Date: 8th June 2007 at 10:49am
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Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Bentley has withdrawn from the England squad going to the European Under-21 Championships in Holland.

The under-21 Championships kick off this weekend, but England will start their campaign on Monday WITHOUT David Bentley!

After a superb season, which has seen Bentley come good (when some doubted his ability to do so) that also saw him voted the Rovers Player of the Year for 2006-2007, he was expected to finish it off with a strong England squad looking for glory in Holland.

However, the official Blackburn Rovers website have broke the new that Bents has withdrawn from this squad due to fatigue. After speaking with Stuart Pearce it was agreed that he would stay behind and not fly out with the rest of the squad when they leave today.

This will obviously be a blow to England’s chances as a player of his quality will be hard to replace. It is somewhat of a surprise to me but if it is in ROVERS’ best interests for this to happen it has to be done, as it is no good seeing him burnt out and unable to perform for us next season, even if it is to England’s benefit this summer…



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  • I have to admit I am quite surprised at this, especially as his is only 21, but it just shows how much he has put into this season. It has been a long season, and in the long run it is MORE important that Rovers benefit than England but I didn’t expect this at all. Maybe (not that I am trying to defend Stevie Mac!) this explains why he played no part in the England games recently?!?!

  • This is good news for Rovers. He has sensibly taken a bit of time off. With our season starting earlier than everyone elses, we need him in good shape.

  • Well Done David! this is akin to Sutton refusing to play for the B side. Good on him, hes voting with his feet. Its good news for us though!!! fit and raring to go next season! I think hes a little depressed and disapointed at not gaining his deserved first cap last week!

  • is it a ploy or is it him spitting his dummy out?? Hughes may even have had a chat with him – rest b4 the intertoto cup. He def deserves his rest this yr, think he was involved in most of the games for Rovers this yr. He’s a shoe in for the full team in the future anyway!!

  • Probably deserves his rest BUT i think to some degree this questions his international commitment and could possibly lead to him getting over looked in future england squads

  • BomBom – If this is indeed the case I would be bitterly disappointed with the guy! My thinking is now that maybe (as much as I HATE defending Stevie Mac!) he was left out of the senior side for this reason, the fatigue was showing?!?!

  • Clint – I have no doubt that Sparky has had more than a word in Bents’ ear (he was doing this weeks ago on this very subject) but I don’t think it is a case of dummies being spat out, I would HOPE it is a genuine case of tiredness after a long season in which he was heavily involved.

  • Phartman87 – I would have to agree with you here dude that it might not help his chances in the future, but like I say if this is genuine fatigue (and it showed!) then it would have shown to Stevie Mac last week so, which could be WHY he didn’t play so Stevie Mac will bear this in mind and shouldn’t hold a grudge (well anymore than he does lol!)

  • this is a disgrace, what is he thinking? He turns down his country because he’s alittle tired. What a joker, I hope he never wears and england shirt again. I would never pick him in the u21s if i were coach, and im sure mclaren wont agree with this either. Tired from playong 90 mins football once or twice a week, and getting up at 10 to go train for a few hours a day. Poor bugger. Typical gooner really

  • First of all, well done David Bentley. I am pleased he has stood up and decided not to play because he is beyond the under-21 category. Alas, I do think this will have a detrimental affect on his Eng chances but hey, McClaren was never going to pick him anyway. Well done to the lad, stand up up for what you believe in!

  • i was watchin sky sports news and stuart pearce was on sayin how sparky had spoken to him(pearce) about bents and his tiredness so clearly this is a huge factor in his decision and in fairness guy7yug its only u21 not like he turned down full international and if he is tired its better he doesnt go as he might not play as well which could effect morale and his chance of a future call up coupled with an early start for rovers i think it is smart man management from sparky!

  • Perhaps he”s got more important things to do like sealing a transfer to one of the top 5…??(winks chalky)……..

  • guy7yug – While I don’t agree with everything you have said the basic jist of what you are saying is something I am probably beginning to agree with the more I think about it.

  • Guys the more I think about it the more disappointed (even though Rovers will clearly beneift next season!) I become to be honest. The thinking that Bents has done the right thing, or it is “only the under-21’s” isn’t reason enough for him to have pulled out. Only Bents knows how drained he is, but it is no secret Sparky didn’t want him to play in the tournament long ago. This is a VERY difficult area, and an area that could VERY well end Bents International career before it starts?!?!

  • True HDM, it may well have a detrimental affect on his Eng prospects but I don’t worry about that simply because of how Rovers are viewed by the international set up. He wouldn’t have played for Eng next season being a Rovers player but when he gets his big money move to the top four he will definately play, simply for that reason. This will benefit Rovers so in many ways I’m happy!

  • We all say he wouldn’t have played for England next season because he plays for Rovers (which could VERY well be true) but we never know, at least Stevie Mac will now have an excuse for overlooking him!

  • Again, you are either missing my point dude, I’m misinterpreting what you have said or I’m so ultra tired (as I am!) that I’m becoming majorly sensitve to what comments “really” mean (probably the most likely scenario) as I know all too well McEricsson has had NO reason, well VALID reason to overlook Bents but at least McEricsson could now have what he will at least view as a genuine reason to do so (“snubbing” the Under-21’s would be his reasoning.)

  • indeed, but what i was trying to say is that he has stead fastly stuck to the the majority of players that went to the world cup all season without exception really. He ignored the please from other areas for certain players to be given a chance and did not (Nugent was the exception) so why should his attitude change in te next 12 months. If McClaren doesnt fancy you, doenst matter if you scored 50 goals a game, he wouldnt select you as he has his faves AND THE PLAYERS HE CAN TURN TO WHO HAVE DONE IT IN THE PAST FOR HIM AND sVEN. bugger, sorry capslock! you get my drift now? lol

  • You did the caps locks on purpose to make a forceful point didn’t you lol 🙂 I know what you mean dude.

  • I don’t think he will have done himself any favours for the future England squads though. You know they don’t like to be made to look silly.

  • I will wager that if Bentley has another storming season, he will be in the provisional squad for the Euros (LOL providing that pen-is McClaren gets you there that is!!!)

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