Date: 4th June 2007 at 4:30pm
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A formal bid for our top scorer is expected soon. With him falling out of favour with the national coach (again), the chance of him missing January and February through the African Nations Cup has evaporated….. Leaving his former boss to step in. (The following is taken from

‘Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is planning a bid for Blackburn Rovers striker Benni McCarthy. The Lancashire Evening Telegraph says sources in London suggest that, now a deal for Claudio Pizarro is wrapped up, the 2007 FA Cup and Carling Cup winners will focus their attention on taking McCarthy to Stamford Bridge.

However, any approach for the free-scoring 29-year-old, who landed a Champions League winners medal under Mourinho at his previous club Porto, will not go down well with Mark Hughes.

Hughes is adamant that his star striker is staying at Ewood Park, and has already made it clear that he is under no pressure to sell McCarthy, plus there are no clauses in the layer’s contract that could force Rovers into selling if a certain offer was tabled.’

Now I for one can’t see us let him leave without either us recieving a large offer and Hughes is happy that it will beneift us in the long run.

McCarthy can’t sulk his way to a transfer… and if the right offer doesn’t come in he will be wearing blue and white again next season. Hughes is playing this fiasco absolutely spot on and he knows that whatever happens… His team will be mutual benefactors.

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  • I can’t see this happening. £8mill is a joke for his ability. I can’t see Chelsea paying more than ten, which is the least we will hold out for. With that in mind I am very much in agreement with Mikey that Benni will once again don the blue and white of lancashire’s finest.

  • To be honest its not like Benni will be gutted if he plays for us next season, he knows he is onto a good thing regardless, I think he just trying to push his luck.

  • that is a good thing about hughes, he does only let players go if we can bring in as good if not better quality, or it is going to leave us with some extravagant financial benefit.

    To be honest i really want Benni to stay, surely Himself, Bellers, JR and Derbs could help fire us to the top 5, all being equal id say we are better than tottenham on our day, but we just need to have a better home record next season.

    Bring Fortress Ewood back from the 05/06 season.

  • oh F**k, you’ve done it now Ady, we’ll have the Spuds fans on here again tomorrow proclaiming their side the cream of the crop outside the top 4 and we canno hold a candle to them etc etc ad nauseum! When the trolls are sleeping, PUT THE STICK DOWN!!! lol

  • Me too…..just don’t trust him. He seemed so honest when he first arrived but that has all evaporated now. I also have a feeling he won’t score so many goals next season. I’m not usually a pessimist but a lot of fans sat near me in the Jack Walker stand were getting frustrated with him at the end of the season. Hope my intuition is wrong

  • I wouldn mind a ten million plus geremi and ferreira bid. Thats 2 decent defenders, we could pick up defoe for 8 mill, leaving us with 2 mill extra plus watever trasfer kitty sparky has been given and 2 defenders.

  • Yeah, but with Chelsea’s arrogance they will probably expect to get him from “little” Blackburn for about £5M. From what I have heard/seen I don’t think Chelsea will have £8-10m to splash on one player and if they do – he will be younger.

  • Give me Geremi any day but not Ferreira… bit too casual for my liking. What have you done Adrian???? we’re gonna have Spurs on here this morning telling us that we are a thuggish small time outfit with no fans whilst they are all direct replacements for god.

  • Sasman has it all planned out. Not sure about either of those options to be honest. My opinion on the whole thing is starting to alter somewhat. I’m slowly coming round to the idea that if we can get £10mill we should take it for Benni. Esp when we could use that for defoe or nugent. Alas I don’t thnik Chelsea will be able to afford that! Never thought I would hear myself saying that for a while!!!!

  • They do seem to be run on a tighter budget nowadays… West Ham seem to be throwing cash around though!!!! hope they burn and die hopefully….

  • Tru but i believe he is worth much more then ten, hence the plus player deal. I really rate geremi, give him some time and the kid could work out for us, ferreira is a decent player, just needs confidence like warnock.

  • If we are getting a player, then Glen Johnson please. While i think Defoe would be a cracking signing, do you honestly believe he would come to us? I dont think he would. Oh and mikey, didnt you know God is a Spurs fan! lol

  • Also, the only way we will get £10 mill plus for benni is if one of the big continental teams shows an interest as this might drive the price up. I agree that he is worth that but if Chelsea came in with an offer of, say £5-6 million and we rejected it, i think Benni would kick off about us doing so and start whinging to the media again!

  • Maybe BomBom, but if he kicks off and whinges it aint gonna help his cause… he is worth more than £5-6 million and we all know that. God is a Spurs fan!?!?!? When was this announced??

  • To be fair we have already seen that Hughes has no time for that behaviour so I worry less about player power at Ewood these days. You do make a valid point BomBom about Defoe. Unfortunately I don’t think he will come here.

  • He won;t come here… I’m not a massive fan of him I must say I believe he is a self server. Would prefer Nugent over Defoe but I think Bellamy is number one choice with our good gaffer.

  • I might be wrong Mikey, its either God thinks he is a Spurs fan or Spurs fans think they are god, cant remember which :p. Whilst Hughes may not tolerate that type of attitude and there may be less of the player power issue at Ewood, that wouldnt stop team stirring the pot. How many times have you seen a relatively happy player (Duffer) wound up throught he media to such a point where he decides to go for the money and the glory? I honestly think Duff wouldve had a better chance of regular first team football at Rovers than he ever did at Chelsea. OK he won 2 League titles and a League cup medal but how integral or instrumental was he in those sides? Not as much as he wouldve been at Rovers and that wouldve been a real sense of achievement to win it with us. You cant plame players for having hese aspirations of playing at the highest level they can, i would wager that even jeffers would like to think he could get back into the England team, but thye fact remains that whilst whining and stamping your feet will do you no favours at Ewood, teams outside of this would take notice and maybe offer a reduced amount to “take the troublemaker off their hands”

  • LOL Religion and football dont mix they say, we ll thats the only time I ever prey is when i am watching rovers… go figure!

