Date: 24th June 2008 at 7:26pm
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Okay then rumours are that Aston Villa have asked Liverpool to pull out of the chase to sign David Bentley if Gareth Barry finalises his move to Liverpool.

Well this has outraged me and can also make David Bentley a laughing stock……

Think about it… David Bentley has said he will have to leave to play champions league football. Well I’m sure that Gareth Barry has also said that he needs to leave to further his career and play champions league football… dum dum dummmm.

Well I’m sorry David but if you did complete your move to Villa, what happens next season if Villa do not make Europe, same if Bentley went to city.

My personal view is that David will leave the club and Rovers will receive a good financial package.

I read in the paper that Spurs had offered £7 million, Aaron Lennon and Hossam Ghaly, I would personally snap the Spurs board hand of!!



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  • Good article kendog. Bents WILL become a laughing stock if he doesn’t now sign for a club in the Champions League, and if he does go to a club that isn’t then any respect that I have left for him (and although I can understand what he wants I am losing this more and more!!!) will be gone. REMEMBER THIS MR BENTLEY, THE GRASS ISN’T ALWAYS GREENER!!!

  • If we really are offered £15 million, although we don’t want to be a selling club we should let him go. NO one player is bigger than any club, he has made it clear he doesn’t want to stay so maybe its time he went?!?!

  • Really don’t believe the reports saying Villa have asked Liverpool not to bid for Bentley, this just couldn’t happen in reality, for one thing no acceptable bid has come in for Barry so how would our board possibly be able to contact their board to negotiate a term? Just paper talk imho. We might have bid for him, it might have been declined but we can’t have told Liverpool not to bid, makes no sense!

  • O’Neill wants Benitez’s blood, there is no way in the world that he would try to bargain with the spaniard and I can’t imagine that he could or would even try to dictate to anyone (let alone the most hated man in B6 at present) who he can and can’t bid for.

  • I have only heard that from Liverpool fans and Liverpool sites I think they made that up as a way to tell their fans that they will not get Bentley and Barry, but to pin the blame on someone else rather then admit they dont have the money for Barry let alone Barry and Bentley. I dont believe Villa said that for a second as we are not Liverpool and dont try to discrase ourselfs by doing things like that.

  • I really dont think that Villa would dream of asking another team to not chase a player. MON only wants and has only signed players that WANT to join Villa.

    No disrespect Merlin, Villa are slightly above your league. i have no preconseptions that we are up with the top 4 or even on par with Everton due to our lack of defense. Despite all this we finished 6th last season includeing a real bad run at one point.

    we have an outside chance of europe this season Via the Intertoto. and if we sign players for defense and even more up front that the great forward team we had last season then i see no reason why we cannot be on the heels of liverpool / everton this year or even better everton.

    im not stupid enough to think were amazing as we are not. but i do honestly believe that every player in football last season has seen the awesome improvement of villa, and if some of them players who have agreat ability picture themselves in the villa squad with some of the class we already have….


    Barry to me is not all that great. NRC was more of a captain towards the team than him this year. so the fact he is leaving will not put people off of coming.

    it doesnt help attracting players with the fact that MON has hardly done anything in the last 2 years transfers. but i believe it would be a good move for Bentley.

    and if you are honest yourself i dont think you would doubt that we will get better with good signings. just as you will get better if you do.

    Good luck next season,


  • i’d be just as happy with Milner for £9M. That said Bentley is a very good player. After his comments i can’t see how he can stay with you next season. Villa are on the up and i think it would be a good move for him. Liverpool don’t have the money and I can’t see Manure or Chelski making a bid. Arsenal is obviously out of the question. There’s somewhat of an English revolution going on at Villa and Bentley will recognise what Martin O’Neill has done for other players in the last few years. If he joins us I think he’ll make the right midfiled slot in the England team his own very quickly.

  • I think Lennon for Bentley and £8mill would be great think we could get the best out of lennon again, would get regular football and would start playing well again.

  • Im a Villa fan,if I were a Blackburn fan I would be a little peeved if Bentley left to join Villa.But your article is based on reports and nothing else.If Villa have bid for him were perfectly entitled to and Blackburn are entitled to reject that bid.I dont think there can be any accusations of us trying to unsettle the player.Wait till Tom Jones or Gerrard starts mouthing off and Liverpool over a straight swap of Pennant for him,then you’ll be outraged.Hope Ince works out for yez I think he’s a good choice.

