Date: 16th June 2008 at 9:40am
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Blackburn midfielder David Bentley has told the club he wants to leave this summer.

The 23-year-old gave the news we all knew was coming at some point from his holiday resort in Marbella. Bents previously admitted he wants to play at the top level, both domestically and internationally.

Now the former Arsenal trainee has announced he has set his sights on a move away from Ewood Park to play in the Champions League or at the very least in Europe.

Bentley told Sky Sports News: ‘I made it clear to the club what I wanted to do.

‘The situation is I want to move on. I want to be playing Champions League football, or in Europe.

‘And the club’s situation has changed over the last few weeks so I’m not really up on where they are at. They have got to sort out which manager is going to come in.

‘I’ve been here for three years and I love the club and I love playing for them but I feel like I’ve done everything I can.

‘I want to move on and try and push up the ladder and push on and try and be as successful as I can be in football and I believe that lies elsewhere.

‘I want a new challenge. I believe I have done as much as I can at the club and want to push on somewhere else.’

Bentley joined Rovers in January 2006 after the player failed to make a breakthrough at Arsenal and after securing a permanent deal at Ewood Park cracked a hat-trick against Man United.

Bentley DID admit he hoped he had repaid any debt owed to Rovers for giving him his chance, saying: ‘I owe so much to them and I hope I’ve repaid them with the way I’ve played.

‘But I need to be pushing and moving on somewhere else so we’ll see what the summer can bring and in this transfer window hopefully something can be sorted out.’

Bentley has denied that Hughes leaving for Man City had hastened his decision to leave.

‘I discussed things with the manager then and the chairman and I made it clear I wanted to move on,’ Bentley continued.

‘Their situation has changed but mine hasn’t. I need to be pushing on and moving on and that is what I am looking to do.’

The important thing now is that we get the most we can for Dave Bentley. £15 million in my eyes is fair and would see us with some money to buy players who want to be here.

However… does anyone see Mr.Bentley in a few weeks time rocking up on the doorstep of Eastlands? Because I sure as hell do.


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  • I think he’ll end up at either Man City or Spurs possibly. Kinda a sideways step either way but its his choice.

  • the guy was bang out of order about goin public to sky sports news. I hope that we dont loose bentley to either city or spurs and belive he will end up at chelsea!!

    just 1 more season dave!!

  • Get him out need a new manager fresh start, don’t want people with that attitude in the team. Be nice for the new manager as well to have some money, to add his own style to the team.

  • Personally he should be staying one more year, but I’m not sure we can afford to widen all the doors at ewood to accommodate his head. One good season, thats all, you need to be playing week in week out, you will not do so at a top four club. PS why do you have to discuss everything via the press, you have as much professionalism as Anelka.

  • If Bentley wants to play in Europe then City and Spurs are out of the running now! He obviously wants to sit on the bench at one of the top4 clubs. How quickly some of these footballers forget! I think that if he remembers back 4yrs ago when he was sitting in the Arsenal reserves – being quoted as having undoubted talent even then but never made it at the Gunners, well it leaves 3 clubs where he can go now, Utd dont need him, Chelsea, well they prob wont have room for him soon and Liverpool, where he will prob end up as a Carling Cup player. Best of luck to him though as he has played well for us and come on leaps and bounds and I hope we get a healthy transfer fee, cos if Barry is worth £20m then who knows!!

  • So long, farwell, good bye. End of story, id rather support a man who is willing to give 100 percent to the cause then someone who wants to move on.


  • If bentley wants to move to either city or villa, does that mean if they dont qualify for europe does that mean he will move on again?!!!

  • Prob kendog yes… I am with Sas, I’d rather back Ryan Nelsen who HAS loyalty and does recognise which club gave him the chance.

  • I can well imagine that Bent’s has a group around him who keep telling him he’s better than he is. I don’t think one good season is enough, personally and even Capello picks Beckham first. he’s 23 still developing, and becoming a squad player will only hinder this. I would love to know if Capello has said something to him.

