Date: 22nd December 2009 at 9:01am
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Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce is apparentyl very keen to bring former Rovers player James Beattie back to Ewood Park – especially now knowing that Stoke are actively looking for a buyer.

But the twist has come in the form of Jason Roberts. Big Sam is allegedly willing to swap J-Rob for Beattie in the January window.

Allardyce is willing to take the gamble on Beattie but needs to offload before buying (as we well know) hence the swap with Roberts is mooted.

Beattie is rumoured to be very keen to jump at the chance to play for the club he supports and Sam likes Jason Roberts but is reported to be prepared to throw him in to the mix if it means acquiring Beattie.


19 Replies to “Beattie for Roberts swap?”

  • I’d agree!! I have always been a massive fan of Jase but lately he has looked poor and has never really had a good run of goals in the Prem – deal him out!! Send Pedersen as well….

  • Where did you hear that Stoke are actively looking? Pulis has reiterated that he wants Beatts to stay and bring in another striker. Kitson and Cresswell will go so I doubt that Beatts will aswell.

  • Bring him in, and kick J-Rob out! would be a great bit of business for us.. and im not saying roberts will do badly at stoke.. but it will be good for both teams if we freshen things up in front of goal!

  • He is a much better finisher than JR although not as strong at holding the ball up which could be a problem in our 1 up top system. It cant hurt to have another player who loves the club sweating blood for us. All for it

  • That does sound like a great deal if we can swing it, Beats always gets a few goals when he moves as well so should see us get a few points at least. May put in more effort for us seeing as he’s a Rovers lad!
    Can we swapsy any more?
    Peds for McGeady
    Diouf for Bentley
    Andrews for a Fellaini’s hair (best do in the league!)
    Footballers should always be traded like Panini stickers, no more transfer fees!

  • No you can keep him JT!! Personally I’ve not been that keen on Beattie coming back, however, a swap deal for JR (even though I am a fan) sounds good to be.

  • So the general consensus is this is a good thing? one thing I think is that it will definitely freshen both players up if it does happen.

  • id say good deal…but what about benni. If j-rob goes, benni will want to go, arent they best buds? and right now i dont want to lose mccarthy, hes looking like our only goal threat up top without dunn

  • This story is in different papers – some say it’s roberts for beattie, others say it’s mccarthy. i’d go for roberts for a trial, but not mccarthy.

  • Roberts has always tried his absolute best for Rovers. Frankly, it will be sad to see him go, but if this rumor is true, its a good deal

  • lol Okay Walker. But the day he wins the Ballon D’Or- You’ll remember that you turned down a chance to have him play for you lot. lol! 😀

  • aaaaaalways gonna be a good deal…. i do really like j-rob in spells… he seems to have a good run of 5 or 6 games here or there….. but is that enough? and will james beattie be good enough to do it long term!?……. just an extra… ive heard everton are eyeing up jose antonio reyes on loan until the end of the season… would it be worth having a cheeky punt on him too?! and then theres jermaine pennant who is being released from Zaragoza…. im looking forward to the january window being open… not that Big Sam has much to play with… but still… heres to hoping!

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