Date: 24th March 2009 at 2:18pm
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Its safe to say Sam Allardyce is not pleased with the timing of the International break.

He feels it could prove disruptive and add to the injury count which could harm our relegation battle.

The Big Man, was speaking to Rovers official website – ‘I think there is always a worry when an international break comes around, certainly at this late stage of the season, because players are starting to begin to feel the effects of a long hard season,’.

‘There is very little training happens from our point of view it is more about the recovery of players, more about the diet, the nutrition, the fluids and the massage, rather than it is about the training.

‘It is about trying to give the players the fuel and trying to top the tank up so they can go again and again.

‘When they travel so far for so long and then play what would be two games Saturday and Wednesday, and then travel all the way back then at the best you get them back fatigued, at the worst you get them back fatigued and injured.

‘That for us is obviously a big concern with the squad already without two key players in Brett Emerton and Steven Reid.’

Fair point there from Sam.


13 Replies to “Allardyce Not A Fan Of International Week”

  • I can understand where he’s coming from, after all we have had terrible luck this season in losing important players for way too long…. especailly in midfield!!! It does seem a bit stupid to have friendlies and qualifiers 8 games from the end of the season!!! Knock on wood but wot would happen if Rovers lost another couple of players playing in some daft game in some remote country and end up going down and losing millions?!?!? where would those FA’s be then?

  • Pointless fixtures? Guys, there are world cup qualifiers across the globe. Something we do need to remember, is we sign international quality players for a reason, their good and their cheap. We simply cant sign English or top European nationalised players as they blow our budget. Hence, we need to stretch out to the Americas, Africas, Australia, Eastern European countries. If that means we get the Samba’s, Emertons, Nelsens, and lose them for 3 games a season, i dont mind!!!

  • the world doesnt revolve around england champ, im not sure why england are playing friendlies, but we have a world cup qualifier, well there are 2 rounds of asian world cup qualifiers, one on sat and one on wed but we only have 1 game, africa has their world cup qualifiers, and im sure the other have a leg of qualifiers. THey do strecth for a long period of time, you really cant play 12 legs in 2 wks can you?

    Not sure bout you guys, but we always take country over club out here, comon you Aussies!!!!! lol

  • I see your point Sas… England certainly isnt the be all and end all of this. Maybe in england we think it is but it isnt. And sadly most of us would pick our club over our country over here!!!

  • words of wisdom Sas. always ALWAYS country first… and these are very very important games! we win on wednesday and were as good as qualified- only the third time in Aus history!

  • It’s the way it goes isn’t it. If you want the best players they’ll almost always be International quality, so you can’t really have it both ways can you. These are Qualification matches though aren’t they (some friendlies) so hardly pointless.

  • hahahahaha good on ya retro!!!! lol, i do agree, the friendlies might not be necessary, and surely things can be arranged there, but world cup qualifiers….comon ausssiessssss

  • World Cup games are essential for suer but what do the friendlies every two months show us?! Not a lot is my guess….

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