Date: 11th December 2006 at 7:06pm
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MikeyGamst shares his views on the outrageous decision by the BBC not to award Tugay with November’s Goal of the Month.

How in the three layers of blue hell did Tugay’s fantastic strike against Spurs not win BBC Match of the Day’s November Goal of the Month???!!!???

Instead Nicolas Anelka’s accurate power shot from the edge of the area against Arsenal was deemed to be the winner. Now not to suggest anyone in the panel is biased against Rovers (cough Mark Lawrenson cough) but how did Anelka’s good if not great effort manage to surpass a goal which involves a technique which only players with genuine world-class ability manage to pull off?!?!?!?

We’ve only seen one goal better than Tugay’s so far this season and that was scored this weekend by the criminally underrated Matthew Taylor of Portsmouth.

Furthermore Tugay’s effort was hit with a ball on the dip which was spinning and manage to beat ‘England’s best goalkeeper’ Paul Robinson. Just out of interest, England’s no.1 in my opinion should be Chris Kirkland, currently on loan at Wigan. But that is a story for another day.

Now for those that know me should know I am not an angry or aggressive person but I nearly threw my TV set out of my lovely girlfriend’s house on Sunday morning when I saw the result. Come on MOTD…. hide the bias and pick the BEST goal.

This article was written and submitted by MikeyGamst.

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14 Replies to “BBC Goal of the Month Disgrace…”

  • I’ve made my thoughts perfectly clear in the forum, Anelka scored a fine goal but for Tugay (all the Rovers bias in the WORLD aside) not to have claimed that award is outrageous. BBC, Sky Sports they’re as bad as each other love the big boys, merely brush aside the rest.

  • Im a pompey fan & thanks for Mattys mention! but I totally agree, Tugays goal was pure skill & should have won! their, im not a Blackburn supporter, but even I can see it was better than Anelkas (great all the same) affort!

  • Matthew Taylor’s goal was something else wasn’t it. I’ve got a thread going in the forum at the moment backing this for goal of the season. (as does MikeyGamst in his) How MOTD could have given the Goal of the Month to Anelka, good as it was ahead of Tugay I don’t know.

  • Even as a spurs fan I would have to agree with you that Tugays goal was something else, the only reason that i can think of not giving it is that Englands no1 – period, has let in a few long rangers this season. Dont let it get you down though boys, unless your coulor is red and you team is Liverpool then you wont ever hear an unbiased opinion out of those two scouse arse wipes in Lawenson and Hanson – both as ******** clueless as the others. Here’s an idea of what you can do about it – start a petition to get the pair of them off the bbc, we pay the****s extravagent wages in the form of the tv licence so we, the public, should decide who we have to see on MOTD. Come lads get it together and get the petition started and put it on every vital football forum!!

  • and why oh why oh why are we always last game to be shown……. and heres the rest of todays action………. no analysis! no support no nothing! and why didn’t they show Bennis 2 offside goals? ok may have been offside but how many Utd attempts do we have to endure! Given over watching it to be honest!!!!!!

  • The main reason that you are usually one of the last to be shown is because generally, you are ***** and boring to watch, thats why you cant even fill your ground!

  • Lets just check last seasons scores….

    Blackburn 4-3 Man U
    Blackburn 3-2 West Ham
    Spurs 3-2 Blackburn
    Blackburn 3-2 Middlesboro
    Cheslea 4-2 Blackburn

    boring to watch…. who u kiddin???

    ****?!?!?!? We’re in the Premiership muppet and qualified for Europe last season and are top of our group this year???

    And the worlds worst post goes to… Gavaldinho.

  • I was liking some, if not most of what you were saying Gavaldinho until you ruined it with your needless comments!!! I hope this doesn’t kick off into a Balckburn verses Spurs free for all like we had a while ago re: David Bentley going to Spurs. Let’s keep it simple, it’s easy for Spurs to fill a ground (even when they weren’t challenging for Europe) as they are in LONDON! Rovers don’t have the masses from all round to help fill Ewood like Spurs do White Hart Lane.

  • Here Here Hughesy……….. Blackburn is a TOWN Club! In North
    West alone we have Manchester United, Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers, Everton, Wigan Athletic, and Manchester City over 1/3 of the premier league! Not to mention Burnley and Preston, who are flying high in the Chumpionship! Get a grip Gavaldinho!!!

  • Spud fans online are known as Wind Up Merchants (WUM’s) anyone who used to frequent 606 (prior to the inane changes they made) will vouch for that! As I said to spud not only the other day… they should be more worried about the number of fans they brought along rather than the number of rovers!

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