Date: 14th December 2010 at 6:31pm
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Whether frustrated, happy, angry, confused, content or otherwise, one thing is needed, and that is the fans backing the team.

Many people are angry after the goings on this week at the club and I do not blame them! It in my opinion it is an absolute disgrace that Big Sam has been sacked at this time! But I urge people not to take this out on the team.

We support the club, through think and thin, the highs and lows, the good and the bad.

Yes I fully expect ‘Theres only one Jack Walker!’ and so on..and it is right to voice your opinion! But do NOT think with your feet and not attend the game.. if anything this is a time where more support is needed!!

At the end of the day, it is about Rovers winning, thats what we all want, thats what we all pay to see! So any positive effect we can have on the team this weekend to help them win should be done!

So sing your heart out for the lads!!

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13 Replies to “Back your team! No matter what!!”

  • i will defo not be attending Rovers games for quite a while, I’m not giving those chicken mother ******** another penny of my dough

  • Whilst I understand your reasoning and sentiment, the only thing that will make the chicken pluckers desist from their current lunatic path is the fear that the public will not settle for Boyd, Geovanni and some kind of yes man manager.

    Whilst demos, chants etc will make them aware, only bums off seats will force the issue. However I will wait to see what they come up with on the manager/player front before I melt my season ticket.

  • True fans are just that – true to the Club they love. Whilst the Venkys have got off to a diabolically bad start there are those of us old enough to remember worse! Come on you Blues!

  • Good on you mate, This really needed to be said, But geez it must be hard to turn up feeling betrayed and unhappy!! But it needs to be done, I think the players need to know that we still support them and a smaller turnout at the game will only damage the players spirit even more.

  • i agree about going to the game to support the players and club, but the owners need to know somehow this is not the proper way to run the club.

  • Sorry guys but I just can’t agree with this. I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of big sam, but to be fair to him, he did a job. However having no one lined up is an absolute joke. All the chicken boys are interested in is lining there pockets with the gold stuff. Sack big sam before he gets to spend any money and then don’t employ anyone. That’s a £1.5 mil pay off and the none of the massive £5 mil we were promised in January. The only way to make these people s##t their pants is by not turning up to the games. If we do it now then we have a slight chance of getting a manager in before the end of jan and then maybe even some new players. To be honest I would rather watch us in league 2 knowing that the club was being run properly with no chance of us going into administration, than watch us fall apart in the prem under these chicken boys, knowing full well that they will destroy the club, get us relegated with a massive wage bill, leading to a Pompey style collapse.
    I hope I am wrong guys but it doesn’t look good.
    Rant over
    There’s only one JACK WALKER!!!!!!

  • I will always support my club – no matter what – but these new owners need to learn about how to run a football club and fast

  • Our position is horrendous. the last time I felt so low about Rovers, John Pickering was acting manager. These chicken chumps have come in suggesting limited funds for Jan (£5m but we can always lease players). As soon as it becomes clear that Sam wants real money, they sack him and declare that a new man will be in place in 2 months – ie after the window closes. So they won’t have to spend any money. It seems probable that there isn’t any money and we will have to rely on players Kentaro cannot place anywhere else – in other words the road to ruin. Venky’s say we must trust them but you have to earn trust and they seem to be destroying goodwill never mind earning trust. still its a good job the Walker Trust did such in depth due dilligence of this lot or it would be worse (???). I’ll be there on Saturday come what may, but will any of us renew our season tickets unless chickenchumps earn our trust?

  • I just hope Mr Kean does a good job because it looks like the Chicken Farmers are happy to wait. Got a bad feeling about all this it’s begin to look like an absolute farce.

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