Date: 8th July 2008 at 1:10pm
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The man who can’t keep quiet and current Blackburn Rovers winger David Bentley has been told he can leave Ewood Park but the likes of Spurs and Aston Villa have been told that the price is £17 million to pay, this is according to reports.

Several big clubs and Spurs are all interested in acquiring the services of Bentley. They have now been given the figure they must pay to get him. We’re about to find out who is serious.

The paper claims that Spurs have already made an offer of cash plus players but manager Paul Ince is not interested in Paul Robinson, Anthony Gardner or Darren Bent in exchange.

Liverpool are believed to have tried Jermaine Pennant as bait to get the England star but again have proved unsuccessful.

Rovers are wanting the cash to spend as they desire and who can blame us… we hold all the cards.


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  • LOL @ Spudsbhoy, get a life you spotty moron! School out already? Fair price for an England International in the current transfer climate I feel, surprised we haven’t gone to the 20 million to see who really is desperate for him

  • Bentley – a few games for England with one good season behind him and Modric, world class and regular international. Both around £17 million. Give me a break.

  • Ince is using blackburn as a stepping stone to manage inter milan, now he’s trying to block bentley from doing the same thing trying to price him out of a move. £15 mill plus add-ons if we win the uefa cup, and/or qualify for champs league. With arsenal falling apart and liverpool after our best players it may happen!

  • I don’t blame Rovers for naming an inflated price because the player is under contract and Blackburn don’t want to sell. Very similar situation with Gareth Barry at Villa. IMO Barry is at present a better player than Bentley BUT Bentley is quite a few years younger.I don’t think the ‘top four’ will pay that much for Bentley, because apparently, Van der Vart is available at £15m. VdV would not move to anyone outside the top four, so I reckon Villa, Newcastle, Tottenham, Everton and possibily Man City would be keen on signing Bentley. IF MON is seriously interested I think Villa should offer Blackburn what they want straight away as it will effectively only be a straight swop financially for Barry. Let’s see then how serious the other clubs are. I would like him on the right side of Villa’s midfield with Ashley Young on the left. good balance.

  • I find it funny how you think you hold the cards – I’m not starting a row or having a dig… just a conversation, I like Blackburn – but he’s stated he wants to leave, you NEED the money so Ince can start building a team… This is a £17m ONO deal…. if you get offered £15m you will try to push it up to £17m, why not, it’s negotiating… but actually Spurs hold the cards here… Liverpool won’t pay that much for him, they don’t need him as much as we do and they can atract a cheaper Eurpean player to play there, so they will stick to their guns…

    Bentley is a Spurs fan who wants to leave Blackburn and move back to London and spurs want to sign him, you can pretty much guarantee he will be playing for us next season… if we only offer you £15m and tell you that’s the final offer, you will eventually accept it, because like you say Ince NEEDS the money to spend… how long will you wait before cashing in, you need to look for a replacement as well as some players in other areas, not going to happen until you take the money…

    you don’t actually hold any cards… all you hold is a contracted player… what does that mean these days?!?!

  • pretty true Dan Mac, but £17 mil for Bentley? ridiculous, i think hes a great player, but if Berba was to go for £25mil, then Bentley should be half that, at the most!!

  • spudsbhoy – wind your neck in, and go and ask your mum to change your nappy its obvious its full! Perhaps you should change your name to spudsadolescent your obviously not mature enough to claim to be a bhoy! We don’t need the money if you want him you pay the asking price! however there’s lots of bits flying round that 50% of any profit must be given to the gunners. Bents is a regular england player even if he is coming off the bench he is still always brought on. sbl, aren’t you doing the same with berbatov, keane, so your arguement is moot!

  • we won’t end up paying that thouh… I said in the spurs one that he is actually worth it… you can’t compare players to other players because their value is relative to a clubs posiotion as well as ability… they don’t want to sell, that pushes his value up… also his worth to us is high…

    the way I see it at the moment we have two very intelligent forwards, making great runs that will now have the service of Modric through the middle and Dos Santos/Bale down the left… down the right we havbe Hutton putting balls in from deep for berba to get onto… but if we had an intelligent player on the right like Bentley, with his vision and ability to pick a pass/cross the ball that opens up a whole new dimension in the attack which I believe is worth £17m… it’s not that Bentley as a person is necessarily worth it, but that peice of the jigsaw and what he would create within our team could well be worth it… it would give us another outlet for goals which compliments our current set up… that to me is invaluable… for the first time I can remember we will have 11 players playing in their favourite positions doing what they do best.. for the first time, the jigsaw will fit, I won’t have to break the little bits off the side to pretend it’s finished…

    If that makes any sense at all…

    I’m really excited… I actually don’t care how much we pay anyway to be honest… if we’ve got the money to spend on him and they think we can afford it, I’ll just be happy we got him…

  • I hope Bentley doesn’t go to Tottenham because at the moment he’s quite an exciting player but like so many before him, the moment he pulls on a Spurs shirt it will be drummed out of him and he will play the same kind of turgid dross we’ve had to endure decade after decade from the mourge that is White Hart Lane.

