Date: 23rd August 2009 at 11:59am
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Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce has insisted left back and Aston Villa target Stephen Warnock was left out yesterday as he wasnt mentally ready for the game and he won’t sell Stephen on the cheap.

An exclusive yesterday on VB gave you an insight that Warnock was a certain to leave but Sam’s words in the press this morning show that maybe things aren’t as developed as first imagined.

The Rovers boss revealed last seasons player of the season Warnock was left out the squad that unfortunately lost 2-1 against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light on Saturday because he had ‘struggled to focus on this game’.

Allardyce has not yet recieved a bid he considers good enough yet and has stood firm to state that whilst things are in the balance and Stephen could leave, nothing is done yet.

Allardyce speaking to Sky Sports said – ‘He is at home because he struggled to focus on this game and didn’t feel that mentally he was capable enough of giving his best, so we both took the decision to leave him back at Ewood.

‘There have been no developments on the transfer front, but he didn’t feel and I didn’t feel that it was the right thing to do to play him.’

‘We will wait and see what next week brings, but we haven’t had anything near a bid we could consider to be enough, so he is still our player and I envisage that he still will be our player.’

Anyone else confused?!?!


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  • I hope tis sheds some light on things – and I hope Sam does ask for the maximum amount of cash before considering selling.

  • I think Warnock will be on his way whether it is now or in the January transfer window, 8 mill did seem on the cheap side when you consider what other English players have been fetching in the transfer market. So if and when we do sell we get the players true worth hopefully 10-12 mill.

  • We made the mistake of playing ‘ Gareth barrys bit on the side’ against Arsenal and got stuffed. it doesn’t just effect one player if a want away player plays, it effects the whole team.

  • If he’s sat at home feelin sorry for himself when he could be pulling on a Rovers top on a saturday afternoon the the answer is simple…..DONT PAY HIM AND SELL HIM ASAP!!! Theres no way back and to be brutally honest, i dont know who the hell he thinks he is!!! I would personally be more gutted had they come in for Givet!!!

  • And this article should end any animosity between the fans and the board because its obvious who wants what and who’s fault it it…..Warnock wants to go…..byeeeeeeeeeee!!

  • I think he has definitely had his head turned and it does look ominous but how do we know for sure until Stephen says somet? I personally have no animosity towards the board as they have always been very honest with fans

  • and in fairness to Warnock, he hasn’t said anything publicly except being positive about this season in a Blackburn shirt, so don’t be so quick to turn on him

  • He will come out and say something if he doesnt get his move just wait and see. And you can be sure he knows what is on offer at Villa and wants to jump ship. He wants out, let him go and watch him follow so many other players who leave Rovers and regret it. As i said yesterday I believe Givet to be the better player so take the money and buy that Croatian lad at Portsmouth who will probably be going fairly cheaply considering Portsmouths finances

  • And to add that if he hasnt been focusing on playing for the club who have done a lot for him in his career and who pay his wages it shows a real disregard for the club and the fans. I thought he was more professional than that.

  • Sad that a player I always considered a model pro is no different to all the other smacked arse little brats.

    Get as much as you can for him and sell him, do not let him do a Lescott on us, the team ethic and work rate this season is good, don’t let this episode spoil it.

  • I would be gutted if Stevie left – he was tremendous for us last season and we need to keep players of his calibre to get up the league. His head may have been turned but it’s up tp our club to convince him he’s best off at rovers – I’d say ‘look what happened tpo Bentley… and there’s world cup places up for grabs’

  • I am really surprised at this one. I thought Stevie of all people would give it his all in a rovers shirt while he’s still on the pay role and especially at this stage of the season. It seem obvious from this story that he wants to go so sell him but for no less that 12m. I guess even with the most ‘loyal’ players these days money speeks loudest, unless he thinks that playing for Villa will give him a better chance of getting in2 the England squad for the world cup. especially if Givet is 1st choice LB.

  • We have to sell a player to get Salgado as I said, so it have to be Warnock as he is wanted and wants to leave. Now we got salgado then get warnock shipped off. Jacobsen could play a left back but he is still best at right……let see how this ends….by the way…if we don’t get points soon (soon in the next two matched) then I want Sam fired, or else I fear relegation this season….cheers

  • If Warnock want to leave, I finally know that there are no loyal players left in this world. I couldnĀ“t have predicted this one for a year ago. I hope Big Sam has a plan for which players to sign.

  • i dont know why everyone is goin so anti-player anti manager here!! i kno that stevie W is prob in a dilemma here because he wants to seem loyal but money is luring, you cant tell me that any of you who got offered a major pay rise and extra incentives (in this case, european football) that you would turn it down cos your loyal to your job!
    and sam has been good to us, his tactics may be a bit off at times, but he has us working hard and getting the most out of players! would good him alot more than 4 games riisenholt!!!

  • If my memory serves me right everton had a bad start to last season and they finished in a good spot. I for one am not worrying just yet. This is nothing like last season under Ince where we were awful we were unlucky not to get something out of the last two games. 6pts from the next 2games and its a different story. If Reid, Grella and Dunn can avoid more injury and we get 10-12m for stevie we’re not doing too bad!!

  • I dont hold any bad feelings towards Sam or the board. In fact I dont even feel that bad towards Warnock – just confused at the moment. As for loyal players I suggest the following two players – Tugay and Ryan Nelsen.

  • I like many others here always thought of Warnock to be a model player who would honour his contract at least. If he does want away this is very disappointing indeed. However, if the player wants out I’d like to see us get a decent fee for the lad and give it to Sam to spend in January (or maybe straight away, but maybe there is a lack of time and I dont want Sam to panic buy).

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