Date: 24th August 2009 at 12:23pm
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Sam Allardyce, despite being bullish at the weekend has now stepped up his comments and admitted that he is losing the fight for Stephen Warnock.

Sam wants him to stay but looks to have admitted defeat.

Big Sam speaking to Sky Sports said – ‘There is no acceptable bid as yet from Aston Villa so he is still a Blackburn player and I need him to travel with the squad on Tuesday- at the moment,’

‘Whether that changes or not will be another story between now and the next 24-48 hours.

‘We are obviously sat in a very delicate position at the moment.

‘Obviously what happens in the next few days will go on what negotiations go on between John Williams and Aston Villa.’

‘I think it is obvious he would like to move to a club of that size without me trying to cover it up,’ he said.

‘The problem is we want the value we think Stephen is worth and that is the most important thing from my and this club’s point of view.

‘I don’t think the value is beyond reasonable. If Aston Villa get to where we are going it looks like we might have to lose him.

‘I don’t want to but as much as I want to keep him it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.’

Personally my confusion has ended – it is pretty obvious that Stephen wants out now but Martin o’Neill needs to understand that he won’t leave on the cheap. He’ll leave for the amount Sam deems acceptable.


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  • Well if we’ve told O’Neil a price he needs to respect that and pay it – if not look elsewhere – he said this over Barry’s move to Liverpool, so now he needs to walk the walk too.

  • Well if he wants to go, he wants to go. Shame its all coming out now, 2 lost games into the season!! Lets hope we get our money soon so we don’t end up with another sulk for the season. With nelson injured this is not a great time for this to happen unless BS has a another gem lined up.

  • I got a bit upset about this at the weekend but have now thought whats the point, let him go to increase his chances of playing for england next year in south africa as he apparently isnt capable of doing that at rovers us being such a small club and all. Name our price, get a decent replacement and move on.

  • The stories about Warnock leaving for Villa have seemed credible from the start – I suspect that BSA already has a couple of players lined up in case he does go – we seem to have been linked with a defender or two. A versatile Central Defender that can play comfortably across the back four seems in order – another Givet?

  • does no one think that hes been after a move for a while? 12 month ago he was after goin newcastle but we had just brought in wince. since then its been all about steadyin the ship an now we are pretty settled he wants to go again? as far as im concerned he can go, i pay my money week in week out to see lads who give 100%. his head wasnt right for the game? pull the other one

  • We now have money to buy players again. Reading articles from other places, it looks like Big Sam already have given up on keeping Warnock. Sam is a smart guy, i guess this money was a central part of his real plan for Rovers. It´s good to see the board doesn´t accept a small offer like 8 million pounds. What is Warnocks value? 13-15 million pounds? I still use G. Johnsen as an example. Now Lescott for 24 million???? Warnock is worth 8 million only because he´s British, with his abilities, he is really must be worth 15 😛

  • I will hate to see him leave but have to commend him on keeping his wish to leave behind closed doors. Credit to Villa too for doing their business the right way and not trying to unsettle the player through the media. I think Gael is better defensively anyway plus as they are the one age it is not the biggest blow to the club. Unfortunately this is going to be a regular occurrence until this club gets some investment

  • Warnock is a good player and he will be good for Villa and I do have respect for him as he hasnt bitched and whined in the media like others (yes I am looking at you Roque). But bottom line is we should get £10 million for him and let him leave – weare still here when many other players thought they were better than us and we will be once Warnock goes.

  • I agree – if he goes he’s gone about it in the right way (or a better way). However we will need to bring in someone quick – maybe thats the delay – we maybe looking for a replacement b4 letting him go. I don’t think olssen is a good enough replacement long term.

  • Givet is an excellent replacement but I think Sam has said he would want 2 players to replace Warnock – so I imagine thats how we will roll.

  • I’m with u on this Mikey, let him go…..i dont think that we do need two players….just one i think….a CB to cover Samba and Nelsen if Givet is going to be permenant LB. We now have Salgado and and Ollson and regardless of ho badly olsson has played before the club obviously rate him so why not let him come of age???

  • Lets get the money and move on!! he’s another one that’s played well for a very short time and thinks he bigger than he really is…

  • its the circle of life at B’burn being totally honest, your a feeder club to the likes of everton, totenham, and now villa. lets face it, blackburn is just a small town club in the north west. economies of scale and all that.

  • Just a small town club that has qualified for Europe more in recent times than those clubs mentioned despite spending two years in the league below. We’ve also won the league in recent memory so yeah we’ll take just being a small club who regularly perform as good as and often better than those super huge clubs you mentioned. Villa are welcome to Warnock, good player sure but Givet is better.

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