Date: 2nd February 2010 at 4:36pm
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Ryan Nelsen has taken time out of his busy day to comment on Rovers recent climb up the league table.

Rovers have moved up to 10th in the league after a good run of results which has seen them only lose one of their league games since the turn of the year.

They have played more than some sides below them but to be fair it is always best to have the points on the board.

Either way a slight shift in formation and renewed application from certain players has seen Rovers improve a lot recently.

Nelsen though has a simple answer for that improvement.

Nelsen, speaking to said – ‘If you could put your finger on it, you’d be a wealthy man!

‘But I think it is just hard work – all the guys have worked hard and have a good attitude, positive.

‘If you do that, generally it turns itself around and I think it is a reward of everyone working together and working hard at training.’

Rovers to me are getting by on a really good home record and beating the teams in theory they should be beating….

Thats all good by me though as much as people are saying ‘well we should be beating them’… we are ACTUALLY beating them.


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  • I should think that everyone should have a good attitude (sorry Benni!) but I am pleased we are getting our act together. The sooner we get over that 40 point mark the better but I am convinced we will get there.

  • You will definatley stay up. But i wouldnt look too much into your last 6 games, i mean look at the opposition! Have you still got Matt Derbyshire on your books? Can he be recalled?

  • I want more than points on the board, i want to see a team playing football worth paying for, Lets not paper over the cracks that we need serious investment quick

  • First things first – let’s guarantee our Premiership place and then we can take the chance to go out and play the better football we would all like to see.

    You can only beat the team in front of you and, recently, we have been doing that and getting those precious points on the board. Premiership status is paramount. The nice football can come when we know we are safe.

    We have players in Niko, Olsson, MGP, Hoilett, Dunny and, dare I say it, Diouff who can entertain when the pressure is off.

  • Kevin, I agree. We’d all love to see some serious investment but that doesn’t seem to be on the horizon at the moment – so we have to face reality – BSA needs to rebuild the team with young players – that means we’re in it for the long haul – no quick fixes. One thought from Ryan’s comments is the emphasis on teamwork – after several disruptions over the last couple of seasons, perhaps the team is beggining to gel and work better together – lets hope it stays that way – especially for the critical home matches against Hull, Bolton and Birmngham – 9 points that we really need to push us to the verge of safety!

  • When it comes to financial investment we need to be careful – all the recent clubs that have ‘gained’ rich owner have become saddled with debt – Pompey, West Ham, Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea – we should question the motives of any future buyer to see if our club is a purchase of love or simply an investment for them.

  • Fair point Freidel – I can’t really see anyone buying Rovers to make a profit and as we’re not seen as a ‘glamour’ site I guess we’ll have to wair for love.

  • Maybe we might get one that has both FN1?! Either way it would be nice to see new owners that will provide funds and back the club as well. But that is a long shot, likely we will get a business man that uses the club as a way for make money and for that reason alone. That would be better than what we have now – but we do remain an unnattractive proposition for club owners, we have a small fanbase by Premier League standards and the board want £20 million more sale price than we are worth!!! Something has to give…

  • the board continue to make money from Blackburn rovers without investment and will continue to, did you know they are the 7th richest in the league?

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