  • Welcome to VILLA PARK Mr Bentley where the grass is greener than Ewood park and where your England career will bloosom big style..
    You have served your time at a SMALL CLUB its time to make the step up David…WELCOME TO ASTON VILLA , THE CLUB WITH A PROUD HISTORY AND A BRIGHT FUTURE…

  • well done thedvdkid, my god some villa fans are worse than the spuds, one good season and they are creaming their togs, and before the rest of ya get on my back i do realise the majority are level headed enough to admit that in the current climate this is a sideways step for bentley and you can dress it up with UEFA cup football or whatever but this is the first time in how long that Villa have qualified for Europe?

  • I thought Bentley said he would like Champ league or European footy. That includes the Villa then doesn’t it? However, there’s no 2 ways about it that if 1 of the top 4 came he would prefer them and even Spuds over anyone else.

  • Get yourself to Villa Park DB. A club very much on the up, playing in front of 40,000 every home game. You know it makes sense.

  • haha this 1 got ya talkin didnt it!
    well anyway there are far 2 many dirty villa fans that dont realise they are another pointless scub tht are clearly full of dingleised fans! am sure villa is in the 2nd biggest city in england, yet there fan base and wot not get thm no were!

  • blackburn is in the arse end of nowhere and its a *****e hole. small club, small town, small towm, one of the smallest clubs in the north west – fact. good luck with your league two manager.

  • No offense to Spurs and Villa, as both clubs have the potential to get to the Champions League, should one of the top 4 have a disaster of a season, though after all Everton and Blackburn could claim the same! All this talk about Villa being a bigger club than Rovers and Bents getting into the England team more with them, well is just ****e!! Im not a great O’Neill fan but he has built a good team there but on a limited budget we are not that far behind, league wise and if Bentley cannot see that then im sorry but **** him!! If he doesnt go to one of the top 4 clubs, who from all the in-action dont seem too interested, then he’s a money grabbing get who i dont want in the club. Just look at the likes of Duff, Neill etc who left for better things after all,Bentley has got a way to go b4 he can claim to be the next Beckham and i think the papers have talked him into being a better player than he is at present ( he will be given the rite leadership ) but to say u want to play Champions League and then have Spurs and Villa the only teams after u, then sorry but u may as well stay at Rovers as we have as much chance in getting and winning the UEFA Cup as any of those 2! Blackburn may be a smaller club in terms of attendence but I do believe that Bentley would not be the player with the potentail he has without the faith that was shown by us to a player that was going no where quick in the Gunners reserves, i personally do not believe a move to Villa or Spurs will benefit him ( especailly Spurs with his Arsenal connections, will the fans take to him ) as they cannot at the min offer him anything more than Blackburn can, ie they have not qualified for the Champions League for 1 let alone a number of seasons

  • Stig – ‘arse end of nowhere’ this from somewhere in the midlands?? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

  • Can you guys not see the irony… O’neill doesn’t want to sell Barry, Barry wants to go, claiming he has reject moves for Barry etc. But he’s happy to make moves on a player that also wants to leave (Bentley) when the board have said that no one will be leaving and we don’t need to sell

  • Bentley probably has higher aspirtations now, Blackburn is, although currently better, a smaller club than Ipswich! The stadium puts of any big name player considering a move. However, Villa and Spurs offer the player so much more, I mean Villa’s training facility is magnificent, and top players want to play there. I don’t think he would be interested in spurs, what with being a genuine Gunner.

  • Why this silly bickering between Villa and Rovers fans? As said earlier Villa are entitled to make a bid, and Rovers entitled to refuse it. The situation is totally different to the Gareth Barry scenario, At no time have Villa tried to unsettle and approach the player through the press. Villa and Blackburn are very similar on the playing front, but one big advantage we do have is our fan base. This is NOT being detrimental to Blackburn at all, who do not have the same catchment area as Villa, but playing in front of 40,000 every week does appeal to players. I actually think a move to Villa may well suit the player. Sideways, maybe, BUT I believe Villa were the club Cappello watched more than any other (due to our English backbone) and MON has a lot of money at his disposal to try and get us to the next level. I’m not sure Blackburn will have that financial muscle. Please no more silly slagging each others club, because Blackburn is definitely the best away day of the season!

