Date: 9th June 2007 at 5:01pm
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After some heavy criticism following his withdrawal from the England Under-21 squad for the European Championships David Bentley gives his side of the story.

Blackburn Rovers midfielder Bentley has come in for a fair bit of criticism for his decision to withdraw from the England squad going to Holland for the Under-21 European Championships (and my own personal opinion has ebbed and swayed!) but he has explained to TalkSport why, he said:

I think it is for the betterment of my career.

“I owe a lot to the Blackburn fans too and they are paying the money to watch me week-in and week-out.

“He (Stuart Pearce) was disappointed as a manager should be and I fully accept that it was a controversial decision.

“I love playing for England, I love my country every time I step out on the pitch I give my all for anyone I play for.

“If you look at my under-21s career I have never not given my all for it.

“I had three decisions; the club could have pulled me out, I could have pulled myself out or I could have faked an injury.

“I am an honest lad, I’m not a robot and I wanted to give my decision and my opinion on it

Credit has to be given to Bents for being HONEST with his decision, he could have easily faked an injury (which may have looked suspect) but honesty is the best policy, even though this may not be the case here? But only time will tell.

Bents has also admitted that he sought advice on the matter from senior players when he was with England last week, and added:

I’ve never come off a 60-game season and then gone straight into another one, I was alien to it.

“It wasn’t a rash decision, I asked senior players at England ‘what do you feel like come October or November?’.

“They said ‘you hit a brick wall’. They also said ‘if you want to be firing and you want to make a push for the European Championships next year then I really think you have got to think long and hard’

You would think these senior members (that have advised him here) would know best wouldn’t they although McClaren had recommended Bents SHOULD play at the Championships, Bents also said:

I look up to him and I have great respect for him but I have to listen to what my body is telling me.”



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  • Like I have said my feelings on this matter have ebbed and swayed, I am happy but also disappointed, have been for and against the decision. But after seeing what Bents had to say even though the timing of the decision is well and truly wrong I think that in hindsight he has done the right thing.

  • How this will harm his chances with the senior England side, as I say only time will tell but if Stevie Mac wanted bents to play and he hasn’t he might not be best pleased, at least he’ll have “a reason” (well in his mind anyway!) to overlook Bents in the future.

  • I wont type my comments here again, I dont think this will hold him back at senior level, especially if hes doing the business in the league. Besides, McEricsson will be gone this time next year or thereabouts!

  • I know the three views (Pearce’s, Sparky’s and Bents) bring up the same topic so it can be repetitive but to be fair to all three I felt I had to publish what they all said. We (obviously England fans!) can only hope this is the case BomBom!!!

  • Is he going to win the Euros? NO, will England perform? probably not, on that basis would you want mcClaren to stay? no. there ya go, job done, 1 p45 later……

  • Getting to the European Chamionships and progressing to the knockout stages (not a gimme I know, but still possible even with McEricsson) would probably be enough to save his job though, this is the worrying thing so that p45 could not be so easy in coming?!?! It’s horrible to say but I’m starting to (dare I say it!) even HOPE England don’t make the European Championships as if we do chances are (unless Stevie Mac unleashes this masterplan theory I have that isn’t quite as easy to understand as I think it is lol!) we’ll not have a hope of doing ANYTHING at the 2010 World Cup, that is if we even made it!

  • Do you reckon England Under 21s will do well???? after all there is no quarter finals to crash out in!!!!??? bonus…

  • MikeyGamst – I honeslty hon’t know how strong the other nations are but “on paper” we (England) have a pretty strong squad, Derbs WILL shoot us to glory! The quality Bents has will be sorely missed but would he have done himself and England justice had he played anyway?!?! We’ll just crash out in the Semi Finals instead lol!

  • England will never achieve anything at whatever level as Bentley’s attitude is symptomatic of the whole international setup of so called superstars.

  • Although my opinion on the matter has changed a few times (but my disappointment at the way things happened remains) I genuinely do believe that it is fatigue that is the real reason, so it’s not a “snub” of Sutton proportions is it, so it’s not really an “attitude” thing is it?!?!

  • A kid of twenty suffering from fatigue, c’mon lets talk sense, it’s only caused by the weight of his wage packet that he has to carry home each week. !!!

  • Please can someone explain to me what all the fuss is about. Surely Bents should be ineligible anyway, its a nonsense to have 22 year olds playing for an “Under 21” team. He will be 23 this summer so shouldn’t an under 21 manager be bringing in players with a few years potential rather than ‘Bents-ing’ the teams name.

  • and if he was called up for the senior side, would he have felt ‘tired’ and ‘burned out’? hypocrisy rules amongst these young Englanders

  • alphieblues – Rovers are not a Chelsea, Liverpool, Manure or Arsenal (who I would guess pay the most in terms of wages?!?!) so I wouldn’t have thought his “wage packet” would weigh him down too much.

  • I can see what the fuss is all about r.waterfall but at the same time get your point. To be honest I am just bored of the subject now, so personally I don’t think I’ll have anymore to say on it? Well not in this thread anyway lol!

  • I dont really know what to think, both sides of the story are correct, but i think in the end, he does have an intertoto cup to prepare for aswell as another long season.

    Couldnt care about all this stuff about James Milner, he hasnt got the intertoto cup or european football to prepare for.

  • Bentley has made his bed, now he has to put up with the consequences. Whether he was right or wrong will always be discussed ad nauseum but the cold hard fact is that its done, get over it and move on!

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