Date: 6th May 2009 at 11:39am
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Sam Allardyce is being linked with a move for that lovely Joey Barton character. Our friend Joe has been suspended by Newcastle after his shocking tackle on Alonso at the weekend and now the Toon are keen to off-load friendly Joe with Rovers one of the clubs listed as interested.

According to reports in the newspapers this morning, Newcastle are looking at the possibility of terminating Super Joe’s contract.

Barton was confronted by Alan Shearer after the 3-0 defeat to Liverpool and Joey’s response to Alan was that he is “A s*** manager with s*** tactics”. Iain Dowie is said to have tried to intervene, before Barton turned on the assistant manager calling him a ‘p****`.

This guy would make El hadji Diouf look like a Salvation Army worker.

Allardyce has previously worked with Barton having signed him for Newcastle for £5.8 million, but he does have a good history of getting the best out of difficult characters – Diouf amongst them.

Either way do we really need Joey Barton?!


17 Replies to “Apparently We’re Going To Bid For Joey Barton!”

  • not sure that we need someone who is a very talented player but a liability and on big wages! Is this really what we need?

  • Please god, no. He isn’t that good a player, and certainly not the kind of person we need to be associated with. Absolute thug. Still, maybe he’s just what Allardyce is looking for. Having said that, I don’t believe that he is wrong about Shearer, and I am glad that it wasn’t Shearer we chose as manager. He was a great player for us, but I’ve never been convinced he has so much between his ears.

  • Guys i am not sure he will be available for next season. Because, 2 summer months is a long time and is certainly enough to murder someone and get yourself into jail.

  • Shearers appointment at best has been a disappointment so far… at worst its been an abject failure.

  • i think with us already Diouf, that we dont really need another nutter in the team – this has to be the most scary story that Rovers have ever been linked with…. Barton has the capability to be a very good footballer, but his mind is unhinged – simply he is a headcase, we as a club do not need him, midlfield is one of our stronger areas, given everyone is fit, so with the wages he would want and the fact he’s a red-card and headline waitin to happen i would hate to see him in a Rovers shirt

  • Hell no! I wouldnt want him, hes a complete cock, if we sign him, i wont be renewing my season ticket next season.

  • I watched Newcastle play and it was one of the most pathetic things i’ve ever witnessed. the team is going to get relegated and apart from Duff, no one seemed to give a ****. And I think Diouf has been an inspired signing. love him

  • boys we had all this with diouf and he turned out to be a great signing!!!! Trust Sam…when did he ever get anything wrong in the transfer market!!!! Sam made a career outa finding players who are better than most others but need a helping hand in their career…Diouf, Anelka, Campo, Okocha, Dourkaef..need i go on??

  • This would be a disaster – yes he has some talent, but he’s a liability and also he’s always injured – he’s played 25 games or so out of 85 for Newcastle – to think we could replace the great Tugay with this idiot! I think we need to email the club to let them know our feelings. We’re already the team with the most fouls – do we really want this added to our reputation?

  • true that mani but can you honestly get behind barton if he signed? Diouf is not a ncie guy but he is a great influence on the team and a real character. Joey is a mindless, arrogant thug… there is a difference IMO.

  • I’m with u Mikey cos i do think this guy is scum…my point is..if he’s good enough for Sam, he’s good enough for me!!!

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