Date: 6th June 2007 at 11:31pm
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll, suggested by Bents4eng asked, “Who do you think has been the laziest player in the Premiership this year?” The winner Mr Ballack of Chelsea!

The vast majority that voted on this poll believe that between them Michael Ballack and Thierry Henry (almost 60%) are the Premiership’s laziest, but with 35% (to Henry’s 24%) Ballack just edges this vote.

I’ve not really got a lot to add on this (and will not give too much opinion here) I will leave this for the discussion below?

Just to prove that we here at Vital Blackburn do not have a personal vendetta against Tottenham Hotspurs Jermaine Jenas, it is good to see that with only 1% he is viewed as the least lazy player in the League, with his team mate Dimitar Berbatov just behind him with only 2%. Our very own Tugay gained a far greater 10%.

So in summary
Thierry Henry – 24%
Dimitar Berbatov – 2%
Tugay (??) – 10%
Jermaine Jenas – 1%
Kanu – 3%
Craig Bellamy – 5%
Michael Ballack – 35%
Andriy Shevchenko – 14%
Mark Viduka – 4%
Anyone else I cannot think of!! – 2%

As the search for the Greatest Ever Rovers Starting XI continues, we select two goalkeepers from the four in the squad, so the current poll is asking, “Greatest Ever Rovers IX – Centre-Backs?” Make your votes count, but vote WISELY! Remember the TOP TWO get in so you can vote for two people here!

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?

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32 Replies to “Ballack, the Premierships Most Lazy!”

  • LOL no personal vendetta no, ALL the Rovers fans think Jenas is Poo! lol I wouldnt say Ballack is the laziest but there ya go, statistics and polls never lie do they?? lol

  • I was going to add a bit after I mentioned Tugay about once saying Jenas wasn’t fit to lace Tugay’s boots, but I wanted to keep it as non anti-Jenas as possible lol! I would have probably gone with Kanu (and think I voted for him) as the most lazy player, but only 3% thought this!

  • hehehe oh no my other man duka, how could u bombom lol. Lucky u didnt vote for tugay but when i find out who did

  • LOL well lets be fair, Tuggers can be run out of a game and then he doesnt go hunting for the ball, cant blame him cos he saving his energy but i can see how it comes across as that. I will vote Dwight Yorke on any poll to do with useless, lazy players who dont like to chase or run for the ball. Everytime!

  • Saw some stats somewhere that on average Ballack runs 15k a match – and averages more km’s per game than most other players. He may not have set the world on fire, but he’s far from lazy.

  • Goodness. The opinion of Blackburn fans, you say? Mr Ballack must be thrashing himself with a birch in a fit of self-recrimination as we speak. You bunch of northern monkeys.

  • “Ballack runs 15k a match” – Really??? Sheesh, doesn’t look like it. Maybe he’s just wondering where his seat has gone?

  • Yes rjh… the opinion of Blackburn fasns, as that is what the site is for… Jesus they just keep getting thicker, you southern woofter.

  • andelics – the guy may run a bit but for productivity, genereal enthusiasm and passion, I would expect a lot lot lot more from someone that picks up £120, 000 a week.

  • 100% true – was taken aback myself. Also saw a stat that after 60mins of Chelsea’s away tie in Valencia Drogba had run 8k which would equal roughly 12k a game… no doubt some wise-cracks will ask how he runs so far when he spends most of his time on the floor 🙂 How’d you lot feel about Geremi? – heard a rumour he’s on his way to Ewood a few times now.

  • rjh – You seem to forget that ANYONE can vote on polls, chances are it was mainly Gooners and Spurs fans that voted, from the looks of it not too many of us (that are talking here?) actually voted Ballack anyway?!?!

  • andleics – It has been rumoured a few times hasn’t it, personally I don’t think the guy is that bad, you don’t play for Real Madrid (or Chelsea) not to mention Cameroon as much as he has if you don’t have something about you. I worry he could be a liability defensively though? Some one suggested that we should look to get Glen Johnson (who I personally feel peeked several years ago, and is MORE of a liability defensively) and Geremi in a deal for Benni.

  • I would bet Ballack runs that 15k between fouls.. I think I remember reading he is well up there on most-fouls committed in the premiership (?) or it might just have been chelsea’s top fouler.. Either way he’s a German chopping machine. For me this one HAD to be Henry.. although Mido I didn’t think of at the time.

  • I’ve heard the Geremi rumours – he’d be a great addition to any squad but I’m not sure whether he would get into your midfield unless someone leaves and he’s suspect defensively. I can’t see McCarthey coming to Chelsea even if we did offer players in exchange – especially as we’ve signed Pizzaro and rumoured to be buying Pantelic (Serbian striker) as backup to Drogba / Shevchenko. Johnson is okay – but he won’t leave because UEFA CL rules for next season state that you have to have four members of your squad who were with the club at 21 or under. Johnson will be made to stay just to fill that quota and provide back up in a troublesome position for us- you’re not missing out on anything – although he has tremendous potential I can’t see him ever making it.

  • Ballack may be many things but it is a popular misconception that he is lazy. His style certainly makes him appear so but the stats (and they are reliable) prove quite the opposite. I think the Prem will see the real Ballack next season though, so look out! If you get Geremi he will be a good signing. He is a quality and versatile player but never more than a squad player whether at Madrid, Chelsea or Blackburn, that’s just how it is with him! Still, he’s perfect for the role; will play wherever you ask him to, do a job and will never complain. Would love McCarthy to come but not if he too will disappear for the African Cup of Nations, we will lose 5 players as it is!

  • I think Ballack has a style that comes across as lazy and this season didn’t go well for him, as folk expected a lot more from a plyer with his reputation. I personally would have given more votes to Kanu – waste of a talent, been at big big clubs and for me never really reached his potential!! Henry got 24% for being lazy, now lads he was out injured lol As for Geremi, no thanks, good freekick but Emerton is better riteback – nver thought I’d say that – and Glenn Johnson is way over-hyped!!

  • We dont need Chelsea right backs! The right back position is a recognised weak area in the Chelsea side. As far as a backup for the right back spot goes, Hughes will whip out another bargain from abroad, with Hughes knowing that Emerton and the more than competent Ooijer can play there he wont waste too much money on the position so the cheap overseas option will be used.

  • Oh and if you asked me (which nobody will lol!!!!) our summer budget should be spent on a quality forward, an attacking midfielder and a small portion on the right back slot. Aside from that if we keep people fit then we are looking good for next year.

  • Agreed mostly MikeyGamst, but I still say the right-back area isn’t quite as desperately in need as people may think?!?! But getting someone in might not be a bad thing!

  • Bit of cover wouldn’t go a miss, I personally would play Oooooooooijer there but some people don’t seem happy with that option.

  • I’ve said Ooijer will be the right-back next season for ages dude so FULLY support you here no question.

  • Sparky either plays him as a right-back or not at all as the Wall and God are unlikely to be broken up. I can’t see Sparky opting for “not at all.”

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