Date: 11th February 2008 at 10:24pm
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In what was to be a game which would have a dramatic effect on both teams ambitions, Blackburn and Arsenal unfortunately had to field depleted line ups. With both teams missing several stars, it was always to be a sloppy encounter.

Arsenal got of to a blistering start, with a early corner whipped in, Senderos blasting a header into the net. It was poor marking by Blackburns makeshift defence, however it looked to be Benni McCarthy who should of picked up the runner.

Arsenal dominated the next 15 minutes of play, pushing on for a second which would not come by. Blackburns first chance of the half came after a whipped in cross. Benni McCarthy could only deflect his header, which Roque Santa Cruz could not do much about. 5 minutes later, Cruz had a difficult chance of his own, stretching out to reach a Warnock cross. However, the shot went over the bar.

1-0 at the break, however things did not look too bright for Rovers. Brad Friedel was forced into some fantastic saves of Adebayor and Fabregas. Hleb went close for Arsenal, striking the post.

Rovers did have their share of corners and set pieces, however Bentley was not on song today, wasting several opportunities. As Blackburn pushed forward, it was only a matter of time, as Adebayor, who had been well marked all game, scored in the deep end of injury time, maintaining his run of goals.

2-0 it finished to Arsenal.

Player Ratings

Brad Fridel 8.5
Fantastic Saves, Kept us alive

Andre Ooijer 7
Contained Adebayor, picked up a slight knock

Zurab Khishinishvilli 6.5
Quiet game, did his job

Brett Emerton 7
Looked dangerous at times, pushing up and overlapping an unsetteled Bentley

Tugay 6
Tuggers age is getting to him, not one of his best display, but did manage to maintain the shape of the midfiled

Steven Warnock 7
Worked well without much support from Berner. Pushed up, tried to make chances and was solid in defence.

Benni McCarthy 6.5
Worked tirelessly in the middle, he really needs a goal to get his confidence

David Bentley 5
Poor display from one of our most consistent players. Wasted several set pieces, lost the ball too many times, it just was not David Bentley

Bruno Berner 4
This guy is the reason Morten Gamst Pederson plays every game. Shocking performance. Warnock pushed up more then he did. Did not look comfortable at all. Time to get rid of the deadwood Sparky

Steven Reid 5.5
Sloppy performance, lost the ball just too many times

Roque Santa Cruz 6.5
Really quite game, did not get much delivery, however he did make his runs and drop back when needed.

Jason Roberts
No time to make an impact

Aaron Mokoena
No time to make an impact
No time to make an Impact

Sasmans Thoughts
At times it did appear that we could get the equaliser. However, this was all down to Emerton and Warnock pushing on forward, rather then Berner or Bentley. Benni Mc couldnt do much in the middle, with Reidy losing the ball just too many times. Thank God for Friedel.


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  • I do agree with you matey, Warnock was solid tonight, but he did not really stand out to deserve any more then a 7. Friedel was just at a different level all together.

  • reidy had his head firmly up his arse as did bentley who not just lost the ball on numerous occassions his touch was woeful and his set pieces were god awful however i wont judge our players on one bad performance. agree re berner sas he was dismal absolutely brutal he is too slow a bad passer just a bad player ship him out and be done with it. however our one good player was brad and for me the most worrying thing is the fact we couldnt string more than three passes together which was ultimately the reason why we had 0 shots on goal second half

  • We were a lot better than the report suggests matey. Bents was a danger everytime he came forward, even Wenger acknowledged that as did the Setanta crew… 5 is a very low mark in my eyes for a guy who on the night was Rovers best player (bar Brad obviously). I agree Berner was a joke but the team put in a good effort as a whole and could of scored ourselves if we were a bit more lucky. We were a lot better than some people are suggesting on here guys.

  • Bents was a danger? Mikey which game where u watching matey, bents was shocking, ive never seen him play so bad. As for Berner, he was lucky to get a 4.

  • mikey i thought we were brutal tonight arsenal just sat back and let us have the ball but we werent able to do anything with it. BTW has anyone else got sick of the long ball all the time why do we do it? we constantly give the ball away doing this. i dont think bents was good at all maybe i exoect too much but at least twice he miscontrolled the ball and it went out and every time he got the ball he gave it away as sas says not davod bentley. strangely enough i thought Brett had a good game (bar his little mishap in the midfield that nearly let arsenal in). he defended really well (a first?) and looked threatening on the break as did Stevie W.

  • matey i dont have to read anythink, we watched the game, his corners went straight to the keeper, free kicks were poor, and his general play was poor, emerton was the one making the runs and whipping in crosses

  • can i just quickly say of my growing respect for blackburn. originally, perhaps harshly labled the thugs of football, you have been really great this season in my opinion, in football and attitude, you are amoung the teams who are really impressing me this season, perhaps partly to do with the fact that you are above spurs.

  • I know you dont matey but as we always say 2 opinions, neither right, just opinions. I personally thought he was our most dangerous outfield player in our most difficult away game of the season.

  • well mikey it says neat touches under reidy i wasnt sure if that was a joke or not from what i can remember his touches were all heavy and sloppy in fact i remember in the first half he managed to miss a ive yard pass to tugay on the edge of the box no less! BTW mikey not having a go at you, you are entitled to your opinion and i respect that but i disagree. them ratings also gave emo a lower score although i thought he was solid in everything he did!

  • All due respect to you tonight. If the intention was to prove that there is much more to your game than physical effort then you succeeded fully.

  • Hang on guys sorry to disagree but Reid was better than Tugay – Ooijer warnock and Kiz were excellent, Friedel as always was superb, and I even thought that McCarthy had a fair game too. Bentley was shocking and I don’t think Berner is up to Prem standards… Santa tried to hold things up. The thing I was worried about was a real lack of pace in our team last night.

  • I thought we gave a good account of ourselves by controlling the play for long periods against a world class team. We are, however, still lacking cutting edge. Had we more creativity in the middle and more pace we could have done sopmething but that was devoid. Berner is a disgrace one of the most inept performances I have seen!!! Great first piece sas although I would have given Warnock slightly more as he defended brilliantly and went forward with menance. Surely now under the watching eye of eng scouts he should be in contention!

  • I didn’t watch the game, so my opinion means nothing. However, looking at the team sheet, it did seem a little odd that Berner was playing in the midfield. Would it not have been best to play Warnock there, with Olssen at left back…?

  • Good, fair write up there. Friedel was very good, and the score line would have been far worse if not for him. Bentley had an average game, the fact that he was your best out field player does not reflect well on your team which is certainly capable of better.

  • Arsenal weren’t at their best, but even so we put them under some pressure, but not enough really. Had we got the final ball right (and bents WAS guilty several times) or taken what few chances we had (Benni Mac being the main culprit) we might have got something. We SHOULD take encouragement from this, but it could’ve been better.
    Arsenal to go on and win the Title I think, they can win when they are not at their best, something which maybe they have found tough in recent years?

  • I still think we are on the right track. This was our most difficult away game of the season and we gave a decent account of oursleves. I think in all honesty some people are expecting a bit too much perhaps.

  • Sorry dude but I don’t think they were, I don’t think anyone was expecting much from Arsenal, so few were disappointed. My own personal opinon is that although we weren’t bad, we weren’t at our best. Yeah I agree that we did give a decent account of ourselves, however, I’m not quite sure it was as good an account as you seem to think it was dude?

  • Fair enough boss, we’ll just have to agree to disagree but I think we were better than peeps suggest… Berner aside!!! lol

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