Date: 22nd October 2012 at 10:32pm
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After discussing a few supporter concerns with Shebby, he decided the fans were due an update on the current managerial situation.

It is over 3 weeks since Steve Kean resigned as manager, and a replacement is yet to be appointed. Did you anticipate it taking this long, and if not, what is the hold up?

It has been a little difficult to not want to rush things as obviously a new Managerial appointment has to be dealt with. However, there has been the need for contemplation as to the direction the club should take. It is important to first determine the path and hence there has been time taken to ensure we have a concept in place.

The game has evolved so much in modern times and most Managers/ Coaches ( as they are known on the continent ) will tell you, it is not all about running up and down sand dunes and then kicking lumps out of each other on the weekend.

The heart and head has to be in sync with a sound body. Then it is tactics and strategy.

I guess it has been a case of picking ourselves up and we are now dusting ourselves down before we start running.

A lot of fans are angry at the calibre of manager which we have been reported to be approaching. What is your reaction to the fans’ opinions?

The fans have been extremely useful to gauge the sentiments of the different scenarios we are contemplating. The reaction towards a young, dynamic and upcoming manager has been soundly rounded upon.

The scenario of having someone who has bitter sweet memories too has received flak. While the scenario of a wise old head which has received less venom somehow complicates things as the wise old heads are all taken or there are too few of them.

(I’m not sure all the fans would agree there given who they would like!)

The majority of fans would like to see a more experienced appointment. Is this something you will consider?

As I mentioned the three different scenarios above, then again you have to define experience. Is it simply age, or experience of failure or experience of success.

Many fans would describe this decision as the owners’ last chance at the club. Does this add pressure appoint the right man?

There is pressure no doubt in any club making the right appointment. How do you determine the right appointment? Obviously, at the end of a season the manager is judged. And if the club has failed to achieve its targets then the manager is adjudged to have failed. However, there is now a situation in the psyche of the modern fan to pre judge. This in essence has been the reason behind us treading with caution and taking time to make an announcement.

Thanks to Shebby for taking time out to speak to Vital Blackburn.

I think I speak for the majority of the fan base when I say we all sit and wait in hope that the right, popular appointment is made, to help reunite a divided fan base and get our season back on track.

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