Date: 3rd April 2007 at 12:08pm
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Blackburn Rovers forward Benni McCarthy has expressed his desire to play for Manchester United, but doubts this will happen.

South African International McCarthy, 29, has had a very good debut season for Rovers since his arrival from Porto. 18 goals and an almost instant adaptation to the Premiership (that often takes others much longer) have earned him much acclaim.

Is McCarthy looking for a way out of Ewood Park or is he merely revealing a dream that is unlikely, expressing a determination that keeps him going?

Speaking in the Daily Mirror McCarthy said:

I have always dreamed about playing for United.

They are the most popular team in my country – and Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan are nothing in comparison.

With the attackers that United have, I don’t think I have much chance of moving to Old Trafford.

But I want to see myself playing for the best and you must have ambition because without it, players are nothing.

That’s not being disrespectful to Blackburn because it is a very good club and the management, players and fans have all made me feel very welcome.

At the moment, my ambition is to make Blackburn a big force in the Premiership and win the FA Cup – but I am a dreamer.”

Players have to have dreams and aspirations, we do in the everyday walks of life so they can’t be any different but I’m not sure expressing such a desire has come quite at the right time? You can never fully know what is and what isn’t said with the press and reading too much into things can be dangerous but even with these quotes the enthusiasm, commitment and desire to be a Rovers player that we saw before doesn’t seem to be quite there?

McCarthy could well still play for Man United but I would be surprised to see such a move come about. I would not be surprised however to see him do a Craig Bellamy on us though and leave after one season. I have become more and more concerned in recent weeks that this could happen and that a relationship with Mark Hughes is breaking down. He also hasn’t seemed anywhere near as interested as he was earlier in the campaign.

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17 Replies to “Benni Would Love United Move”

  • A move to United is unlikely for me but you can never tell?!?! As I say though I do worry that he will leave in the summer. Mourinho’s previous relationship with him at Porto could come into question with Chelsea (if he even stays himself?) Not too likely either could happen but who knows. A move to one of the big four would certainly tempt him. I can certainly see him returning to a top European club though.

  • Benni expressed his desire to stay with Rovers and has more than once said how much he loves it here but hasn’t done so much recently and has hinted at moves away more than once since he was first “rested”. A rest was good for him (and needed!) but it doesn’t seem that this has gone down so well with him, things haven’t been the same since he was given a break against Portsmouth and then left on the bench against Arsenal, despite coming on for the winner and then scoring twice against Bolton. I am growing ever more concerned that we will see a case of Déjà vu again this summer!?!?

  • What is it with all our top players in recent weeks talking about how they would love to play for……. Zurab, Gamst an now Benni. You cannot fault the guy because he has ambition but this is slightly too much IMO. Sparky needs a quiet word in their collectve ears methinks!

  • Definitely BomBom, but maybe a quiet word in Benni’s ear from Sparky is what caused a possible break down in communications to begin with, if there even has been a genuine fall out?!?!

  • Benni wasn;t doing himself any favours in front of Fergie on saturday – I reckon if he had to choose he would go with Matty rather than Benni, escpecially if based on the performance at OT.

  • Rumours abound that we are going in for Rasiak & Baird in a £4 million bid and we are interested in Marlon King at Watford. Intruiging, to say the least

  • Ah here we go again, the “big” clubs targeting our talented players. Then again, Tromso prob thought that we are a big club, Porto prob thought that we are in a bigger competition, same as Rangers. Its a fact of life that we have to live with. Unless you are a home grown talent who dreamt of kicking a ball in a rovers jersey, you are gonna chase your dreams. Bellers chased his dream, McCarthy and Pederson are chasing theres. Its just a fact of life and we have to deal with it. Im sure if either player leaves, Sparky will fine another talented player who will more then adequately replace our current stars.

  • Of the topic though, what you think about a cheeky bid for Flamini from Arsenal. definitly a man to take over the realms from the Maestro. Flamini has spoken out at the lack of game time and his contract does end in june. He has said he will reject the contract, maybe we can pick him up on loan till June then buy him like we did with bentley

  • Flamini would be excellent – not sure where you got the story though – he would have a lot of offers. McCarthy has really got my goat if he has stated the United thing – this is a guy that was struggling to get into the Porto team 12 months ago – who was persistant in rescuing him – Hughesy – and now he comes out with this. If he left for a ‘top four’ club he would sit on the bench – just like he did at Porto where he moaned all the time. Wake up Beni – concentrate on your own performances……

  • Totallty agree Ex Ewood, Fergie would be more likely to make a fresh approach for Derbs rather than Benni in recent weeks, especially after Saturday.

  • You sum things up nicely sasman, a local lad has that true desire to play for the club and stay with it but even they usually eventually need to better themselves, this WILL one day happen with Derbs I’m sure.

  • I’ve been talking with marshinrover about Rasiak in the forum recently. My thinking was that he could be a decent foil for Benni, think Benni could play off him well?!?! With Spurs he didn’t really get much chance but a target man that can also score goals, mayeb worth a pop but we wouldn’t want him replacing Benni though would we! IF he goes as sasman says I’m sure he’ll find someone, could this be Marlon King?!?! Maybe so.

  • As I say Wellsy how much of what was said was really said you never know with the press but he would be wise to knuckle down and get on with things here. He always seemed VERY appreciative of what he had but seems to have lost this recently, so I’m not sure how commited he is now?!?! As for Flamini, really is a quality player, a player who deserves more than a place on the bench at Arsenal. Free transfer arrival, and quality one at that has to be one for Sparky to look at. Would Flamini want to move to Rovers though that is the question?

  • I say get rid of McCarthy, get rid of Zurab and get rid of any other ******* who speaks out at playing for another club, especially with the current campaign being still in flight and a fa cup semi final coming up. Players talking of playing for other clubs is a disgrace, i have never heard anything like this from players like friedel, tugay, derbyshire etc. These are the players we need to keep. Get rid of the scum, keep the ones who want to play for the best interests of the club which most importantly, GAVE THEM THE OPPORTUNITY to play at this level.

  • Strong words sasman! I get your point, but in fairness to Zurab he only said he would like to “one day” return, which is still bad enough, but Benni has said (if quotes are true?!?!) he WANTS to play for United, which is not what you want to hear.

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