Date: 6th March 2007 at 12:11am
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Benni McCarthy has proved a massive hit for Blackburn Rovers this season (was it ever in doubt!) But who would you pair him with?

The South African International has been fantastic for Rovers this season and not just because he is scoring goals; his all round play and lift he is giving others have been instrumental in our season in my opinion, long may this continue!

If you could pair Benni McGoalmachine (as he has been so fittingly dubbed by BomBom!) with any Rovers striker past or present who would you like him to be paired with and why?

Share your views below and then well look to make a poll out of it and put it to the vote…

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16 Replies to “Benni’s Ideal Rovers Strike Partner?”

  • From the present for me JR is still the man at this point in time (even when players are fit) with my boy Derbs pushing him hard. From the past god where do you go, guess one of the obvious would be Alan Shearer.

  • Obvious answer is Super Al, but I would like to see a fit and young simon Garner in this side. With Bents and Gamst supplying and Benni’s creativity as well as his attacking prowess, what else could you want in that mix but an out and out goal poacher! In a way, im glad Bellers went as I think him and McCarthy are very similr players that they both work the channels, they both drop deep and they both can attack defenders with ball at feet, so I dont think they wouldve been a great pairing personally! Garner or Shearer for me

  • For me it has to be Francis Jeffers – the guy has such great striking instincts. No, really – thank god he has gone to Ipswich….

    I agree with HDM – Shearer past, JR present…

  • When I read the headline JR was the name that popped in my head, as much as I love to watch Matty… JR just needs to find his form again, poor lad hasn’t had the chances yet. as far as in the past then yes Al Shearer (JR is similar style).

  • Its between Roberts and Derbyshire isnt it, for me at the min its Derbyshire as Roberts will come more into it next yr when he’s fully fit, then i’d go for him over Matt but he’ll be pushed close by the young lad. From past players id say Bellamy

  • Bellamy for me! As much as I like Roberts, I feel that we need another striker come the summer! It seems the talk of Bellamy coming back is fading! I would welcome that as I think him and Benni would be something else!

  • You had me going wellsy for a minute I was ready to launch into one then you redemed yourself 🙂 lol. Franny has been unlucky but it’s just one of those things, luckily the calculate risk hasn’t cost us, we had nothing to lose.

  • I’m a MASSIVE Derbs fan (you guys know this!) but for the sake of the team when fully fit, and he’s getting there JR is the man he compliments Benni well, as he will Derbs if Benni is out or rested. In JR, Benni McGoalmachine and Derbs we have three superb forwards who can and will score 30 plus goals between them at least in a season for me that’s enough so altohugh you always want/need to improve areas I’m not sure I’d want anyone to come in in this area in the summer. If Nonda goes we’ll have to get someone but maybe with a season behind him we’ll see something different next season? We have youngsters coming through in De Vita and Garner who could have similar impacts to Derbs if given the chance over the next season or so so unless someone really, really world-class comes up lets leave it. Bellers as good as he was/is I’d not want him back, he’ll cause unrest for me and people will leave as a result. With BomBom here don’t think they would have been as good a partnership as we might think they would have been, a young fit and at his best Garner would be a great partner also. Imagine Shearer, Garner and Benni!!!!

  • Derbyshire looks pretty good up there learning from Benni. Shearer would have been awesome with Benni, maybe even better then with Sutton. I really do have my doubts on Roberts. I would rather play Kuqi any day of the week instead of Roberts. Kuqi had that physical power and could finish, somethin we havent seen with Roberts. Kuqi was one of our most underrated players and left the club without anyone really noticing. Was our super sub, scoring more goals then any substitiute in the premier league

  • That’s hte key to it though “sub” he wouldn’t really have been much more than that and at his age he was not going to settle for that. JR has far more of a physical presence about him than the Flying Kuqi, don’t get me wrong he did a job. we have to remember JR has been injured for the vast majority of the season so he needs time to re-adjust, can only get this playing games.

  • I think once Roberts gets back to full fitness and plays a few games in a row we’ll see the best of him, I think he’s a much, much better player than Shefki, who is best suited to the Championship, Roberts is quicker and has better goal ratio i’ll bet in the Premier league.We were kinda lucky to get around £2m for Kuqi, saying we used this money for Benni! All he was was a battering ram – effective but Roberts has def more about him, I trust Hughes who after all Kuqi go and brought Roberts into Rovers, for a reason i’d bet

  • I bet he did sell Kuqi and buy Roberts for a good reason, but effectively we have been a striker short all season, not Sparkys fault or not doubting his judgment at all. A battering ram, good call, but isnt that the sort of player McCarthy needs around him, someone who can hold it up whilst McCarthy shows his talent. Hopefully Hughesy has seen somethin in Roberts, otherwise dispense of him and find a new front man whilst letting Derbyshire further develop

  • I have to say I disagree sasman JR is fantastic at holding things up and is a far better footballer than Kuqi. In JR’s defence he’s missed most the season with injury and for my money still made more of an impact this season than Kqui would have.

  • Roberts has made more of an impact this season then Kuqi would Have?? Seriously got to disagree, i really believe Kuqi would of at least poached a goal here and then, Roberts has missed severaly easy chances, some even costing us big games

  • The only thing that Kuqi had over Roberts was his fitness, other than that he’s no where near to Jason in footballing terms. Roberts will come good I have no doubt about that myself, maybe next season will be the making of him but i do believe he’s the man for the job, whereas Kuqi is struggling to score in the Championship, now I like the big man and he did a job for Rovers but he clearly wasnt good enough to cut it, he’s better off in the lower league unfortunatley

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