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First of, let me make something clear. This is not a we are right and you are wrong article. Everybody has their opinion, I am just going in to bat for Team Benni…..

As our dear friend Mr Delap has pointed out, Benni McCarthy has skipped two days of training, infuriating Mr Sam Allardyce. Unprofessional, very…… However, do you blame the lad?

Signed for 3.5 Million pounds, Benni McCarthy proved to be an instant success, slotting in 24 goals in his first season in the English Premier League, guiding Blackburn into European football under the guidance of Mark Hughes. Benni was the star, and deservedly so. However, even then, his work ethic was always questioned, but, the goals flowed in.

Seasons followed, 11 and 14 goals, including several vital goals to ensure Blackburn’s English Premier League Safety. Whilst not the preferred striker under Paul Ince, and initially Sam Allardyce, Benni became the impact man. However, his work ethic and weight became an issue. Until the Benni McCarthy and Jason Roberts partnership was reformed, late 2008/09 Premier League Season. The two linked up, and scored vital goals, keeping Blackburn in the EPL.

Where am I going with this…..

All we hear about is Benni is overweight, and his work ethic sucks. Well you know what, Benni’s work ethic always has sucked. However, now, he is being made a scape goat. Why? Because we cant sack Sam and his backroom staff. Every other club in the Premier League, heck, the world, will sack the manager when things go wrong. But, we will get rid of our main man up front, simply because he does not fit Sam’s style of play.

Sam’s style of play…..what a load of turd…. The players hate it, the fans hate it, and now, since the cloud of the Carling Cup is now lifted, by the time the owners hate it, it might just be too late.

Blackburn Rovers Football Club gave Benni McCarthy the opportunity to play in the English Premier League. Benni McCarthy has played in the English Premier League, delivering over 60 Premier League goals in 4 seasons, and owes absolutely nothing to the club. Over the last 2 seasons, he has been treated horribly, and the team that does sign Benni McCarthy, well, its there gain and our loss.

BRFC have made a big mistake here, a big mistake……


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  • Sorry Sas but I completely disagree. The man is a paid professional ad as such he is paid to achieve certain targets with respect to fitness, his weight being a component of that. He has openly admitted he hasn’t done the work to get his weight down but says that if Sam plays him he will. Thats just backwards, he must prove to Sam that he can do the work in training. We all put up with Bennis attitude because he scored a lot of goals but now he isnt (1 goal from over 10 league appearances this season) so we are asking for him to work harder to make up for the lack of goals or in the hope that the goals will flow again. With regards to him being treated poorly, after Rovers revived his career he wanted to go to Chelsea and if memory serves correctly even West Ham back then ie anywhere but Rovers. He didn’t get his move so sulked and now he is not getting his way again and has thrown his toys out of the pram and is trying to bully this club into a sale. With regards to tactics the manager pciks his tactics and then plays the players that best suit that system, granted it hasn’t been pretty at times but Sam has had to clean the mess of Ince and revamp the squad with very little cash and any cash he has had has been raised through selling our best players. Hughes wanted to leave a while before he did because he saw what was coming and inmy mind he just didn’t fancy the job. All in all I think Benni can go *****e for it if he thinks I’m on his side, the man owes a lot to Rovers and his behaviour in recent weeks both on and off the pitch have been terrible and this is not the first time he has acted the****.

  • What about Sams targets? What about actually playing football? Lack of goals? mate, he has either been playing up front on his own, or making 10 minute cameo appearances. A player needs a run of games, and Benni has not been given that. No matter what Benni did on the field, he doesnt fit Sams disgraceful style of football. Such a shame……agree to disagree? lol

  • and its just as big a mess of Sams as it was Inces…..Sam signed the deals to allow Warnock, Roque, Derbyshire and Tugay to leave (i feel like im missing someone)……what do all 4 have in common…..they can actually play football….but thats another story, back to benni lol

  • I agree with Durks, Benni had problems with fitness, and didnt sort them out, and still hasnt. He should work his ass off until he has. If he doesnt, then he cant expect to play if he is deemed unfit. Get rid of him now, hes 32 fat and lazy and hes not actually all that good anymore… he just looks good playing alongside players like Keith Andrews and Jason Roberts..

  • Roque was going reagrdless of manager, Derbyshire was going stale and IMO had to go while we probably should have held out for more cash with Warnock he seemed anothe rwho wanted to go with al the rumours around him. Tugay left at the right time, I feared at the time if he was allowed continue he may have tarnished his reputation. But what has benni done on the field Sas? in my mind just been a lazy ***** for the most part, bar the game against Fulham. And how many chances have our strikers missed? That can’t be Sams fault i remember Benni missing some sitters this season from two yards out. On the forums Mikey made a good point about Benni falling out with managers at South africa, Celta Vigo, Porto and now Rovers- common denominator is Benni he clearly has an attitude problem. We might put up with it if he scored goals but as I said one goal in the league just isnt good enough. I think he has had enough game time to make an impact alas he hasnt and is bullying the club into selling him. I think we will just agree to disagree Sas

  • I wrote a massive post then deleted it. Let’s agree to disagree on this one haha. Our most technically gifted player – yes. Given a run of 10 games might he start getting back in form – possibly, who knows. Having said that I’d rather sell him than have him here the rest of the season crying onto the piles of cash he earns.

  • We pay the man the best wage at the club so the least he is expected to do is turn up for training! I appreciate your point Sas mate but I disagree!!! sorry dude.

  • Benny the Belly has been wanting away from the club ever since his first season, after trying to engineer himself a move to Chelsea. It’s a bit late in the transfer window for this, but that’s the way it works unfortunately.

