Date: 4th November 2007 at 11:38am
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Blackburn Rovers’ reward for victory over Portsmouth at Fratton Park is a home draw against Arsenal in the Quarter Final of the Carling Cup.

Maybe not the kindest of draws as even the Arsenal kids ARE a match for almost anyone, but the home advantage could be a huge one. With Chelsea taking on Liverpool if the draw wasn’t open enough for Rovers as it was, the opportunity that could arise (should we overcome Arsenal) to win the Carling Cup could be a MASSIVE one.

The last eight tie will take place at Ewood Park on the week commencing 17th December, so hopefully we can get a nice early Christmas present!!!



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  • Nothing can be taken for granted, but with Sparky almost certain to name a near full strength side as good as the Arsenal kids are (and they REALLY are!!!) Rovers will start as favourites won’t they?!?!

  • Don’t be too confident, HDM. They stuffed as last year although we did partly name a reserve side. How have all London clubs dodged all the Northern clubs? How have we drawn Chelsea again? How did we not win yesterday? So many questions…

  • Toughie but at least it’s at home for u. Good luck with it.
    Glad we got our defeat to u out of our system & stuffed the barcodes.

  • As I said in the article dude it WON’T be easy at all, far from it, but we would start as favourites wouldn’t we???
    I asked myself that same question how did we not win yesterday 🙂 lol! It could have gone either way.

  • We did well to go to Portsmouth and win, I’m glad we are at home this time.
    Yeah Portsmouth reacted very well didn’t they, not that many teams will go to Newcastle and win 4-1 will they.

  • Even if we do, why shouldn’t we beat them?!?!
    To win it (and we DO want to win it!!!) chances are we will have to face the winner of that match at some point, so why not do them in the Semi Final (if we beat Arsenal).

  • Tough, home is the big difference can we do it again like last year, and the season we went on to win the league!!! I thinks so come on!!!

  • The CC’ll be ace this year. Eight good teams in the last all taking it seriously. A few more years like this and it may become prestigious again

  • I hope it can dude, because it does have such a history doesn’t it. Are UEFA taking away the European spot on offer does anyone know?!?! If so then it will die a death, as simply winning something will not be enough for many teams will it.

  • I think in our current form we can beat Arsenal in the league cup and go all the way – it’ll be hard, but I think we’re turning into Arsenal’s bogey team… (I’m hoping anyway!)

  • HDM – I heard the opposite was true. Crazy old Michel Platini wants to give the cups more prestige. Rumours has it he wants 3 CL spots per nation with one going to the main domestic cup, watch this space

  • Phartman87 – I thought that was for the FA Cup though, surely they won’t take away the UEFA Cup place for the winner. I know the runner up no longer gets it if the winners are already in (that goes to the League) but it won’t be stripped altogether will it.

  • sasman – I think whoever Arsenal play they will be a ough proposition. They played the kids all the way through the Carling Cup last year and nearly won the thing so it’ll be a toughie regardless.

  • MikeyGamst – Fully agree dude, whoever was also my thought, just get them to Ewood Park, as teams DON’T like coming here!

  • We can beat the arsenal ‘kids’ (eventhough they are all but 2 full internationals!) cause we get into ’em! We break down their passing and rough up a bit – I don’t know why other teams don’t do it as it obviously winds them up!

  • We beat their full team last season in the fa cup (with a little luck i’ll admit) and we’ve been one of few teams to take points off them this season… we can beat their second team – we just need to believe! I have a good feeling about this season!

  • What luck do you mean Freidel no1.??? the pathetic attempts by Aliadeire and Ljunberg to win penalties by throwing themselves to the floor??? We beat them fair and square….

  • I’ve got to agree with Mikey, I don’t think we were lucky to beat Arsenal last season, we deserved it. Defended brilliantly to get a 0-0 draw with Bradders making some SUPERB saves, and were too strong for them in the replay.

  • MCARTTHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY thats how de commentator said it as he banged in the winner oh its still brings a smile to my face!

  • Well I thought over the two games we deserved it of course – and a great goal by McCarthy – great defending and obviously Brad was superb – but I thought that they could have had one pen – just like we should have against Liverpool the other day!

  • lolll spot on durks, it was one of our best moments, if not the best moment of the year apart from my self joining vital blackburn of courswe hehehe

  • it was a great result sasman, but I thought the Chelsea cup game, eventhough we lost, was the best moment last season

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