    Such a dull team to watch – always have been and always will be.

  • haha beefy you are a cokc are u not??!! most goals scored at white hart lane last year which admittedly we had a pants defence, but going forward we were awesome. you are without doubt the biggest peni5 on here!!

  • Steady on Beefy – Last time I checked we do ‘sell out’ at WHL unlike the acres of space you get to choose where you sit at Ewood, now that must say something about what is on offer!

  • I’m not a Blackburn fan – more a supporter of the beautiful game played as it should be; hence my dislike to Tottenham. There’s no rocket science here lads: I like to be entertained and Spurs have never entertained me in 30 years of watching all the football I can. I think if you ever realised there was life beyond the M25 you would realise that my view is one shared by the rest of the country. If you’ve only ever followed Tottingham then you’re not to know that what you have to endure is exceddinly tedious because you have nothing to compare it to. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not having a dig just to wind you guys up and I think you’ve spent sufficent money to stay up this next season. Think of it more of an education than an insult. If one thing happens from me being on here it will be that it will open your eyes to a whole world out there – a world of exciting football.

  • haha yeah funny c unt, several big clubs and spurs… dic k head, haha nah i can have a laugh 🙂 I agree, £17m is a fair price for a player of Bentley’s ability and he is an England International and most likely permanent successor to Beckham. We all know that if theres a top player and an English equivalent, the English player always costs more, look at Downing – £12m is still not enough! Look how much we paid for Bent! the French equivalent would have cost half the £16.5m we shelled out there! Bentley is a hugely talented player and Blackburn have done well coaxing him out after his shakey start at the scum. If I was Juande i’d just pay the £17m or shut up

  • krfeskivilla i think if you sign bentley you will have an absolutely awesome midfield! If you get Sidwell as well you could play Young, Reo-Coker, Sidwell and Bentley, that feeding Gabby and Carew… lookin a bit tastey next year villa, lookin 4ward 2 playin u 🙂 COYS

  • yeah i think i see your point BEEFY, Tottenham play crap boring football. over 100 goals at WHL last season, 5 4-4s a couple of 4-3s and a 6-4 with Reading but no you’re right, Tottenham games are depressingly dull… obviously a gooner or someone who clearly also never ventures outside his comfort zone of armchair fandom. If you’re going to post comments BEEFY, please make sure they’re not embarrassing to your own cause

  • 2 good seasons in full I think, he did win player of the year 2 seasons ago leelindsay matey. And OMG. Calm down spursboy… it was a rye sarcastic comment. Grow up. If you dont like it go on your own board… we know we are a small club, we know we dont have loads of fans, we know we know. We over achieve and we love it. Sorry if I offended anyone with the Spurs comment BTW… didnt mean it that way.

  • Have you boys still got a cattle shed down one side of your ground? Why don’t we just have done with it and spend £30M and buy Blackburn (including the football team)

  • and who could forget the lesson in football given to our beloved neighbours? 5-1 but that must have bored you as well. I imagine watching Keane and Berbatov, two boring footballers who have no skill or entertainment value play their boring on-orchestrated football must send you to sleep BEEFY

  • And someone will pay that… if they want him they will. In the current “over inflated price for English players” market, Rovers have set the right price for him.

  • and Blackburn arent a small club, theyre just not a huge club. I look at Blackburn as being at the same level as Spurs, Everton, V

  • yorkshireyid – I live in Yorkshire too, dont tarnish the great county with your stupid posts. Nice one BTW spurs boy. Exil – I was merely pointing out what other teams fans would say and defending us straight away!!! lol

  • Beefy…I think you’re confusing us with Arsenal fans with regard to not looking outside the M25, I probably watch as much if not more football than yourself.. I think you’re a bit of a dick and I think you’ll find behind Man U and Arsenal we’re one of the most exciting teams in the premiership… more goals scored… and unfortunately conceded than most… high scoring games… under Jol we played some great attacking football… and yeah… ok in the late 90’s when to be hnonest we had 5 yrs of real dross it wasn’t quite exciting stuff.. but the 80’s were good and now we’re starting to play some good stuff again… I actually think it’s you who’s blinkered… I’m quite objective, I don’t suffer from a blind loyalty…

    you’re not a blackburn fan – fair enough… I see you never actually said who you do support…

  • Good banter here lads…… bentley will leave….. ive herd joaquin for 4mil?? valencia neeeed to sell….. if bents does go, i would like to think archie n incey will try get him…..can only dream!!