  • I agree and disagree with a lot of the comments. I think Benni is nowhere near the player we had 3 seasons ago – that is for sure, however, he is still the best finisher we have at the club (was 2nd to Derbs) and probably still our best striker!! The main issue is match fitness – how a striker (any of them) can get “match-fit” when one week they are in the team, the other they are out is beyond me! I think Benni now has to go – soon! And I hope to god we get an adequate replacement!!

  • Totally agree Sas! hes our best player by a mile, and will bring the goals, we have treated him unfairly! yeah he gets paid a fortune and should be proffessional, but if you where left out week after week because your not 6 foot wouldnt you be fed up?

  • LH? he has played 10 games in the PL this season, and scored 1 goal… he clearly is not bringing the goals… anyway we have agreed a fee with west ham no so theres no need to discuss it any further, lets start tlking about the replacement!

  • Whether we like it or not Sam is the boss and, in my opinion, he is right to take the line he is with Benni. He has given him every chance to conform to his fitness requirements and Benni has admitted that he has made no effort to comply.

    It’s an attitude that stinks and, from that admission on, he picked up his ticket out of Ewood.

    Was he bothered what the manager thought? Was he bothered what the fans thought? Not a chance.

    He will shine briefly for West Ham before sinking back into his usual sulks.

    When it suits him he is a good player; the trouble with him is his lack of professionalism which lets him down as it has done at every club he has been at. He spent 18 months in the reserves at Porto because he fell out with the management. Now he has done the same at Ewood. Totally predictable and Sam is right to get rid.

  • 10 games, how many of them have been either A: midfield behind a striker B: last ten mins of a game or C: up front on his own? either way, hes still scored more goals than di santo

  • But how many games has Di Santo played up front on his own?! Benni has never played up front on his own – he doesnt have the game for that. Benni has made 7 starts and 7 sub appearances in the League and scored one goal – which ever way you slice it that is not good enough for Rovers for a man of his talents.

  • No he hasn’t LH, both Benni and Di Santo have scored one goal. Benni has three goals in the league cup, a competition in which Di Santo didn’t play. Add to this that Di Santo actually puts in some effort on his teams behalf.

  • Team Benni? Since when has Benni been a team? Pity he didn’t show his commitment to THE TEAM – BLACKBURN ROVERS. One nagging question still crosses my mind – ‘Why, if Benni is so ggod have the bigger clubs not been hammering (forgive the pun) on Sam’s door? David Bentley got a chance at Spuds after a decent money transfer, RSC made it to City for a few quid, Brad Friedel and Steven Warnock earned transfers to Villa. Is Benni so good?’ Anyway, now he has got what he want’s, I hope he manages to achieve his desire to play in the World Cup for SA.

  • Glen where are you!!!!!!, Its all about the opinion lads! Well in LH! York- Team Benni means Glen, LH and me, those in support of Benni lol

  • Big mistake from rovers, and one of many Sam has made.

    1. Not seeling Andrews when we had the chance
    2. Getting rid of tuguy
    3.His training regimes seem to breath injuries (never did under hughes)
    4.trains pedersen to throw instead of what he is good at CROSS
    5. Sells derbshire
    6. Constantly publicly critices players (roberts for missing against sunderland and bolton springs to mind)
    7.sells benni
    8.spends our whole transfer buget on aplayer who has sat on bench more than he has played
    9.Brings salgado in on silly wages when not needed.
    10. PLays ridiculas football and ugly football
    11. Dont want players in the team that can pass a ball 10 yards
    12.Signs Diouf who has been more miss than hit
    13.Keeps Cruz when we should of sold in jan and used cash to buy Kuranyi then, now everyone wants him.
    14. Permantly got his eyes out for players over the age of 32.
    15.was thinking of bringing vieri out of retirement until vieri couldnt be bothered

    the list goes on and on, we have a team now permantly injured with no goals in it, and unless our board is gonna chuck 20 mill at us this window to buy the 4 or 5 quality players we need then i think we will all come to regret this day
    when the words are spoken “where did it all go wrong”……..answers on a post card

  • Glen / SAS you are talking absolute garbage here guys….i could counteract every single one of your points here with Pro Allardyce statements….yeah i have to agree that at times it aint pretty but what the hell are we seriously expecting?? The fact of the matter is that thereare at least 10 clubs in the league who can out spend us any day of the week, including the newly taken over West Ham United……iI am going to concentrate on two specific issues that i think are the most relevant….1) TRANSFERS – BSA has lost several high profile members of his squad and by my reckoning has spent just 40% of the revenue brought in as well as lowering the overall wage bill…..2) AVE AGE OF TEAM – BSA can take full resposibility for the renewed form of OLSSON and HOILLETT as well as full recognition for the signings of NZONZI and KALINIC and DI SANTO!! Not to mention that Dunny has been on the pitch considerably more than normal!! Why on gods green earth are we siding with a man who has been garbage since his first season, has shown a lack of respect to us and the club regardless of his obscene wages and boycotted training to eat!!!! If all of the players had this attitude it would be us who would be heading to the championship door…..lets be united with the club and the manager!

  • mani, whats the first thing i said, this is not a we are right and you are wrong thread… wanna go there, take it to the forums…..

  • I have to agree with Mani – especially about one point – it’s time to forget about Benni – he only cares for himself – it’s time to draw a line under this and look forward and UPWARDS!!!!! Another three home wins (Hull, Bolton and Birmingham) and some more points from the other 15 games should see us comfortably safe – then it’s time to see how the young ‘stars’ of tomorrow develop through the rest of the season and more importantly next season.

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