  • The bloke has gone on Sky from his European nightclub and said he wants out. I hate to be the one that tells you Blackburn fans but, you are going to get bids, simple as. Totally different from Barry to the land of the giro massive.

  • Hey guys, whats with all the bickering? fair enough dvdkid is a t0ss3r but us and Villa fans have always got on well. Bentley wants to leave, of that we all know… bids will arrive and it is up to us to accept them. Villa have done nothing wrong, if they want him, they have to bid more, simple as. Good luck for the new season Villa.

  • Thanks, MikeyGarnst, exactly my point. Let’s not behave like arrogant Spuds fans. I don’t know if I’m right, but I get the impression Rovers fans wouldn’t be that distraught to see Bentley go providing they get a proper fee. Is that right? Most Villa fans will be gutted about Barry going, IF Liverpool can afford him. Benitez wants top prices for his players (Crouch, Alonso etc), but thinks he should be able to buy replacements at not top prices because they are Liverpool! Good appointment in Paul Ince, I think. Hopefully he will let Bentley come to us and use the fee wisely in the market. If we could then keep Barry, we could have an English midfield of Bentley, Reo-Coker,Barry and Young. That would excite me!

  • I think the way he has gone about requesting his move is repulsive.I would never believe he would be loyal to whoever he may join.

  • Yeah as Tottenham are clearly arrogant. Small minority, so don’t accuse all us YIDS with the same brush. We have many Villa fans coming over our site saying how great and big they are. If my memory serves me right, Villa are in the Intertoto Cup. So they are not in europe, yet.

  • Dont care who he goes to. Dont care for how much either. I just want that over rated, arrogant A***hole out of the club so we can replace him with somebody who doesn’t think that he is doing Rovers a favour by playing for them

  • Why whats happening in 5 days?!?! And it aint a small minority I am afraid Real Deal, time and time again, Spurs fans remind us how masive they are… HDM did an article for the Spurs editor once and suggested we might actually beat Spurs, and about 20 different Spurs fans called him stupid for even daring to dream of beating the great Spurs!!!! lol

  • All football fans are the same, some good and some bad. There are about 3000 spurs fans on the vital network and because 20 gave you some stick all spurs fans are x, y and z. Doesn’t add up to me but then again all Blackburn fans are idiots aren’t they (sarcasm btw)

  • Phartman87 – you’re right to an extent (not about the idiots bit obviously, they’re down the road at turd moor) some fans are good some bad. But I have to say I know a fair few spurs fans and most have an image of their club which seems quite exaggarated. I do like Spurs and the football they want to play, I’ve always enjoyed going to WHL and chatting to fans there

  • I’m sure Bentley will do what Bentley wants…! Can see him going to Villa or Spurs. He won’t go to a Champion League side, unless he goes abroad. I think players transferring between between any teams that finished between 10th and 5th will be seen as a sideways step by the selling club, but a step forward by the receiving club, as all teams in that area all have a chance of beating/finishing above each other. It’s a matter of the club set-up, chairman, manager, other players persuading the potential signing to go to there club. It is all down to who sells their club better…

  • I actually like Blackburn. Think they have good players. Never liked playing you lot either. Always hard to beat. Especially when you had Hughes. Will be interesting to see what Ince does. But remember don’t judge all Tottenham fans with the same brush. Alot talk alot of sense, like myself.

  • Villa WILL be a force this season, really they should’ve achieved more than they have over the years but at this point in time Bents going to Villa isn’t really that leap forward that he has been asking for. A Champoins League club is what he wanted, Villa and Spurs aren’t this at the moment. OKAY maybe both clubs are bigger than us, but neither can offer much more (UEFA Cup football aside) than us at the moment. JUST sell to the highest bidder now I sell, he wants out lets cash in as much as we can, everyone else does!!!

  • fair point Spurs fans. I may have gone over the top but there are some idiots amongst you… lol. Readl Deal talks a lot of sense. And I agree boss, sell him to the highest bidder.

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