Date: 27th April 2009 at 5:56pm
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Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce is understood to be interested in signing Alan Smith in the summer.

The 28-year-old has been troubled by a string of injuries during his time with Newcastle United and is understood to be one of a number of players that will leave St James’ Park in the summer, and if he does his former Newcastle manager could be at the head of the queue (according to some newspaper reports) to try and sign him for a reported fee as low as £3.5 million?!?!

Former Leeds United, Manchester United and England International forward Smith seems to tick the boxes that Allardyce would want ticked so this could be a credit worthy link and something with a little more basis to it than just newspaper talk?



17 Replies to “Allardyce In For Alan Smith?!?!”

  • Eh 3.5 mil is low for a player who is crap and injured almost constantly? If we were to spend that money on him I’d be disgusted to be honest.

  • doesnt sound to daft to me, ok he has had his injury troubles but lets be honest he is a striker not a midfielder as deployed by the toon, and if fergie thought he was goode enough for utd then maybe he still has something to offer, he certainly is a passionate player and move to ewood on the cheap could be a bargain

  • Ask any Newcastle fan how highly they rate him? How many goals has Big Sam throw £3.5mil out of a balloon down onto Ewood on the final day of the season than spend it on a player who failed to make it.

  • This is more than likely newspaper talk but if there is anything in it then I would be inclined to agree with Glen.. £3.5million is a steal for a player of Smith’s quality and I certainly would’nt be opposed to it. How’s he supposed to make an impression at a club where he’s had 4 differant managers in the space of two years. The only thing i’d be concerned about is that he is prone to injury. Still worth a punt tho in my opinion!

  • a few years ago £3.5m would have been a snip for Smith, but then he wents to the 2 Utds and got he a striker or midfielder?? No one knows – least of him at the min – plus his fittness as has been said is more than suss – for a club that does not have too much money in the transfer market, we have to be a bit more selective than Smith, who is living on his name and possibly his versitile tag now, well not being that good at 2 positions does not make u good – ask the Axe…..

  • Sure its just paper talk….quality is undoubted…another Dunny on the injury side of things tho…..not sure….but whatever Sam does is good enough for me!!! The guy knows what he’s doin!!! SIMPLES!!! ha ha

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