Date: 2nd June 2007 at 1:24pm
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Blackburn Rovers’ former Welsh International Robbie Savage has launched an attack on Welsh boss John Toshack.

Savage and Toshack have been at each others throats for a while now (since Toshack left Savage out of a World Cup Qualifier two-years ago) and despite seeing the dust settle from their very ferocious early exchanges the latest outburst by the retired Welsh International will most likely not go without reply!

Savage told the Sun:

Ryan Giggs is about to play his last game against the Czech Republic and he couldn’t be calling it a day at a better time.

“Our game is an utter shambles. I watched the friendly against New Zealand last week, when we drew 2-2.

“Blimey, Blackburn beat the Kiwis last summer 5-0.

“That was a disaster, with no redeeming feature. Yet he tried to find some. It was seriously humiliating.

“If he was honest with himself, he’d look in the mirror and say, ‘I’ve failed’ and walk away. It would be the honest and truthful thing to do.

“It really is time he called it a day. He has failed and along the way forced players to retire. He really should go

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

As an Englishman obviously the difficulties within the Welsh set-up do not have anywhere near the impact on me as they obviously would a Welsh person, but with them being a home nation I want them to do well, and they haven’t done well in recent years!

Maybe Mark Hughes saw the signs of decline and got out while he could, but maybe it just shows how good a Manager Sparky is by turning a team (with all due respect) that was basically a laughing stock into genuine contenders to make a major Finals.

Since Sparky’s departure and Toshack’s re-arrival (he walked out on Wales a few years before after literally no time in charge, should this not have been a sign his re-appointment was wrong?!?!) the decline in the Welsh game has been as rapid as the rise under Hughes. Granted players have retired but is this really because they felt they were too old or was it because off the Manager the were playing for?



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  • It is a shame to see the decline of Welsh football (again!) as I say maybe Sparky saw the writing on the wall and got out while the going was good, but I have to say I’ve never been a big fan of John Toshack, his man management skills seem to be poor (he comes from the old school of coaching though doesn’t he, not always bad, but not always good!) maybe the fact that players aren’t coming through isn’t helping but under a different man maybe (and I could be wrong?!?!) some of the older members would have stayed on while some youngsters were blooded? Either way Toshack’s response should be interesting!

  • well in sav’ totally agree tho, cant be doing with toshack, in toshacks words. “Well its come at a good time really because i have just recently been contemplating putting him on the bench” (on Ryan Giggs). TOOL

  • Toshacks not doing a good job, and he hasn’t got A beckham to bring back like McClaren had. Savage you were dropped, get over it.

  • Part of me does think this was a tad un-called for from Sav but as a patriotic welshman i assume he is merely talking as a fan. Toshack is a bit of an idiot though. He seems incapable of managing a team or the players. I think it will be the best thing for welsh football if he were nudged!

  • Tosh walked on us before after a loss against Norway (his only game last time!) and cited a young lad shouting “toshack out” after the game for the reason for resigning. He has worldwide experience and is a well respected coach but he is, as already pointed out, too old school for todays international climate. Todays performance was quite good but it doesnt mask the poor ones before them. Even being Welsh, I think Sav was out of line here though! Especially considering he said toward the end that hw wouldnt return even if Tosh went! So why make the comment?

  • Good on Sav… complete tool Toshack!!!! he did overstate a little bit (as you would expect) but what he said was fundamentally correct.

  • Savage is a good player, he wants to play for Wales – badly.
    Toshack is a moron who has taken Wales backwards – I think that says it all.

  • When you look at who plays in the Wales midfield… Savage would fit right in there perfectly… but no chance as Toshack is a complete moron… just like the England Manager.

  • I think people have a problem with Sav for the way he said it, not what he said. When Toshack says things like “well its a good job Giggs is retiring because I was considering putting him on the bench..” he looks like an idiot all on his own….

  • As much as I am biased for Sav and against Toshack being a Roverite and a Welshman, Tosh did have a point. Giggs is 34, Tosh needs to know what he has to replace him with when that time comes and with Giggs still playing, to drop him to the bench wouldve been a very very hard and brave decision to do. Therefore, seeing as we are all but out of the qualifiers for the Euros, Giggs IMO has done the right thing and this will allow Tosh time to try out players in the starting team. I still do not like Toshack mind you, he was never the right appointment for Wales but we a re stuck withy him so best to make the best of a bad situation IMO

  • Indeed Mikey, but i am in the advantageous position of not giving 2 S**ts what Wngland do, being welsh. LOL

  • If Toshack went Sav WOULD be out of retirement tomorrow and could still offer Wales something. The fact that he (Toshack) has even contemplated dropping Giggs was crazy! Sure, he’s 34 but he could still do a job for Wales. If he is still one of the best for his club he is certainly the best for his country. Think he could have gone on until the World Cup as could Sav (and he will if Toshack goes) these older players would have helped some of these apparently talented youngsters through.

  • Yeah I really can, if Toshack went tomorrow (or later in the year!) I think he would come back, but would he be welcomed back?!?!

  • Well, in that interview he suggested that he wouldnt return now and I cannot blame him, 2 years is a long time!

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