Date: 30th December 2009 at 8:56am
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Benni McCarthy seems to have virtually ended his Rovers career with an outburst which is basically a public verbal transfer request.

Benni feels he is being singled out unfairly by Rovers boss Sam Allardyce and has stated he hopes the club will let him move on.

McCarthy unleashed somewhat of a tirade at the Daily Mail by saying – ‘Enough’s enough, I feel I’ve been stepped on too much and it’s best I go,’

‘I feel I’m being singled out unfairly. I wasn’t any worse than the other lads, yet I’m the only one on duty from that game (against Sunderland) being asked to come in at 7am.

‘Yes, I admit I’ve had issues with hitting the weight targets the manager has set and that’s my fault, but I put 100 per cent in on the pitch and always try my hardest. It seems I’m being punished more than others.’

Benni has further rocked the boat by clarifiying he would like to stay in England and pressing Rovers to let him leave.

The 32-year-old striker continued – ‘I’d like to stay in the England. This is a great league.

‘I’m just unhappy with my situation and need to feel wanted again. I’m not getting any younger but I know I can still make an impact.

‘This is a very big year for me. To come from South Africa and have the chance to play for my country in the World Cup is massive.

‘I can’t risk that by playing the odd game here and there for Blackburn. I need to play and I hope they will allow me to fulfil that dream.

‘They got me for next to nothing and they’ve had a good return with more than 50 goals in about 130 games.

‘Hopefully they won’t ask an unreasonable fee and let me go when the window opens.’

I know a certain large, Walrus lookalike that won’t like this one bit…. (hint : his nickname ryhmes with ‘Wig Wam’)


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  • I honestly dont blame him, he deserves to be starting every game, he is Benni McCarthy, and knows how to find the net. Dissapointing big Sam, first Derbyshire, now Benni McCarthy….if you dont play the Big Sam way, your shown the door…..Not happy

  • ‘Yes, I admit I’ve had issues with hitting the weight targets the manager has set and that’s my fault, but I put 100 per cent in on the pitch and always try my hardest. It seems I’m being punished more than others.’

    It’s not a punishment, it’s your job!! You’ve been set targets in terms of fitness and you’re not hitting them, if doing extra training is not then answer then how do you think your going to meet those targets?

    I have no sympathy for someone being paid a hell of a lot of money complaining because he’s having to do more work than he wants to.

  • I’ve read an article on skysports claiming that the blackburn fans booed benni off the field against the red geordies. I was at the game and the fans were clearly booing the decision to substitute our greatest attacking threat. I think it’s pathetic that the media and journalists twist these things to simply cause trouble!

  • media are shocking mate! i watched it on cable, and the commentators at least got it right, saying the fans are booing Sam Allardyce for taking Benni off

  • Don’t blame him one bit for leaving. The sooner we get rid of Allardyce the better as far as I am concerned. I am now beginning to understand why the geordies got rid of him. Frankly I’d rather go the geordie way, go down a division and start playing decent football again instead of having to watch the rot that Big Sam serves up. We showed against Chelsea, that we have a decent team if we are allowed to play, but hit and hoof doesn’t suit any of our players, and especially not Benni. Good luck to him wherever he ends up. I’m sure he’ll score goals when he’s given a chance.

  • i really hope they can resolve the difference, that may be very naive of me. we clearly cannot afford to lose the most talented player on the team. imagine playing without benni mac the last couple games…

  • we need benni. hes by far our best player at the moment, if big sam sells him i dont think it will be too long before we call for sam to be sacked.

  • I’m beginning to hear the ‘Allardyce Out’ grumbles more and more. The goals will not flow whilst we persist with these criminal tactics. More worryingly, what effect will it all have on attendances and therefore income?

  • This thing with Benni and his weight & fitness targets has been going on for the last 18 months – even in the short reign of Paul Ince. Benni on form is a fantastic player – no doubt about that – but the onus is on him to get himself to the peak of fitness and deliver results for his team in stead of grumbling. We all want Benni to be fit and at his very best but a substandard Benni? I thought the prospect of fighting for a Worl Cup place would have him fired up this season but it doesn’t seem to have materialised yet. The other thought is that at 32, Rovers need to be casting an eye on the future – Di Santo and Kallanic are keen, work hard and when they finally do find the net – they should be a force to be reckoned with (I hope).

  • PS. I agree that the tactic of lobbing long balls into the box in the hope that it will drop kindly for a Rover’s striker is on borrowed time – but BSA needs more quality options in midfield to threaten defences. Without Dunn & Emerton the side seems bereft of ideas to take the game to the opposition – hopefully a quality attacking midfielder is on BSA’s shopping list and if that means losing Benni, MGP or Andrews then so be it.

