Date: 10th July 2007 at 5:44pm
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I was looking at the sky live fixtures earlier today and it hit me that we feature only once on Sky Sports within the 1st four months of the season.

This compares to six for the champions and 5 for Chelsea, which sounds reasonable, but when Birmingham and Sunderland are accounted for on more than one occasion, then the alarm bells start to ring.

Ok, so Setanta have got 4 pay per view games, but why are we having to pay to watch the club on the television when other clubs seem to be getting their team broadcast to a larger audience.

My only guess is that the Sky see us a dull club to watch which I strongly disagree with. It might seem like something of nothing but I’ve got to say it annoyed me enough to write this article and find out what you guys think.



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  • As you say (and something I TOTALLY agree with!!!) Rovers play some superb football, some of our stuff last season (the goal against Liverpool and it’s move for example!!!) would have had the purest purring with excitement. It’s VERY annoying but you come to expect it from the likes of Sky don’t you!!!

  • I doubt that Sky care about the style a team plays in, I think they base it on the TV ratings a team gets. I guess they don’t show a lot of Blackburn games because your past games didn’t get a lot of ratings.

  • its not that rovers are dull, tv can always pull a bigger audience for the clubs with a lot of support from outside their home towns, who cant get to the games, like Man Utd, Liverpool etc.

  • They pay a lot of money to have the right to televise the games, they would want the most ratings they can get. They are obliged to show at least one game for each team though.

  • i noticed this myself but i think i am able to get the setanta games for free but im gonna look into that but i think we play good football and some of our matches are often good for the neutral aswell eg 3-3 v reading

  • I just think teams outside of the top 4 should get an even amount of games each. Fair enough, Arsenal, United, Chelsea and Liverpool will always get more games and rightly so, but Reading, Aston Villa and Fulham!! Im sorry if you disagree but how were there ratings any better than ours last season??

  • I think Aston Villa probably get more ratings than Blackburn, as with Reading and Fulham, maybe it’s because who they’re playing?

  • I too immediately noticed then upon the release of the live games list. It is annoying and a tad disrespectful btu I do understand the ratings system that is essential for teklevision firms. Alas, as long as us rovers fans enjoy the football that is all that matters. I am happy for Rovers to go about their business quietly and successfully!

  • Agree MikeyG, how on earth are Reading and Fulham better teams than Blackburn, or Villa foir that matter? How do you come to that conclusion?

  • What *****es me off the most is that they gave us the very last game that they announced, away to Fulham. Its like a case of who have we forgotten? Oh yeah Blackburn!
    Its a ******** disgrace, I think its only ouselves & Derby that have one one live game. Its not right!

  • They have to show more of the top 4 games becuase of a bigger audience, but sky dont realise that fans like to watch good football as well.

  • It’s *****ers like Sky Sports that don’t help Rovers with the name we are given. They often also forget ALL TO OFTEN that life EXTENDS beyond the top four!!!

  • It’s all about Sky’s perception of the viewing public, their “big team” and southern bias. They think that because we get small gates in comparison and that we are a small town club, surely then we can’t have any fans outside of Blackburn (this site prvoes that wrong). But ultimately I don’t care, i’ll go to every home game and as many away games as i can.

  • ALSO when you look at MOTD coverage, other than Man City we seem to get less coverage in terms of minutes than any other teams!

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