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The BBC’s Price of Football annual survey was released late last night, and their investigation shows that the price of Championship football has risen by 30+% for 2016/17.

Compared to the last survey (2015/16), the BBC found that ticket prices alone in the Championship had risen by 36% and that did represent the biggest ticket price increase across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Some would think the likes of Aston Villa, Newcastle United and Norwich City joining this year following relegation would account hugely for that kind of increase – but no, it’s not necessarily the case although it has an impact.

The BBC found that the average cost of the cheapest matchday ticket in the division rose to £22.11 (a six year high) and the most expensive comparable ticket rose to an average of £36.13.

However, fair’s fair at the Championship level – season ticket prices have fallen to their lowest level since 2013, so there is a balancing act going on as football adjusts to fan campaigns, as the cheapest season ticket averages £322.83 with the most expensive being £568.15.

But it must be noted various initiatives by some clubs, Huddersfield Town and Wigan Athletic for example, with prices of £179 and £199 – whether an early bird offer or not – clearly have an effect on those figures.

On the issue of tickets, the Premier League obviously introduced a £30 cap on away ticket prices this season – despite fans calling for ‘£20’s Plenty’ and whilst it’s not a huge difference, with the Championship not following suit, the average most expensive away ticket price in the second tier stands at £31.57, whereas the average cheapest ticket for away fans has fallen by 9% to £20.98 compared to last year.

There’s still work to be done though as 12 clubs charge £30 or more for away fans – Aston Villa, Barnsley, Brentford, Brighton, Derby, Ipswich, Leeds, Newcastle Norwich, Nottingham Forest, QPR and Sheffield Wednesday.

However for ticket specifics, Birmingham City and Huddersfield Town have the cheapest adult price of £15, with Sheffield Wednesday the most expensive of the expensive tickets at £49 – albeit £3 down on last year.

The relegated sides from last season are also the only ones to have frozen or reduced prices in every category – although following relegation that’s to be expected you would think.

Cheapest season tickets are as above, Wigan and Huddersfield, but Cardiff, Nottingham Forest, Reading and Fulham also reduced prices.

Ipswich are noted as the most expensive season ticket price at £845 and that is more expensive that 12 Premier League sides apparently.

Birmingham City take the crown this year as the cheapest day out in the Championship with a combined ticket, pie, cuppa and programme price of £23.10.

So moving onto the extras.

Brighton and Fulham charge a whopping £4 a pie, but whilst they are the most expensive, 16 clubs increased their costs on the ‘who ate all the…’ charts, with Burton Albion and Wigan coming in as cheapest with a price of £2.60.

On the English cup of tea scale, Bristol City and Fulham are the most expensive with a charge of £2.50, and across the division, Brentford and Huddersfield now charge more for a teabag (steady) but Queens Park Rangers have reduced prices.

In terms of replica shirts, junior and adult prices have risen by 3%, meaning an junior average of £34.66 and adult average of £45.50.

Burton take the prize for cheapest junior shirt in all four professional leagues in England though with a price of £22.50, whilst Sheffield Wednesday top out as the most expensive in the Championship at £55 – the same price as Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham.

As the data is sifted through, the above link will lead you to club specific information, but as ever, Vital Football will give a club by club breakdown in the coming days.


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