Date: 23rd December 2007 at 10:20am
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The transfer rumour mill is going into overdrive now that the transfer window is just days away from re-opening.

Blackburn Rovers striker Benni McCarthy is now apparently going to Newcastle United with Newcastle striker Mark Viduka coming the other way in a swap deal according to a Sunday tabloid. McCarthy is “unhappy” at Ewood Park and Viduka is trying to escape his St James’ Park “nightmare”, or so they say!

OKAY then, if this makes the newspapers happy they can have their column inches but can anyone REALLY see this being a possible and realistic deal?!?! I know that I can’t!



17 Replies to “Benni & Viduka Swap Deal, OKAY Then!”

  • It’s just NOT going to happen is it, Viduka is a superb striker but he has injury issues and is older than McCarthy, plus isn’t as prolific (even though Benni is going through a bit of a drought at the moment).
    IF (the big if) Benni is to leave in January (which I seriously doubt anyway) it would be to someone other than Newcastle wouldn’t it.

  • I’d love it if McCarthy came to Liverpool. We’ll give you Anthony Le Tallec, who for some reason is still actually a Liverpool player!

  • That’s the kind of club that I would think Benni would leave for it he did go wouldn’t he (but again I don’t think he will).
    How the HELL is Le Tallec STILL at Liverpool dude, I thought that he went!

  • I remember when he and Florent Sinama Pongolle (another let down really) both signed for Liverpool, they were meant to be the next big thing weren’t they.

  • They were. And to be fair to Houllier, they did have a lot of potential. In the under-16 World Cup which France won, Sinama was voted top player and Le Tallec second. Don’t know why they never quite succeeded.

  • Sadly not. Hopefully players like Lucas and Leto will step up from the youth to become great first-teamers. What’s happened to Pedersen and Derbyshire this season? I’ve hardly noticed them. And I just signed Pedersen for Liverpool in my game for 3 mil. Bargain!

  • If it does happen, im sure we would get some cash with it, Duks is an absolute legend, his strength and control of the ball would work perfectly with roques creativity and derbyshirres pace

  • i thought for a second you had said durks is a legend there sas (which is true too of course)lol
    not in a million years will sparky let this happen and if he does my estimation of him will go down ten fold!

  • duks scores double for newcastle, benni is collecting dust on the bench…… something has to happen, santa could of scored 10 but some fantastic keeping prevented it

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