Date: 9th May 2007 at 9:27am
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It is always good to interact with out fellow site editors on Vital Football, we here at Vital Blackburn are more than happy to do so.

You have seen what Vital JD (and his troops), from Vital Spurs had to say in response to the questions put to him ahead of the meeting with Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane on Thursday. To refresh your memory click here.

However, I also answered some questions JD put to me Click here. I’d like to thank JD for the questions, some interesting ones there. I’ve answered honestly, but maybe the answers I’ve given wouldn’t have been what you would have said? Agree, disagree? Have your say here, there or ideally on both?



35 Replies to “Answering To Vital Tottenham!”

  • lol, I think it’s just the prediction. that was like saying spurs will beat barcelona at the nou camp.(in our eyes anyway. Lol)

  • Not too many of your guys like hearing what they don’t want to hear do they! After the run we’ve been having on Vital Spurs if I wanted to win before I want to win EVEN more now 🙂

  • Come on guys do you honestly expect me to predict a defeat! I could have taken the easy route and rolled over, let myself have my belly rubbed and sucked up to Spurs big time by sucking up and even saying we will draw, but probably lose but I’d have been lying. I called it as I saw it, and said what I felt and HONESTLY think we’ll go to White Hart Lane and win tomorrow! If we lose, we lose I’ll admit I was wrong.

  • No dont expect you to, and I hope you wouldnt expect us to say on our site, you know what your right your gonna do us over. Its all friendly banter, dont think there is any beef between our sites or clubs.

  • I do like a bit of banter it’s highly entertaining but some of the crap that comes of of some of the people’s mouths is *****poor! I don’t know how much of some of it is genuine or not but it doesn’t change my opinion of Spurs too much to be honest. We are tow quality clubs that play top football, may the better team win.

  • Indeed doesnt matter how much banter we do, like it or dislike it, the football does the talking at the end of the day.

  • It certainly does huscarl, what happens on the pitch is where it matters and although we do our bit we can’t influence things as much there as we would like.

  • We can shout and keep f-in and jeffin all we like but the result on the pitch is the main thing, battle can commence agaon after 🙂 LOL! Bet it’ll be a let down now and a dour 0-0 draw LOL!

  • I’m with you HDM… we can win win tomorrow and I expect us to… If the Spurs players take the same attitude as some of the fans and think the only outcome is a Spurs win then there could be shock in store…

  • I’m amazed by some of the comments over there. I don’t think even the er, more attentively challenged supporters have ever called our back line anything less than “very good”. Some very odd comments from people who i can only assume are keyboard warriors, and make statements based on nothing but imagination.

  • Absolutely shambolic comments from Spurs fans on their site,.. some of the fans are really intelligent and are good banter but some are pathetic. You’d think they were Barcelona fans the way they carry on.

  • Points of view i’m fine with, but baseless ranting is just pointless. There are many over there that are critical of our team but clearly based on “facts” that have been picked up by watching us – No problem with that. There are other, more deluded souls that are just ranting randomly – It’d be like me having a pop at Rocha (I’ve never seen him play, and therefore refrain from commenting)

  • you rant away at rocha mate, cant stand him personally lol. There is one fact that cant be changed at the moment and that is we are 6th (not 9th as some one has said) and you are 10th, if league position is determination of how one club is better than another, then there for we are better than you (of course all subject to change over the next couple of games 😉 )

  • Still not going to change before the end of the season – Pretty sure i’m right in saying we can’t catch you. We’ll just have to settle for bragging rights from the one match 😉

  • Certainly not me huscarl, I appreciate Spurs are a very good team but some Spurs fans are displaying the behaviour of the things HDM was touching upon in his answering. Saying things like “easy win, 4-0” is just plain embarrassing….

  • You could technicaly go ahead in goal difference by the end of the season, but will follow your train of thought – we will finish abve you 😉

  • what ever happens, hope one of us trailing UEFA cup squads breaks them top 4 next season, its getting tiersome!

  • Perhaps we should launch an all out assault, lets get Everton and Bolton involved as well…. mini super league.

  • Can’t fault the debate today, it’s certainly not lacking is it! On the whole you find the ones that save their views for the rivals site, the Spurs ones coming over here are the ones that are more rational and see thing fairly. It’s easy to hide under the cover of your own supporters but takes a bigger man to come over to the other side and have a pointless, and quite honestly braindead pop doesn’t it. Most posts in general on the other side are making good honest debate.

  • If we win 2-0 or even 3-1 as I genuinly think that we can goal difference will be equal I think won’t it? So if we beat Reading and Spurs lose to Man City (HIGHLY unlikely I know!) we would finish on the same points but in all probability we will have a better goal difference. A Rovers win tomorrow and it could be sqeaky bum time for Spurs 🙂

  • I wouldn’t even say humble pie time to be honest huscarl. If I’m wrong about the result then I’ve said so be it and I’ll admit it. Will be the BIGGEST slice of humble pie for MANY Spurs fans if we win though 🙂

  • Im sure it wouldnt be the first time nor the last time we have eaten humble pie. Think we are used to the taste! But we do like to shout!

  • Guys I’m well up for this game now (if I wasn’t before!) wish I’d told work to shove it and taken up Mikey’s invitation to join him and the others. Sadly I’ll have to settle for a sky plus showing of the game when I get home. Come on Rovers!

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