Date: 13th December 2010 at 5:58pm
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Big Sam has admitted his hurt at being sacked by Rovers this afternoon.

With new owners there was always a risk he would leave eventually but the timing and the shock factor is very strange on this one.

‘I am very shocked and disappointed to be leaving Blackburn Rovers,’ Allardyce said in a statement released by the League Managers Association.

‘I am extremely proud to have managed this club and I enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the players, my staff and the supporters during my time in charge.

‘I now wish them and the football club every success for the future’.

Thank you Sam.

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33 Replies to “Allardyce in shock”

  • To be honest I’m not that stunned. As has been suggested by a few that 7-1 was never going to sit well with the new owners who let us not forget had already clashed with Sam by publicly calling for more entertaining play. Losing in such circumstances as yesterday was obviously the final straw.

  • Somehow I actually fear that Venkys will put some puppet at the helm who will accept indian players (nobodys) in the team in order to spread the Blackburn brand in india…and supplement them with Kentaro loans players….terrible!!

  • Big Sam is never meant to be the man for the job and I hope John Williams will continue to fight for the interests of the club. The fear of mismanagement is real now though.

  • The silence coming from the club is deafening. Surely the John Williams will make a statement at the earliest opportunity or is his position also in doubt?

  • I think the owners must have somebody lined up already. Surely John Williams would have been told about this decision before it was official. I hope they don’t just want a YES man to take charge of the players they want at the club.

  • Perhaps Allardyce finally wants some time to take on that dreadful Panorama slur against him and his son. Now that would be entertaining, and illuminating.

  • This does not fill me with confidence in the new owners at all!!
    We didn’t like the long ball tactics he employed but he got the job done and i don’t think anyone can say he did too bad a job… He wasn’t brilliant for us but he did rescue us after the Ince era. And for that i thank him always..

  • Never been a fan of his at all, his style is dreadful and he thinks he something hes not. But the timing is strange i must say!

  • that’s junk. i’m not pleased at all. let’s get someone in quick to steady the ship though. december is critical. couldn’t it wait till jan?

  • Discusting decision, I won’t be going on Rovers again this season, Williams will be next. A sad dat to be associated with Rovers, They now want a man they can impose there kentaro group on, Downhill from here, i’m sure the players won’t be happy, and that plonker Roberts might be kept by the new manager

  • As a Villa fan I know this is a bad thing to happen at this point of the season. It happened to us (Different circumstances, same result, no manager) just before the start of the season and we may be only just starting to recover from it now (I think !). What ever happens for you Rover fans, just be prepared because it may get worse before it gets better but hopefully your owners will do the right thing and get a fulltime manager quickly as having a caretaker manager between two different fulltime managers only sets you back even further, re Villa. And hopefully you get a manager asap becasuse the window is coming up and it would be a nice statement of commitment by the owners to cough up a good sum of money for new signings to strengthen your team, although as seen at Villa the summer window was wasted (Minus the Milner/Ireland deal) in the confusion. So hang in there Rover fans, have faith in your owners and whoever is managing and know that however silly their actions may seem, they have the team and the fans best interests at heart.

  • i cant believe they sacked sam …not only did we finished 15 i think in the 1st year and signed really no body and only lost 4 or 5 games at home and were did we finish 10th last year wow this was the year [hopefully is the year} to be 7th or 8th and sign a top CF

  • Indian players can’t play in the PL, redstarman. They aren’t in the top 100 in Fifa’s rankings, so they can’t play- its the rules. So you needn’t worry about that.

  • took it well the big man. if JW goes, then were in trouble. until then, lets just hope this works out. i understand the need to access india, but moves like this risk alienating the base you’ve already got

  • Never been a fan but always felt safe that we’d never go down whilst he was at the club, this result leaves a very nasty taste in my mouth and im genuinely scared about the clubs future.

  • he was so gracious in his words and you would just feel how disappointed he is and how much he has really enjoyed his time at blackburn…legend.

  • Really feel sorry for the Big Man, wouldn’t be surprised if John Williams does leave and i wouldn’t blame him to be honest. I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted this.

  • A few people moaned about him – I didn’t want him appointed in the first place, but I backed him as he was our manager. Now I’m angry that he has been treated this way especially after the hard work he has put in to keep us in the premier league, give us a good cup run and now looked as though we’d have a safe season and aim for top ten rather than a relegation battle. Now with him gone, I think the situation is rocky – we need a good manager in place, not some muppet who is a yes man to these idiots. Unfortunatly I can’t see many top managers wanting the job with little transfer funds and little say in the transfer market.

  • We could only wish Mikey, they know nothing about football and Kentaro are rubbing their hands together at the thought they are going to get rich by putting everyone else’s cast offs on contract at rovers

  • Seriously though? Kris Boyd and Geovanni?! If they are aiming for the top 4 with these players then they must be bonkers!!!

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