Date: 13th June 2007 at 1:43pm
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Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams admits he isn’t surprised they’re being linked with Liverpool striker Craig Bellamy. And didn’t deny that the hitman was a target.

The Blackburn chairmen speaking first hand clarified that whilst he was in no position to reveal targets he did not move to rule out a move. Williams said: ‘I’ve no idea if Liverpool want to sell him.

‘His name is on everyone’s lips because he did very well here.’

He added on BBC Radio Lancashire: ‘It’s an open secret we would like another striker at the club.’

Williams goes on to acknowledge that an experienced hitman who will bag 20 goals a season won’t come cheap and it is very rare that they do…. a rare exception being a man at the Rovers at the moment.

‘Strikers don’t usually come cheap,’ he said.

‘It’s unlikely we’re going to find a 20-goal-a-season man for £500,000.

‘Will we find a striker? I think we will. Obviously, there are names in the frame.’

My take on it is that I would have no qualms about having Bellamy back as he is a genuine top flight striker with bags of pace…. but he must come at the right price.

Finally, this is the first article I have published myself personally and I would just like to say I am delighted to be on board and I have no release clauses in my contract, will be good to work with you all and being a fan myself I am open to any criticism and requests.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing a lot more of people on this site as well as new members, you know you want to… go on. The worlds’ greatest football team is on here and you can talk about it – what bigger incentive do you need????

Anyway enough sucking up… enjoy.

MikeyGamst, Vital Blackburn’s MultiTasker.



19 Replies to “Bellamy Return Not Ruled Out”

  • “It’s unlikely we’re going to find a 20-goal-a-season man for £500,000.”
    Yea, about £2.5m gets us one of those 😀

    But anyway. Would love to have Bellers back. He was amazing during the 2nd half of the season we had him and I was gutted when he left.

  • Bellemy would do a joband I would have him back no doubt about this and every fan knows wot he can do! the only sticking point is will he leave in another yr or would he be at Rovers for a while this time, he’s known as a journeyman and this is no good for the club. I personally think he played his best stuff with us but………… It also depends on the money Liverpool think they want for him, £8m is way too much for a player that was sold for £6m ( granted too little ) but he has hardly fifured for the Reds so why would he be worth more?? Cos he sometimes in 1yr wore a Liverpool shirt?? plz!!

  • He would be good for you to have back but it depends on weva it is to stay this time because if he is not carefull he will end up a almost player coz he hasn’t stayed anywhere long enough to achive anything for himself!!!!!

  • I think the next club Bellars goes to will be one he will stay with for some time, barring any bust-ups. I don’t think he would end up at Ewood due to cost and other elements. Would I have him back though….yes. Most of you guys know how highly i rate him.

  • Rumour has that a swap deal involving Bellamy and Pederson is being lined up, with Liverpool putting a 9 million price tag on his head and Blackburn putting a 8-10 million tag on Pederson, it seems that it will be the best solution, well at least what I am hoping for!

  • Craig has proven already that he thinks of his playing career ahead of the dosh that he can get paid already… after all we offered him less a week compared to Everton…. It’ll be down to Rafa and Liverpool as to whether they flog him or not.

  • i hope your are right mikey i would rather we didnt have bellamy and kept MGP anyday but obviously i would like both to be at the club next season!

  • No chance on the swap deal. It would have too much of an effect on the dressing room. Knowing our board, we’ll pay 6m cash for him, or he just won’t be playing here again. simple as that…

  • no way wopuld i swap MGP for Bellers… if we do get him back i think Hughes should brand him to stop him running away again… I just can’t like the fellow after us getting robbed by liverpool last year

  • Good sucking up MikeyGamst lol! Seriously good work dude, it feels good to publish you own work doesn’t it!!!

  • As for Bellers I would welcome him back with open arms, but they would only be wide open if Benni left (not that I want him to of course!) as I am not overly sure how well they could play together?!?! Personality overload could also be a factor! Hopefully I’m wrong and they would hit it off BIG TIME?!?! MGP in a swap deal, I think not somehow. Oh, and as for the price for Bellers it has to be right, personal feelings are ANY more than what we sold him for would be wrong, £8 million MAX, and even that is arguably more than we should pay! So I basically TOTALLY agree with Head Rover Heels really.

  • pederson 10 mill??? loll tell me what other left mids are going round these days, he is worth more like 15-20 mill

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