Date: 8th September 2007 at 8:05pm
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Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Bentley made his senior England International debut against Israel on Saturday Evening, unfortunately this was met by a chorus of boos to his almost every touch.

Bentley came on as late substitute in England’s 3-0 European Championship Qualifier win, replacing the impressive Shaun Wright-Phillips (who showed EXACTLY why Steve McClaren opted for him over Bents in the first place) but unfortunately sections of the crowd were still bitter at his late withdrawal from the England Under-21 squad that went to the European Under-21 Championships earlier in the summer.

This reaction was almost expected as at the time of his withdrawal it was net met with much approval at all, the complete opposite with VERY little support and a MASS grilling from all sections (even though Aston Villa’s Gabriel Agbonlahor got off lightly!!!) It did disappoint me at the time it happened (his Under-21 withdrawal) as I could see both sides of the argument (even though I think that most people are viewing the way they reacted to Bents differently to how the would have Bents withdrawn to benefit the particular club THEY supported!!!) so to a small degree you have to see where this reaction Saturday Evening was coming from. However, I am not a fan of booing people and personally feel it carried on for too long (before eventually dying off), but it is now out of the way so it SHOULD be the first and last time we see this happening to him?!?!

The match itself was OK for England, nothing special, but not bad (which was something that I feared after recent performances) the most important things was getting the job done, and a 3-0 win did just that but the Russian’s will be MUCH tougher on Wednesday. I wonder if Bents can win his second cap then???



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  • FINALLY Bents has won that long overdue competitive cap. The reaction was disappointing, but expected, but hopefully this is now out of people’s systems and they can now let the guy get on with his career, as it is to our (England’s) benefit that we do as he has the quality needed to play a MASSIVE part in our (again England’s) future for a long time!!!

  • Maybe the boos affected his game as well, he wasn’t his usual self for the mammoth 9 minutes on the pitch (maybe he was a little tired :-))

  • Thank you Prits. The booing could have a long term detrimental affect on someone’s international displays. I think he took it in his stride and instead of disappearing for the 8-9 mins he was on, he kept coming and looking for the ball as much to say the the boo-boys, shut up as to one to demonstrate his ability. Well done Bents.

  • I was there at Wembley and I was giving him some encouragement. I was shouting my lungs off as he came over to take a corner in the corner where I was sat. People thought I was mad but I was just doing my bit as the booing was PATHETIC.

  • Booing a player whilst wearing the shirt of the country is a disgrace. Didn’t know why they were booing so thanks for the article! Exactly why did he withdraw? As Mikey says, PATHETIC. Seems some fans just HAVE to have someone to throw their hate towards.

  • He withdrew suffering from fatigue, he didn’t feel he could go through the summer without a break carrying on this season the onto (hopefully) the European Championships in 2008.
    I won’t get into the why’s he did or didn’t do what he did, was it right or wrong, but I will say that if it would benefit Rovers this season and ultimately England next summer it was the right thing.
    He was honest, whereas others would have been “injured” and missed out, his only fault was being honest.
    Those that boo are PATHETIC as you guys rightly say, but they eased off in the end, so now it is out of their system they should move on, as I could reel off name after name of player that has opted against playing for their country, many simply because they could not be arsed!!! (which wasn’t the case with Bents.)

  • Sutton did the same thing. He said he didn’t want to play for England B just to be battered around for 90 mins. He could have faked injury to get out of the game. Must be some truth serum in the Blackburn water!

  • The Sutton scenario is different, maybe he was too good for the B side but his ego got the better of him, he really did refuse to play for his country, Bents decided not to play for his country but he didn’t do this because he thought he was too good, he did this because he didn’t feel he had it in him, and ULTIMATELY wanted this to be to England’s advantage in the summer of 2008 (as well as obviously Rovers advantage this season.)

  • Simple… No-one listened to Bentley’s side they just listened to the Pearce side spouted in the media. Arrogance as usual from some people. He made an unpopular but correct decision.

  • I would still be interested to know how these “fans” would have reacted had Bents played for their club side, I find it hard to believe they would have reacted the same way if they knew the full story about one of their own!!!

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