price for an injury prone player… sometimes its best for a player to move on..

  • cheers all!!!!….good point there FN1, we do need consistency within the squad, but aye, injuries did affect us…, comon rover23! give him til january! if no good, il help you pack his bags!!

  • The thing with Grella is – he’ll have a good world cup, play all the group games (at least) then he’ll be injured for next season! I hope he plays a full season for us and stays fit – but I worry that his injuries will only increase and get more serious. I think we have been exceptionally lucky with David Dunn this season – and he was out for a number of games anyway!

  • 1. Cheaper pies in the Blackburn end

    2. Sell Chimbonda or Jacobsen

    3. Sell Brown

    4. Let Reid and the monk go thanks both of you for you efforts, one a walking sick chit, the other a dignified but mediocre player, but we don’t need you on the wage bill.

    5. Sell Vince Grella, looks a good player, but we can’t afford his hospital bills on top of his pay packet

    6. Release Basturk, it was worth a try but it hasn’t happened.

    7. Sell Diouf, he is a revolting specimen of a human being, guess somebody else will have to drive him to his new destination

    8. Spend every available penny on a striker, Kris Boyd would be achievable

    9. Get all the teams to spend an extra hour a day practising their finishing, whilst those responsible for set pieces practice missing the first defender.

    10. Did I mention cheaper pies in the Blackburn End?

  • haha, Roversfan95, let me sum up what you are saying…. you want us to sell our reserve team, make the first team train abit longer (which leaves them more susceptible to injury), and, (this is where i have to do abit of guess work) you want youth to back up/play with the starting XI, all so can you have a few extra quid in your pocket, few extra pounds around your waist and an extra striker, who played well in the scottish league (which doesn’t always translate to success in the premier league, see barry ferguson). please tell me you’re not williams advisor/BSA right hand man, or we might be battling at the wrong end of the table come 10months time!

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