Date: 30th April 2009 at 6:31am
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9am Sunday Morning…..

Ahh the fresh Autumn breeze wakes the Sas up, bright and early…with the day all planned out, breaky is made, Sasman’s traditional Game Day breakfast, Bacon, Eggs, Orange Juice….

Midday Kick Off….

Sas drives down to the park with his brothers, for kick off in the Canterbury District Division 1, round 2 match… Wearing his number 6 Jersey, Sas scores a goal from a corner, assisting his side in their 3-0 victory. After match, Sas pulls out his Rovers Jersey, with his team mates already giving him a load of garbage, going down, going down, going down….darn Scouser and Manure supporters….

5pm…..The Sunday Barbeque

Being the Player Coach, all the boys come over to my house for our traditional victory barbecue. The Rovers Jersey is still on, the fight begins with a few rounds of Fifa 09, as well as snags (sausages), chicken and steaks, straight of the BBQ. And it wouldnt be a Aussie BBQ without beer, arghhh beer….4 letters make up 1 word which makes so many stories…beer….

9pm…The Aftermath….

Only the devout are still over, still competing in Fifa, however the Sas has retired to his couch, watching Fast and Furios with a few of the lads, in preperation for the Arsenal Boro encounter.
The game kicks of at 10.30 pm, Sas cheering on Arsenal, the Scouser and Manure fans supporting Boro….Ah Cesc Fabregas, the hero, 2 goals, the night starts of well for the Sas….

1am…Rovers V Wigan….

The moment we have been waiting for. Left behind are the Sas, younger brother and Chelsea supporter Chris, 2 scousers and a Manure fan. A panicky start by Rovers and the jibes are already coming at my direction…Going down, going down, going down….

1.45am…The house is woken up.

Gamst Cross, McCarthy Goal, Sas jumps out of his couch, spilling his 12th or 13th beer all over the carpet…woooooooottttt, Sas does the happy dance, as the Rovers take the lead and head into half time…the pressure is relieved, the other brother comes storming down the stairs, pissed off he was woken up, but he was dismissed as always

2.20am….The neighbourhood is woken up

Benni Free Kick, Nelsen goal!!!!!! No beer this time, the fridge is now officially empty, so the can of coke caused some damage to the carpet, Mother Sas wont be too happy come morning time…Celebrations continue, with the Scouser and Manure fans finally giving in, Rovers are staying up!!!!!!

2.50am…Its over….

The happy dance is on…Staying up staying up staying up!!!! with no drop of alcohol remaining, the lads decide to head out into town, all in their respective jerseys, with the Sas featuring the widest grin of the mob…the points were in the bag, now it was time to chase the ladies!!!!

4am….Do you really want to know?

11am….The aftermath…..

Phone rings…Where are you? why is the carpet all stained….arghhh Mother Sas is on the phone, Sas and the lads wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, with a bit of feminine company…Great night for Sas and the Rovers!!!!!!


11 Replies to “Adventures of an International Rover”

  • ahh another great rovers victory and aftermath…..who will step up for this weeks international adventure!!!!! heldy you up for it mate? anyone else??

  • Haaha cheers lads…. As for grella and emo they get enough wraps as it is lol good to see emo up in the stands cheerin the lads on his surgery went fantastic from what I hear

  • aye. you can call it the um, Local Adventure lol. But that wouldnt be too exciting…..9am…wake up, find my self in England, wonder, why im not in Australia yet….

    Midday….Get my lazy arse out of bed, look outside, its cold, pray i can wake up in Australia tomorrow…

    3pm….Watch the game, Beer is warm……

    5pm…go to bed…


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