Date: 14th April 2009 at 6:30pm
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Aaron Mokoena has no performed something of a u-turn and declared his allegiance to Rovers and insists he wants to stay – if offered a deal.

Aaron has been linked with Sheffield United and Stoke City recently admist speculation that he craves first team action.

However, Aaron has now stated he would like to stay – even though new contracts are not being discussed.

The Axe, speaking to Sky Sports said – ‘I think at the moment it is a big difficult to talk about my future as at the end of the season I am at the end of my contract,’ he told Sky Sports News.

‘We are not in a position to hold talks as we don’t know where we are going to end up, I would love to stay here, I am very committed.

‘There has obviously been a lot of talks [in the press], but with me in my mind its Blackburn and that is where I see myself.’



12 Replies to “Axe Would Now Like To Stay”

  • I dont think the axe has done anything or said anything wrong. Whether Sam wants to keep him for next season really depends on if we stay up, and how much funds we get. If, byt the 1% chance we go down, the axe will stay. If we stay up, i say its a toss of the coin.

    Sure, he aint the worlds most talented player, but he does give 100% everytime he does put on the Rovers Jersey. Compare it to one of my favourite players, Gamst Pedersen, who is one of the worlds most talented players, yet only puts in 10%, what would you prefer?

  • he’s simply not good enough BUT a handy player to have when your a few short. no problem with the comments but i don’t see why he would want to stay… he’s not going to get the amount of football he is now when our injured come back

  • well i guess he is banking on reid copping another knock, dunny and grella continuouslly sitting on the sidelines also lol, aye, who knows what he is thinking, but if he is 100% committed the cause then i dont mind him jumping in and out of the squad as needed

  • He’s served us well in terms of efforts, but I can’t wait until he isn’t needed in midfield anymore and we can let him go.

  • Surprised to hear the Axe now wants to stay, he’s a Big Sam type of player though isn’t he. However, personally I’d still be surprised to see him at Ewood next season (unless its with an away team.)

  • does this have the smell of his agent telling him there are no offers?!?!?!?!? or im just cynical? or maybe i should say no Premier League clubs are sniffing around…… He’s a good squad player byt not the kind we need to move forward and judging by this season, we just got too!!

  • it’s strange how optimstic he is. does he know he isn’t playing by choice though? we just don’t have better option at the moment.

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