  • I have to admit I am so disappointed with Bentley… I think he’l go the same way as Damien Duff, lots of potential to be a great player but will get lost in a big team with fewer starts. Well if he’s off lets get all the cash up front and buy some suitable replacements.

  • ‘And the club’s situation has changed over the last few weeks so I’m not really up on where they are at…’ Bentley. Someone should tell him we’re still at Ewood Park!

  • Arent you guys more than just disappointed with Bentley ? I know you lot were supportive when he refused to turn up for the England U-21s and now this. He has become a better player, but he is still not good enough to start reguarly for a top 4 club, and that should tell him something – obviously it doesnt. Is playing UEFA Cup football that big a deal, as compared to sticking around with Blackburn ? I doubt it, although I’m sure, given a couple of years, he will be slagging off you lot, just like he’s been slagging off Arsenal !

  • Bentley as has been said is not as good a player as he ( and folk around him seem to think ) he was not consistant over the last season and often left Emerton vunerable, He can slag off teams all he like but wot i cant understand is why he would leave a club that without doubt made him a better player, just to possibly have one or two games in the Champions League with another club. Its not as as if he he old, in terms of a footballer, he still has yrs left in him and it wouldnt have hurt his career to spend another 1 or 2 with Rovers, were he was a 1st team player and still getting in the England team.

  • I disagree Clint, I think Bentley was excellent for us last season and if he stays he will continue to grow. And from what I have read about what he has said about arsenal, he’s always been respectful – he wasn’t given a chance to play, thats why he left, he’s always said that wenger was an excellent manager etc. I’m disappointed that he wants to go and I can see a Duff-like situation happening with him, but I guess he thinks he’s making the right decision – but it will ultimately come down to the new manager, if he wants him or not.

  • He’s gone no new manager is gonna keep him around now. with so many clubs showing an interest it can only be good for our bank balance. He had a good year last season but not spectacular, he still has a lot of developing to do, and that will only happen if he gets games, I do not see that happening enough at a big 4 club. Plenty of England players make the squad who do not play in Europe, its not the be all and end all.

  • Anyone interested in a midfielder? He has a good left foot, he can play CB, LB, LM, CM. Particularly good at passing but not very fast, and he’ll be loyal right until a ‘bigger’ club come knocking, then he’ll want to leave you for the very club you’re trying to catch up with but he won’t have the decency to tell you, just get his agent to do the dirty work and then wait for the club to announce it. He wants to play CL football with his homersexual lover who is a scouser. £10M to a good home. Tel: 0121 327 2299

  • Oh im not saying he wasnt good i meant that he has a bit to go yet and it would have been better to do it with Blackburn and not one of the top 4’s reserves. But as long as we get the rite money for him then although a good player for us, he should leave to give the new manager the money to buy in players who want to play for Rovers

  • mr bentley this is mr bench, say hello, he is your new best friend!!
    15million thank you very much, give it to a competent manager and hey presto in a few years it will be david who? oh that fella who plays for west ham/newcastle/spurs/insert name of other scrapheap footbaler club!!

  • Bents will be the next Duff. I’ve got a lot of time for the player and he has undoubted ability but he believes his own hype too much which will see him fall flat on his face. The club should hold out for £15mill cash now to help the new manager bring in his players! See ya Bents!

  • You’re right about him still developing Clint – and I agree he needs regular football to do that. He’s a fool if he thinks leaving us now will help his career…. I’m more annoyed that I’ve got to get a new shirt now!

  • Does anyone remember the situation with Neill?? lol this is kinda beginning to remind me a bit of then, I know Rovers arent a big club in the scheme of things but i do believe that a lot of these players who are given a chance to become house hold names do owe a big of loyality to the club that has paid the over-priced gets stupid money in order for them to just basically F**K OFF on us. Its about time that a club should just tell a player – a contract is a contract – simple, I would love for the day when the actual club chose when to sell certain players and not the other way around, its time for footballers to come into the real world a bit i think

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