  • lets be honest though york.. it was his own doing… a quater of Salgados wages could have given Tugay another year… as he was quite capable.. as he showed by playing loads in the last half of the season… and BSA didnt replace him..

  • salgado is on 45k a week. fair enough, he gives us something in the dressing room, but 45k?!?!. secondly, at the moment, benni is our key man, hes our only threat, he can finish, hes got a good touch and can be a match winner. we need him right now.

  • Quite. The point is that unless we have some quality attacking midfield options (I’d forgotten Salgado – why isn’t he playing?) such as Dunn and Emmerton, to create space for our strikers, then Benni, JR, Kallanic & /or Di Santo have to scrap in a crowded box. It is still upto Benni and all of the players (MGP? Diouf etc) to reach their peak fitness rather than just whinge. To me the lack of quality is not in the strikers but the service that they receive. Even playing Tugay for another season would only have postponed the problem – I expressed the view in close season that we needed a quality midfielder to control midfield – I still do.

  • Thing is though when Dunn comes back which will be soon… where doeS Benni play in the system we have in place? His attitude to being asked to come in early (as Stubbs has pointed out) is shocking. We do miss Tugay though, we were always going to… how many Tugays are there in this world?

  • but mikey…the system we have in place is ****.. we need to go 4-4-2 with dunn in the middle or on the left.. and mccarthy up top… and dunn wont be fit for more than 5 or so anyway…

  • sad to here this talk and if it’s true about being called in then he is being hard done to!!! I was at the game on monday and Benni was the only attacking threat, I was gob smacked when he was subbed. I hope Sam A has a very good replacement lined up with a fraction of Benni’s technical ability.

  • I think that Rover 23 has a point, 4 – 4 -2 is what we want but to do that we need quality in midfield – David Dunn makes the difference but it also needs Diouf, Junior & MGP to be dangerous down the wings. Unfortunately David Dunn does seem a little fragile and without him and the workhorse Emmerton we are a little light on creativity.

  • Its worrying to think that when Benni was moping around and trying his best to be transferred to Chelsea a couple of seasons ago we wanted shot of him. Fastforward to now and we want him to stay as he’s hit form, scored and even playing assists. But come on – he’s 32, he’s supposed to be a professional footballer, he plays for us in the Premier League – what more could you want? It always seems to me that when things aren’t going the way Benni likes it all the toys go out of the pram and he wants to cut and run to the nearest club who’ll take him. I think that Benni is a sublime footballer and we need to keep him – so tell him to shut up, work off that weight and get back to playing football… and stop acting like a petulant child!

  • sorry delap, strongly disagree. Allardyce should be playing the best formation the squad allows him, not the formation he likes. We have wingers in our squad, we have target men in our squad and we have fancy strikers in our squad. A 4-4-2 is our formation, using the width. The way he is shaping the squad, we will be playing a 4-4-1-1, with narrow right and left midfielders

  • sorry sas but i dont see any wingers in are squad! pederson diouf.. both scared of running at defenders! i have a season ticket and go most away games and i aint seen either of them excite me! as soon they get the ball they seem scared to do something and ALWAYS pass it backwards. we play shocking football! what good is mccarthy with out the good service? hes nothing with out it… and at the end of the day are midfield cant give him the balls he needs. id love to see di santo and kalinic start a game for us, we need something fresh let mccarthy go let roberts they simple aint doing what us rovers fans want them to do. we love di santo running around for us even tho he doesnt score! i hear every game ppl moaning abouts mccarthys lazyness its not the football we want. end of the day mccarthy can finish but we all hate his lazyness, all fans were i am sat want di santo and kalinic too start!! both look kean to impress its the way forward. i know what needs doing but some people on here are numpties and clearly dont have a clue!!

  • fair call scott, at their best though, gamst, diouf, emerton and even dunn can play on the flanks. Di Santo has had plenty of chances, the kid cant score in a brothel…..Kalinic hasnt had as many chances, but even he has fluffed a few which im sure if Benni was on the pitch, would have at least 5 or 6 more goals under his belt…

  • Sam is the manager though, the buck stops with him and he will live or die by those decisions. He will see things in training that none of us get to see and what he does/says is fine by me… we are not in trouble yet but the negativity that surrounds us wont help for sure. Back the Rovers!

  • Sas is right, Di sancto and Kallinic are looking like centre backs upfront at the moment, we need benni for his finishing skills!

  • yes he did, but he was no benni mccarthy. and as for Sas…ive been drinking fosters….which makes me 25% Australian. 🙂

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