Date: 27th May 2008 at 7:01pm
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Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Bentley’s reluctance to sign the contract extension that the club would like him to has made him available, or so the media would have you believe!!!

Bentley still has plenty of time on his Rovers contract, and the club have made it perfectly clear that they are not looking to sell the England International, nor do they want to but once again this countries media seem to think that just because he has spoken of his desire to play Champions League football (one day!) and play at the very highest level that he wants to move on this Summer. Even if he did then some of the teams that are supposedly interested in him wont exactly offer him what he is supposed to be craving will they!

Bentley is quoted on Sky Sports as saying: “I watched the Champions League Final and of course that’s the sort of match I want to play in. Every player when they start their career wants to reach the top of their game and I haven’t done that yet.

“I wouldn’t say I’m impatient – but I’m hungry for success.

“I don’t look at myself as a full international. I haven’t played in a big tournament, haven’t played in the Champions League, so I’ve still got it all to do at the moment.

“That’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve still got to work hard, get better as a player and hopefully one day I’ll be in the big games

That is not exactly him saying he wants to leave it is!!!

Until Bentley openly comes out and says he wants to leave Ewood Park, Mark Hughes, John Williams, every one connected to the club and all the fans shouldn’t fear that he will. If/when that becomes the case (if it did) he might be wise to remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, he knows this first hand and other that have thought this could also remind him of this fact.



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  • Bents is under contract, this might not mean much in this day and age, but it SHOULD leave us holding the cards. If he makes it clear that he wants to go then we should let him go as we don’t want players here that don’t want to be here, but I do worry about the knock on effects this might have with others?!?!

  • He is annoying now, money/fame hungry don’t want him against his own will, £5mill plus Huddlestone and Lennon that would be a dream if that happened.

  • Agreed. How hard would it be for him to come out ans say he wants to stay. If he wants to go then he should hand in a transfer request now so we can work on replacing him. He should look at Duff , SWP and Bellamy if he wants to see how well he will do if he leaves for a so called bigger club. No one player is bigger than the club. There were great players here before him and there will be great players here after him so make your mind up Bents NOW

  • dont care now if he goes or if he stays! if he goes he goes to the likes of spurs a truly sideways step and will be at a ‘big club’ and we will have 15mil+ in the bank which sparky could work wonders with! or he stays and we have a quality player still on our books!!

  • This morning we have issued a statement saying he has 3 years left on his contract. Shut up Dave and get on with playing for the club that gave you the chance to become who you are today.

  • I think in his heart he wants to leave but we can command a large price tag. I like the sound of the hudd and lennon for bents deal, I’d personally take that. We can get a lot of money for him and I don’t think he is irreplaceable. The bigger concern is keeping Hughes! Sorry bents but if you want to leave mate….see ya!!

  • Lets face it, players don’t stick around to help the teams they are with achieve greatness, they simply move on to great teams!

  • Fair point that Fear. even so, he could engineer his move with a bit of grace. I;d take that Huddlestone and lennons wap. We need a bit of pace.

  • totally agree Mikey, just don’t think ‘grace’ is something players care about, there are that many who have loyalty and I guess in some ways as employees not fans they have a point but it is the way they do it that alienates them from us.

  • Fair point Fear. I think loyalty is a lost art. we’re just lucky we have Brad and Tugay. Two greats who know what it means.

  • I do think that Bently would be stupid to leave Rovers exactly at the time when he is playing his best football, this is no fluke that its with Rovers who play him in nearly every game he’s fit to play!! Playing in the Champions League has its attractions but he’s getting into the England team with Rovers! The interested teams are Chelsea – SWP anyone remember him?? Liverpool – Well Bellemy was deemed not good enuff after only 1 season despite scoring 18 odd goals the yr b4 for the ‘smaller’ club and being played on the wings at ‘Pool, Liverpool also dont play a 4-4-2. Spurs – well no offense but WHY leave to go to them who at best will get 5th, Rover’s are not far off that with a couple of good signings and Villa – well plz they would have to include half the team plus money to make it worthwhile. Bentley cam from Arsenal where despite his talent didnt get in the team – i can see this happening again if he moves to another supposed bigger club, again ask Neill who remeber lads went for footballing reasons and NOT the extra £20,000k a week lol now he’s at best average

  • Yes Neill did indeed leave for footballing reasons. He has a lot more chance of playing in Europe with West Ham than he does with Liverpool. Muppet. Bentley is being a bit mercenary at the moment.

  • I think that the last paragraph of HDM’s article says it all… In my opinion Bentley was our best player last season, he has developed so much this year it’s incredible. Other teams may be interested in him and want to sign him, but that doesn’t mean we will sell. Bentley is a key player for us and Hughes won’t let him go – easily. We want to progress and get into Europe on a continuous basis then we need to keep our best players and build a good squad. Bentley’s remarks in this article are trueful – I’d want to play in a champions league final and win trophies – which player wouldn’t? It doesn’t mean that he wants to leave right now.

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