  • Exil… however much I like Blackburn, they’re not even close to – Villa – Everton – Spurs. At this current time they are a half decent side playing good football and one of our current equals and challengers… but talking size of club… we’ve achieved a lot more and have a lot more fans…

  • Yes you’ve all got bigger fan bases more money etc etc, so surely the fact we match you on the field speaks volumes for our club and ethos towards the game. We will do the same again next year!

  • I have respect for all clubs and all supporters (even some gooners and hammers… to an extent) but I dont think the gap is as big as you all make out it is. The very top clubs are miles in front then you have the second teir clubs like us, Villa, Everton, Blackburn – then theres the ones under that Pompey, Newcastle, Man City etc; I honestly dont see a big gap between us and blackburn. We have a bigger support and more turnover yeah, but blackburn are just as, if not more successful over the last 15 years than us!

  • Lets all do the Samba did I hear? Go on then… lol. We dont argue about club size on here as it means NOTHING… Blackburn Rovers are the biggest team in the world to me!!!!

  • Hey up Rovers fans, i was wondering where do you see Ince improving next season if/once the deal goes through? I dont particularly like this whole club size *****ing contest as alot of people dont know about other fans teams but yet feel obliged to comment. As a spurs fan i love watching blackburn as they hold a driving passion and have so much fight. Lol gotta love Beefy though, yeah boring football, dont forget we have won a couple of the last voted best games of the season. Everyone in the Prem is going to be alot stronger next season and i cant wait coz at the end of the day its just going to mean better football for all supporters and even though we finished 11th, i loved last season coz you could see the standard improving in the league.

  • Well, well, well some good debate and banter here, but also some typical “we’re bigger and better than you stuff”, what happens on the pitch does the talking doesn’t it, and over the past two or three seasons not much seperates Rovers and all the other “so called” bigger clubs, the types that Bents might go to.

  • Blackburn do hold the cards in this our chairman put it better than i can so ill quote “there is a difference between a club who has to sell and a club who has no money but doesn’t need to sell” the latter being us, remember lads he is on a three year contract and turned down more money so we arent paying him huge money. he will have to play well next season or the interest in him disappears and he wont get his move either way so ATM he gets his head down plays well and we sell when we want to. and as others (even some spuds) have pointed out size of stadium and and attendances mean nothing on the pitch, just take a glance at our respective positions in the league last year and more importantly the points gap 11points i believe. A serious question for the spurs lads is with all these new signings do you not feel the team will take time to gel, and a bad start could put you at a serious disadvantage?

  • Of course with any new signings (And deffently with a number of them joining) you have to expect a certain amount of time to gel together. I think Ramos has tried to reduce the risk of this happening by firstly getting the team into tip top condition by doing conditioning training in spain before taking part in some very competitive friendlies. Also their will be a risk with him finaly installing his new tactics and styles of play he hopes to import but from this point all players will be learnign from the same point and we have some very competant players which should be able to cope. I think we proved last season how a bad start effects your season, remember that Ramos took over while we were in the relagation zone after a truely awful start. lol i dont think we need to prove the point for a second time. So, what will you do with the money if you sign bentley or who else are you hoping to bring in?

  • There is nothing to seperate Spurs, Villa, Everton, Pompey, Blackburn. They are all in the same bracket of clubs in terms of positions and on field performances.

  • You’re right, nothing separates Villa from Blackburn, Everton or Spurs…except of course the aggregate scores of last year. Villa:5 Blackburn: 2, Villa: 6 Tottenham- 5 (barely), Villa:4 Everton 2. Thanks. Up the Villa!

  • We only scored 1 against you LAV… if your going to mock at least get it right!!!! lol… And FN1 is right, one point, dont get carried away.

  • Bentley is the best attacking available english player at the moment, he has done it in the premiership and will be the right sided midfielder for England for years to come! (I think Ashley Young should be the left sided player btw)
    the one thing I would say that might make his value only 5m is Morten Gamst Pedersen had a storming season the one before and Benni McCarthy too and they (relatively speaking) flopped in the last season just played else dare I say that Blackburn could have finished above Everton.
    You’re only as good as your last season and Spurs finished mid table after a full season… fine they won a league cup and finally have something to put in their new trophy cabinet, but I wouldnt suddenly say they are any better than Everton under Moyes, Villa under MON, I think Hughes might make a good charge for City too
    I think any club seriously considering to buy him SHOULD pay 17m its the going rate, Barry I rate at 18m for the simple reason that he is versatile and plays numerous positions: Centre Back, Left Back, Left mid, Defensive Mid and a more balanced midfield role.

  • Lets OTHERS think what they want, let us do our talking on the pitch like we have over the past two to three seasons, we DON’T need to be banging on about how great we are for us to believe it do we 🙂

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