Date: 4th March 2008 at 7:02pm
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Blackburn Rovers striker Benni McCarthy really does LOVE Champions League football, and he feels he can achieve this at Ewood Park.

The South African makes no secret of his desire to play Champions League football again, and the fact that Rovers believe that they CAN get this again at Ewood is a defining factor behind him deciding that he wants to commit his future to the club, which he looks like doing shortly.

McCarthy told Sky Sports News: “I’m enjoying my football here.

“The rumours have all gone now and I can just relax and concentrate on playing football.

“The club has been in talks with my agent but for the moment there is far more important things to worry about, such as getting Blackburn into the Uefa Cup or Champions League

McCarthy won the Champions League with Porto in 2004, and is DESPERATE to play in the competition again before his career ends, and from the looks of it he is willing to end it here, as he feels he will get this.

He added: “The club know that before I hang up my boots from playing football I want to play in the Champions League again.

“The fact they are thinking Champions League football can be played here in the next few years will do for me and I can pledge my future here.

“A lot of players in the squad don’t know what it is like to play in the Champions League: it is an amazing experience, and that is what I want the whole team to be feeling.

“People say these days that footballers are very glamorous but the Champions League is the type of glamour that you want



16 Replies to “Benni: I Can Play CL Football Here”

  • Eight points behind Everton means it is possible this season. If we carry on the month like I had said we COULD then we still have a VERY good chance of this, but we must take it one step at a time.
    Benni LOVES the Champions League though doesn’t he!!!

  • a few signings in the summer and I believe you can make that next step – but don’t sell Bentley – it’d make you be seen as a selling club!

  • Champions League football is not achievable for us this season in my opinion. We would have to go on an incredible winning streak and hope that Everton & Liverpool start slipping up.

  • bentley will not be sold. I agree with spinny, unless we go on a massive streak and a few other teams slip up, it will be a miracle, but then again, we are blackburn Rovers, we can produce anything

  • If someone offered ridiculous amounts for Bentley, he will go. I don’t think a CL position is realistic this season, but a UEFA place is definately obtainable. Fingers crossed a top 4 club win the FA cup, and Tottenham win the UEFA cup! The only time I will be supporting Tottenham, mind…

  • Yeah CL is beyond us but it’s about focusing on each game and winning each game, then you just never know. Everton and Villa haven’t really had a bad patch so hopefully they may slip up a few times between now and the end of the season. Still, I’ll take UEFA and we must keep Bents! Not impressed with Williams’ comments today!

  • Villa had a few injuries recently so may have a bad patch, Everton look like going from strength to strenght – but if they are still in the UEFA cup then those extra games may take there toll – but saying that we need to focus on our results rather than anyone elses.

  • The only way a UEFA spot will be made available through the FA Cup is if Man U and Chelsea get to the final. any other teams in there and they will get the spot instead of the league placings. Does that make sense?? I cant see us being in the Champs League placings come the end of the season but I can in the UEFA.

  • OH and Bents wont go.. hes gonna sign a new contract in a week or so and he knows he is on to a good thing here and it has been shown he doesnt need to move to get in the England squad.

  • Unfortunately, I don’t see you getting 4th this season. Probably not next either. But UEFA Cup wins aren’t beyond you and that would certainly be an achievement worth aiming for.

  • I think I know what comments you mean? Were they the ones that (if you read between the lines like I did) in a way left the door open for Bents to be sold?!?!

  • 4th place is a possibilty but def not this season lets be realistic. Keeping our squad together while adding quality should let us battle it out for the last Champions League spot

  • As Hughes says we cannot afford to splas the cash loads so keeping the quality players we have already is essential.

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