Date: 19th November 2009 at 9:06am
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Blackburn Rovers midfielder Keith Andrews missed out on a chance of going to the World Cup Finals on Wednesday Evening.

Andrews was part of the Republic of Ireland team that gave former World Champions France a run for their money in France with them eventually losing 2-1 on aggregate after extra time. Ireland took a much deserved first half lead through Robbie Keane but failure to take further chances that came the Irish way meant that Extra Time was needed with the World Cup Qualifier tied at 1-1 on aggregate at the end of the regulation time over the two legs.

Irish hearts were broken when Thierry Henry blatantly handled the ball in the build up to the goal that saw France draw 1-1 on the night and win 2-1 on aggregate. This means that Andrews (and his Rovers team-mate Steven Reid) will have to spend their holidays elsewhere this summer.


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16 Replies to “Andrews Misses Out”

  • I feel really sorry for the Republic of Ireland as they deserved to get through. Missed chances cost them but to go out as a result of the French cheating makes it worse!!

  • Does this mean the NZ team is better than the Republic of Ireland? I think not. I’m gutted for the Irish to go out in this way, they’ve every right to feel ripped off. And while I’m thrilled that NZ made the finals, there’s no doubt that the qualification system still needs work. I guess Fifa have to make sure that representatives from all over the world get to the finals to encourage the development of the game as broadly as possible, but when teams like ROI with stars like Robbie Keane and Given miss out at our expense, you’ve gotta say things aren’t quite right.

  • As always the ‘big’ clubs get the benefits – France were poor, they cheated and don’t deserve to be in the World Cup – who wants a bet thaty Platini will throw them out for cheating? Fat chance! The same thing happened when Wales lost their play off for the Euros, then later the Russian player was found guilty of taking drugs – cheated – but nothing done about it. On the other side of it you’ve got teams like America, who have such an easy qualifying group that they will always be in the world cup – at the expense of better teams. Then the play offs are seeded, so if you are a smaller team you then have to climb a big hurdle to qualify – it’s all totally ridiculous.

  • mate the americas only have 3.5 spots though, europe has 13, and deservedly so. Its not Americas fault that the rest of its conference is weak…mexico and canada really need to up their game.

  • Sas – why don’t they just lump them all in with the South American teams? Or why don’t they draw the qualifying groups randomly – that way everyone would have a chance to qualify equally.

  • I?m absolutely gutted after last nights result. Not only did Henry handle the ball but he controlled it with his hand to set up a cross and to add insult to injury the French were off side leading up to the goal!! Last night showed that there is need for some sort of video ref in the game. Sometimes this game really *****es me off, at least two times in the game French players blatantly dived to try win a free and a penalty and the ref just waved play on. If I?m not mistaking the rules say it?s a yellow card for diving. This is not sour grapes Rules are rules follow them properly!!!!
    Brett Emerton got a yellow card against UTD for taking a shot on goal 3seconds after the whistle blew and in most games no yellow cards for diving. How the ***** does that work!!
    Last night I felt like I was raped by Henry and the judge said ah sure your grand go off about your business.
    I?d like to say well done to Andrews he played very well over the two legs, I was proud to say he?s a Rover.

  • Lol pretty unlucky heard something on the news that they want a replay match bcuz of the handball though i doubt the fa is gonna give it to them

  • The performance from Ireland last night was top drawer, we beat the French in 90 mins and they had to cheat to beat us. Andrews was impressive last night and it wasn’t nice to see him and Duff crying after the whistle. I have been in support of video tech since the goal that Tevez blocked on the line for Rovers but what given. I dont see any good reason why they wouldn’t do it. It’s for the good of the game.

  • good idea there friedel…if they joined with south america, would spice it up even more….though you can only play whats in front of u i guess

  • I think the area is irrelevant because if you look at teams in SA2010 it looks like a very exciting competition (if you sub the Irish in for the cheats)

  • Sas – yep I agree you can only beat what’s in front of you – which is why maybe they should do the qualifyers on a random draw for the groups – forget the seeding as it just benefits the good teams.

  • I have to say that I was annoyed for the Irish – basically those guys won’t ever play in a world cup (most probably) in their careers, all because of cheating. But I think we’re missing the bigger picture – this has gone on for ages and still nothing is done about it – maradona cheated to win, Klinsman dived to win – these famous incidents happened YEARS ago! But still players have got away with it because there is no retrospective punishments – if I had my way players who cheat would get a match ban and the result would be reversed in favour of the other team. – If that happened you’d soon have managers and fellow team-mates telling their players not to dive or cheat. I don’t blame the refs because the players deceive them, and the ref gets tricked. I do blame the players who do it and the governing bodies who still do nothing about it.

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