  • The only time I prayed last season was Liverpool on boxing day… seemed to work then so I’ll try it a bit more next season.

  • chaps… Benni is class we know that… but age is against him. All of this media crap is just that. We’ll never know what goes on behind the closed doors at Brockhall or the Boardroom

  • The Benni saga is boring me a little now, if he is going I wish he would go, if he is staying I wish he would just say “I WANT to stay” not all this “I’m a Blackburn player but I want more.” Chelsea probably won’t make a move, if they do I wouldn’t mind Geremi as part of a deal but not Ferreira nor Glen Johnson to be honest (I feel both are liabilities and Johnson is living off past glories, decent defender but I think he peaked a fair few years back.) From what I’ve been told (don’t know how true it is mind?) any move for Benni WON’T be to Chelsea anyway, a move back to Spain is more likely. ALSO I’ve been informed that we WILL sign Jason Koumas for £3.5 million plus add on, but this probably won’t take place until later in the summer, something to do with saving some money! He lives in the Lancashire area apparently.

  • If I told you I would have to kill you! Nah, just from a friend of mine who lives up north, he’s heard it from a guy (who he knows well and trusts) who has been involved in the game for god knows how many years.

  • Spot on, me and Sir Bobby are like that! I don’t have any names as I wasn’t given them, I was told I could have been but out of fairness and respect for them I wasn’t.

  • To be honest I think West Brom are laughing all the way to the bank at £3.5mill. I still can’t see what all the fuss is with this lad. He is 28, has never made it in the prem, a past of moaning. Im sorry do we really want someone like that at Ewood?

  • £3.5 million is steep, but not as much as the £8 million previously quoted. I do rate the guy but thought £3 million might have been enough, but let us not forget we are used to being penny pinchers, so you have to splash the cash sometimes, and Sparky knows him better than most I guess with his time in charge of Wales?!?!

  • He is really quite the player. He is worth up to £4 million I say. Some players do not blossom until mid twenties… aka Stephen Warnock. He can perform at the top level for 3-4 years Mr.Koumas can and he is well worth it in my own personal opinion.

  • Fair play Mikey. I do rate the guy and have seen enough of him to think he could cut it at this level so WHEN he signs (confidence there, lol!) we’ll be happy.

  • LOL, its quite ironic that you say that Sparky knows him from his time with Wales, yet Koumas very very rarely featured! I thiink he would be a decent signing but no better than dunny on his day. Guys, Geremi? Seriously? Hes getting on a bit now too! I would still rather Johnson and let Sparky get him back into fighting shape.

  • Oh, and one more thing, how come you all have “secret contacts” all of a sudden?? Am feeling kind of left out here!!!!

  • You know what we mean, from squads and that then even if he wasn’t playing. But at that time Wales would have had the likes of Speed, Pembridge, Davies, Giggs, Sav (to name but a few) keeping him out of the starting XI wouldn’t they, he would have been in squads though wouldn’t he?!?! Find yourself a secret contact BomBom then you won’t feel left out, either that or make it up lol!

  • Well, my contact tells me that Koumas wasnt even in many of the squads in the early days although he did get into some toward the end of Sparkys reign. That was my point tho HDM, if he was any good, surely he couldve supplanted Davies???? Hes hardly World class now is he? My contact is also telling me that we may be looking at Chris Baird again!

  • I reckon… glen johnson/ geremi for benni at this stage (realistically) yes for both fr a £10mil bid would be a bargain. If we buy (the world’s most selfish player) jermain “I always shoot instead of setting up an open goal” defoe I may have to top myself.. furthermore.. if we pay £8mil for him I might have to take a few people with me!!!! Koumas.. very unsure about.. maybe… but then is he significantly better than reid/savage/dunn… if not then what the hell is the point, we have the axe as cover.. andI think we may see sergio come through a little more next year as cover on the wings in case bents is needed in the centre. My main concern remains right back. If benni keeps this ***** up dump him.. he ain’t worth the disruption as good as he has been this season. Matty derbs is the future and he’s a true rover… I just wish there were 3 of him to fill in the gaps!

  • BomBom – Your extracting the urine now with all your “my contact tells me” talk aren’t you lol! Honestly I do have the Koumas arriving for £3.5 million plus add ons from a reliable source dude. Chris Baird is off to Fulham though isn’t he?!?!

  • Bents4eng – Is Defoe really that selfish, but having said that aren’t strikers meant to be?!?! Agreed dude Derbs is VERY much the future for Rovers, if Benni goes we’ll get a decent amount (hopefully!) and Sparky will get in another gem (or bring one back?!?!) but I’m confident in Derbs’ ability to score though, still think he has 20 goals in him in a season if he plays enough games, he’ll get 10 even if he plays most the season from the bench!

  • Fulhams bid of 2.5 mill has been rejected! In regard to strikers being selfish, show me an unselfish striker…….and I will show you an unsuccessful player! Period!

  • He (Baird) is not worth (in my opinion) much more than £2.5 million, so if that has been rejected maybe we shouldn’t even bother!

  • Surely we are a better team than Fulham?? They narrowly avoided relegation whereas we are a comfortable mid table team looking to push on. Im not sold on the kid tho, i do like the look of McShane at WBA, seeing as they didnt go up!

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