Date: 20th November 2007 at 10:35pm
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Our recent Carling Cup tie against Portsmouth provided a moment of inspiration, which, only a few noticed. After a Benni McCarthy clearance of a corner, a little 11 year old girl by the name of Ellen, was struck in the face, her neck tilting back followed by her crying.

As she was being comforted by her dad, to their surprise, our own Benni Mac went over to the stands, whilst the game was still in play. He waited until she was ok, then returned to the game.

The LET reports that Ellens Family were so surprised they wrote a letter of thanks to Blackburn Rovers. To their very surprise, Benni Mac replied with a signed jersey, an apology letter and photo.

During an interview with LET, Ellen quotes ‘I’m a Blackburn Rovers fan now but I said to my dad I’m still a Portsmouth fan too.I would like to watch Blackburn play again.’

Credit must go to Benni, simply for being a nice human being. We hear so many stories about footballers and what they do wrong, yet here we have Benni Mac doing us all proud


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  • yep i was sitting in the stand not far from where this happened and this was something that i picked up on at the time and commented on in an article i wrote the following day on vital pompey titled ‘A missed opportunity’… benni mccarthy is a classy player, but also showed he is a classy human being that night – even more so having just read this. so credit where its well and truely due to the fella in a day and age when people are quick to jump on the negative – or what they see as negative anyway… not so sure about ellen switching to become a blackburn fan tho!

  • thats what she said mate, im sure she might mean more of a soft spot for rovers, but thanks pompey…..well dont to benni mac again

  • Good to see Blackburn and their players in a positive light. Bully boys, my bottom. I am sure the next time Savage clatters into Ronaldo, etc, he will stay by his side till he is ok… 🙂

  • Thats a nice story – and it just goes to show that good news doesn’t sell – as I haven’t read or heard of it anywhere until today – newspapers should have a duty to print more of these things

  • pompeyrug – I looked for that article on Vital Portsmouth and I did find it, you do give credit to not only Benni but Rovers also!

  • FN1 – The newspapers don’t “do” credit really do they. Completely agree though this kind of thing deserves all the publicity it deserves. Again, well done Benni, a gentleman and a scholar 🙂

  • something that annoyed me in the press the other day was an exclusive with Gerrard before the England game – he gave these insites to the match and how hard it would be… then there was a picture of him modelling his new kit – ‘free publicity or no story’ I could his agent saying!

  • Great little piece this. Reminds me of the time, again at Fratton Park, when Nathan Blake was through one-on-one with Aaron Flahavgan (or however you spell his name) only for Pompy’s keeper to collapse, suh was his condition. Blake immeiately shunned the open goal to tend to his fellow professional. This is made all the more impressive when you consider Blake was in the middle of a goal draught! I might write a short article about this!

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