Date: 11th November 2010 at 9:22am
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Joey Barton should hopefully find himself in hot water soon after punching Morten Gamst Pedersen in the chest during last night’s game.

Joey was only in the papers on Tuesday eulogising about Andy Carroll and pointing out faults in other players, which once again the moustached warrior has proved all by himself to be a smidge hypocritical.

Joey took aim at Rovers least hard player after a little brush of shoulders between two. Barton then spun round and decked Morten with a clenched fist.

The word coward doesn’t even begin to cover the former jailbird and to makes matters worse he then tried to claim he only pushed Morten to both the Norwegian and referee Mike Jones which TV replays showed to be a porky pie.

Hopefully the FA will throw the book at Barton and show him that crimes, lies and punching our boy doesn’t pay.

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20 Replies to “Barton’s born again saint rep goes up in flames”

  • Disgusting player who doesn’t realise how lucky he is. Loving how he tried to tell Pedersen after that it was just a push rather than a punch. Thick idiot doesn’t realise there are…erm…CAMERAS?!

  • Hes a horrible little scumbag who if he wasnt actually playin football would either be banged up or out mugging old ladies.

  • He’s a nasty piece of work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Newcastle, the club that couldn’t stomach Big Sam’s ‘long ball’ method, preferring the total football (yeah right…..hoof to Andy Carroll) of Chris Houghton et al, came out and did the Pemier League’s job for them. Suspend and fine the little monster and pigs might fly……………..

  • Very brave picking the smallest man on our team to punch. Maybe he seen that advert mgp did for healthy eating in Norway. On the plus side Diouf is no longer the most hated man in football

  • Has the ‘little monster’ stubbed his cigar out in your eye yet? Amazed that a supporter of a club with one of the greatest ambassadors of the English game, Sir Bobby Robson, condones the antics of of a thug like Barton

  • where did i say i condone anything? but dont let facts get in the way of what you want to say…. it would be a shame to waste such drivel.

  • Facts? Where did I or we say we were obsessed? Just voicing our repugnance at the ‘little monster’s’ latest bit of thuggery. It happens that this time, one of our players was on the receiving end. Check the meaning of condone and you might find out it also means ‘overlook’. Take off your black and white glasses and see what other fair minded fans see. Should have been 3 years not 3 games

  • Rabit71 I got to say Rovers right now are loving Diouf. Oh and thanks for reminding me that a piece of spit is as bad as punching someone in the stomach. As far as Diouf AT ROVERS is concerned he has done nothing as bad as the spitting incident and did I foget to mention he gave a £30,000 watch to a kid cleaning his boots just cause he was looking at it in awe. Yeah we see Barton do stuff like that all the time don’t we?? Oh no we dont instead he just punches people, moons his own fans, stubs cigars out in peoples eyes. Now one spit compared to that….which player looks worse…..Newcastle fans will always be the same. You’ll prolly want Hughton out if he doesn’t steer you to champs league this season cause you’re all that deluded.

  • 3 years? hahahahaha. tugay are you just a wum? and obviously you havent heard of bartons charity work fansavarese. but its ok, you continue your little obsession with the “monster”. nice of you to fall into the trap of calling us deluded, nothing like an ignorant, media believing, stereotype loving fool is there?

  • You still visiting our board to pursue your obsession Rabit? Defending the indefensible? Joey the Thug, the new Geordie legend. Fits in nicely with Wor Jackie Sir Bobby and Alan ” where did Shearer win the league”

  • What a daft tool rabit. Google The Dioufy Foundation. He has his own charity benefitting children in Senegal and the UK. Dont need to read papers and watch tv to see Newcastle fans are for the most part, deluded. Why? Because your on here showing everyone :))

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