Date: 4th August 2009 at 5:37pm
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Blackburn Rovers left-back Stephen Warnock isn’t any stranger to speculation about his future being somewhere other than Ewood Park.

Aston Villa are understood to have taken a very keen interest in the England International, however, Tottenham Hotspur (don’t they want EVERYONE!!) are also understood to have joined the bidding with Harry Redknapp an avid fan of Warnock’s.

Reports of £7 million being enough to tempt Rovers to part with Warnock can’t be true can they!? The Rovers Player of the Year is as good as any left-back in the country (English wise, maybe Ashley Cole aside) so he MUST be worth more than £7 million EVEN if we were interested in selling, something that I’d hope we’re not!!

If (and that’s a big if) we decided to let Stevie W leave I’d personally expect it to be for A LOT more than £7 million, given the prices that England players usually sell for (and they often sell for a lot more than most players) I’d personally be expecting at least double that amount.

However, WHY sell anyway as how will that make us stronger?? I know we have Gael Givet (who’s been a very good signing) but who’s to say there isn’t room for both in the side, as I personally feel there is!!

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19 Replies to “£7 Million For Stephen Warnock??”

  • I wouldn’t want to see Warnock leave Rovers – he’s hard working and committed, not to say versatile, but, this rumour has an uncomfortable feel to it. A big transfer fee could prove tempting as there is already cover at left back with Givet and Ollson – £7m+ could allow BSA to strengthen elsewhere. Hopefully, none of this is true and Stephen Warnock sees his future at Ewood.

  • LMFAO thats all i can say! but if it reaches closer to 10mil i would accept! givet is outstanding at left back! got cover already! and we could do with a top nitch midfielder! happy days what ever the outcome

  • where has he impressed most recently, at LB or in the midfield? Clearly his versatility would be a huge benefit to someone. Personally I would expect Villa to be the team to push hardest at this time.

  • Warnock is an excellent full back, worth much more than the £7M quoted, particularly in light of the recent Johnson transfer, however I can’t help the feeling that he has been angling for a move since Hughes departed for money central, if that is the case flog him and get as much as you can

  • I don’t think the spurs interest in Warnock is genuine, just born out of the popular stereotype (from journos who never watched a game last year that) our left side is 5hite. Even if there was interest from us or Villa nothing would come of it becasue there’s no value to Blackburn in selling a quality fullback for nowt and not being able to replace him, and we know first hand what a push over Mr Williams is 😉

  • I wouldn’tsell him for less than £12-14m … I’ve seen some ridiculous sums thrown around for average players this summer. We are not selling one of our finest players for pennies. Honestly., someone show me a better player you can buy for £7m. Glen Johnson cost £17 ffs!

  • warnock is almost as good as glen johnson, johnson is abit better going forward, but warnock is versatile! he should fetch a decent amount as well if we sold him, £10mil upwards! but then again, who would want to sell him?! 🙂 haha

  • This speculation has come around because we’ve bought Givet – however, BSA says we ain’t gonna sell anyone else – so thats that!

  • Dont panic, theres been no concrete bids for Warnock at all this summer but unfortunatly, from what Ive heard, the club would accept around 7 million for him. Sad but I guess thats indicitive of the position we are in.

  • I think 10 million+ Gareth Bale would be a fair deal. Warnock was maybe our best player last year. Sometimes he even played on the midfield. I have seen the four last matches between Rovers and Chelsea (haven´t seen Rovers scored yet 😛 ), anyway…Warnock never fails, he gives 110% in everything he´s doing. And he will never have the Benni- collaps (gets fat and doesn´t want to bleed for his shirt even the club is in relegation position).
    I agree to those who´s saying that Warnock is one of the best left wingers from England. I hope he stays!

  • Warnock is nothing special…..he was the best of an exceptionally bad bunch last year!!!! Givet is a better LB and we do have Olsson as cover!!! I personally dont wanna see him sold cos i fancy him as a left winger this year but 8m+ n he can go…..AS LONG AS SAM GETS ALL THE MONEY!!!!!……Ive gotta be honest, my genuine worry is where does all our money go???? 17m for Bents last year, spent nothin n then 21m recouped on RSC and Derbs this year n a fraction of this spent!!!…Does this mean that we have to sell every year just to balance the books??? What happens i we dont have anyone to sell???? Frightening really…i think we’ll be the lowest PL spenders again this summer!!….cant go on forever if we wanna stay in this league!!!!

  • mani read my article from a couple of wks ago…..we are more then pulling our weight, smallest club in the prem league, yet we fight on year in, year out…thats how it is

  • Nothing to panic here guys. we dont need the money as we are good for this year anyway. Warnock is worth more than £7 million without a doubt.

  • Warnock deffo worth more than the 7million being bandied about and i agree with several posts that Givet is more than a match for left back so i reckon warnock will play attacking midfield which is a role he is more than capable of performing well in. Squad may look half decent this year what with the mix of old heads and young legs so id like him to stay at rovers to do this part in what is starting to look like a promising season.

  • About the comment about where does the money go – raised by Mani. Rovers may not be associated with big spending but there have been a number of smaller signings, Robinson, Andrews, Give, Grella, NZonzi, etc that all add up (not to mention high wage bills). Besides – a fair chunk of the Bentley transfer went to Arsenal. One good thing that I remember reading recently was that Rovers have one of the best credit ratings in the Premiership – a sign of a well run club. The ‘for sale’ notice on the club must be a driving force behind the need to be financially sound so as not to scare off potential investors – unfortunatley we don’t have the ‘money bags’ owners that some other clubs have! Yet.

  • I think people just get frustrated that we cant spend more, we have club debt to service and assets as well. No-one is being dishonest with the money.

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