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Ahead of tomorrow’s second leg against Villa – yes them again – we got a little q and a together with The Fear of Vital Aston Villa

Big match tomorrow. And what is a big match without a little beauty of an interview with head of Vital Aston Villa, The Fear.

For a man called ‘The Fear’ he is actually quite a nice chap, not as nice as say… someone like Bom Bom but not far off!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, sit back enjoy this back and forth.

1) With Villa having the advantage of a 1-0 lead from the first leg, do you feel that complacency could be a possibility from the Villa contingent or is that just wishful thinking on our behalf?

It is a cup game, who knows, anything can happen and with Villa, it usually does! I don’t think they’ll be complacent but then again, we have been before like when we thought we only had to turn up at Ewood Park in the Premier League game which we ultimately lost! MON said it right after the first leg, if we’d buried our chances it could have been all over but all is still to play for and the game IS in the balance. Football complacent number 20028, it is only half time at the moment!

I REALLY don’t think our boys will be taking it lightly though, they know the score (no pun intended) and want Europe as much as us fans (and yes, I know you guys want it just as much!)

2) Does anyone from Rovers strike you as being a threat from the games we have played you in so far?

Yeah, Nikola Kalinic, he looked dangerous and twice hit the post, on another day the woodwork might not have been so kind to us. I’ve read your comments in the interview on Vital Villa and will watch out for him more now you’ve explained who he is. For the interview: A Double Blackburn Rover Fan Interview

I also think that Paul Robinson is a decent keeper, then again so is ours as you know better than us after 10 years great service from Friedel. Oh and Dunne looked quite alert at times although he does seem to tire doesn’t he?

3) Who has been Villa best player this season?

James Milner I think, he looks really good in the centre and I think could be a legend in years to come, certainly the way he has played has softened the blow of losing Gareth Barry. Who else? Our defence as a whole have been solid with Richard Dunne leading the line VERY well.

4) Is there anybody you feel should be playing more that is constantly marooned on the bench?

Well, who am I to question the gaffer MON?! I might get hung for it you know? Every time Heskey plays I wish Carew was on. Every time Carew is on, I wish Heskey was on. They are so bloody frustrating! In fact I wish we’d bought another striker like Darren Bent in the summer and neither of those two were on. JC REALLY could be world class but he only turns it on every now and then. Hope if he plays Wednesday night is one of the times he turns it on, if so, watch out.

The big question on many fans lips is why MON doesn’t rotate more because he does then say that the players he constantly uses are tired. As said, who am I to question MON, I just sit here and type for a living! lol

5) Emile Heskey always seems to be one of those maligned players that gets stick, what is the current Villa perception of the man known as Ivanhoe?

As above, frustrating. He does put in a lot of work but rarely shoots and so obviously rarely scores. I did SO want him to work out but he spends a good amount of time on the floor and frustrates a great deal. The movement of our front two isn’t always that great and that leads to problems for those crossing the ball. Still hope if he remains with us, which looks likely at least until the summer, that things click for him, I’m told he is a really nice guy. Maybe that is the problem, nice guys often come second don’t they?

6) Are you enjoying the delights of Stephen Warnock added to the year you have had Rovers legend Friedel for?

Warnock has slotted in beautifully, lovely solid player, hope he remains a Villa for many a long year. Friedel is also class as you know, be interesting how long he can continue mind you. I would snap him up for the goalkeeping coaches role once he does retire for sure. Sorry for nicking them from you folks!

7) Is there a weak link in Villa’s side that Rovers might exploit?

Not really, not that I’m going to tell you anyway! lol. The weak link is the striking department really, maybe the last bit of a very good jigsaw for us but I guess the hardest one to get completed. The movement of them isn’t always great and JC especially does have at tendency to disappear at times. At other times he’s a hot hot hot striker though. Wish we saw more of that JC. The rest is pretty solid, good keeper, tough to beat defenders, nice balance in midfield especially with Milner in the centre and the very impressive Downing slotting in following his recovery from injury.

8) Would you want a Carling Cup win or a Champions League spot (I may have asked you this before but I just wanted to see if your perception has changed)?

Champions League does my head in. Think it has ruined the PL and the game. When we won it (here we go) or the European Cup as it was better named in those days, you had to be champions to be in it, now you can be 3rd loser. Madness. Should put the cup winners in if they want more, not 3rd and 4th.

What was the question again? I’d rather silverware, a day at Wembley and the joy of a win (I missed 94 and 96 as I’d had a brain op, so want to experience it!) but I do understand that evil thing money is massive if you get into the CL. Then again, if we got in the CL we would need massive investment to stay in it you would think?

Sod it, I’ll take both!

9) Prediction time….

Cup game, always hard to predict but as we have one foot there with a 1-0 advantage, I’ll take a 0-0 or to save the nerves another 1-0 and a trip to Wembley for the Claret & Blue army.

Chaps, may the best team win and if you are travelling down, be safe if the snow does start!

Interview on Vital Villa: A Double Blackburn Rover Fan Interview

Many thanks to The Fear of Vital Villa for a superb outing on the interview front.


10 Replies to “A ‘Good Going Rover’ with Vital Villa”

  • So excited about tomorrow. I know we’ve not scored in a while but if we get an early goal expect the roof of the Holte End to end up on the Aston Expressway. I for one can not wait!!! UTV

  • Good interview. I’d like Benni and niko up top. MGP, nzonzi, Dunn and Reid (on the right) in midfield. Olsson, Samba, Nelson and Emo at the back. If MGP isn’t up to snuff, bring in Givet or Chimbo and push Olsson up on the left wing. If Reid can’t hang on the right or Nzonzi is lost/gunshy in the middle, bring in Hoillett. If we don’t have a lead at the hour mark, let’s see Givet on for Emo and push the left back to midfield and only keep 3 back. Attack, attack, attack. There is no tomorrow and I want to see tactics that reflect this.

  • The only thing I worried about is our stamina – after thre games in a week our guys will be pushed to the limit – especially if it goes to extra time… Villa do have advantages of not playing as many games, having home advantage and being on form! Ah well, lets hope we give ’em a major upset!

  • Im a Villa fan we were playing against 10 men scored 6 goals and was never as relieved to hear a full time whistle,your team did you proud tonight best of luck for the rest of the season I dont think you will need it.

  • Agree with Pking, I am also a Villa fan and couldn’t settle until Young put the issue beyond doubt. Your team fought all the way and deserve credit for that. Yes, Gabby pushed Nelsen, but Samba cleaned Gabby, and we should have had a pen (or two) at Ewood, but Kalinic should have scored at least one and was a handful tonight. Unfortunately for you guys, that’s football, but it will go down as a classic semi. Good luck for the rest of the league campaign.

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