Date: 10th May 2007 at 10:21am
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Blackburn Rovers boss Mark Hughes feels that although Tottenham Hotspur striker Dimitar Berbatov is getting praise after praise, Benni McCarthy is the real bargain buy of the season.

From the 22 goals McCarthy has scored this season (the same amount as Berbatov) 16 have come in the Premiership (five more than Berbatov) and whilst Berbatov is grabbing widespread acclaim (I’m not saying unfairly!) McCarthy hasn’t gone unnoticed either and is ALSO said to be a target for MORE than one of the top four sides.

Hughes has hailed McCarthy the best striker Rovers have had since Alan Shearer, and has again reiterated that he will not be sold this summer. Hughes told the Daily Mail:

Berbatov’s had a great season although not as good as Benni’s in the league. They say Berbatov is worth £30m, so you do the maths on how much Benni is worth. But he’s not getting sold.

“Benni has been very gregarious, always has a smile on his face and appreciates the work others do for him.

“He has a total of goals here that hasn’t been surpassed at this club since Alan Shearer. He has been exceptional and next year will be even better as he’ll have the benefit of a season under his belt

It’s not a case of who is better or worse but credit has got to be given where it is due, and from some Spurs fans in the days or so more often than not it HASN’T been given to McCarthy or Blackburn Rovers Football Club, more often than not quite the opposite with a blatant lack of respect shown.

Value for money, buy of the season between the two, Berbatov £10.9 million, McCarthy £2.5 million, again you do the maths and it’s a no brainer! And before you Spurs lot say it, McCarthy is the TRUE bargain out of the two?

Dimitar Berbatov is a superb footballer (I’m not doubting this, the guy is a genius) who has had a brilliant first season in England but Benni McCarthy IS no two ways about it World-Class, and proven beyond any doubt (he has been acknowledged as such around Europe and the World for the best part of a decade). How does he suddenly become anything less “just because he plays for Blackburn Rovers?”


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95 Replies to “Berbatov or McCarthy?!?!”

  • McCarthy is the Bargain buy of the season without any doubt. £2.5 million IS nothing, especially for such a proven world-class talent and still one of the best. For so many of you Spurs fans to claim that he isn’t just that is absolutely outrageous as how can a player regarded the World over as being just that suddenly change because he plays for Blackburn.

  • I’ve REALLY enjoyed watching Berbatov this season, and if he isn’t already regarded as such he will soon be regarded as World-Class. I bet you Spurs lot would HATE a move to Manure to see him regarded as this, so take this into account when you try claiming McCarthy has suddenly become anything less than such now he’s “only” at Ewood Park!

  • all calmed down after yesterdays heated debate guys?? ill just copy n paste what i sed bout this to a similar story on vital spurs….

    I rate mccarthy always have, but u cant just look at goals although overall both have over 20, look at what else berbs bring to the table, he brings other players into the game, how many assists does he get, and if u look at his portfolio of goals how impressive are they?? im not slating mccarthy because i do rate him, and yes for the 2.5m was a bargain but its strange that hughes is comparing the two perhaps he is annoyed that mccarthy isnt getting the press? well he should be grateful the press means team like chelsea and united have circled berbatov. i would also say when u watch berbatov play he is a class above i think salako mentioned him in the same breath as kaka after the charlton game and he isnt far wrong and thats in his FIRST season in english football. mccarthy is a goalscorer but has not got the all round game that berbatov posesses. ( also credit must go to jol for sticking with berbatov when he wasnt performing away from home in the league, jol letting him have this experience has enabled him to adapt far sooner)

  • Benni is class, there are no two ways about it. If people watched him and his whole round game they would be astounded. But thankfully for us his goal-scoring exploits speak loudly enough so we don’t need to hammer on about how good he is, because for everyone who says that Dimitar is world class is automatically acknowledging the abilities of Benni. I too have enjoyed watching Dimitar this season and the way he looks so effortless in his execution of goals. But Benni is the buy of the season.

  • Agree bucker_07 Berbatov’s all round game is awesome, but don’t underestimate the off the field qualities Benni has brought to the Rovers table also, I would say he is a more inspirational figure than Berbatov. And Berbatov WILL get better I’m sure, but Benni can pass on his qualities, Berbatov won’t as I do think you’ll find it increasingly hard to retain his services long-term.

  • I am just cofused as to why Benni’s all-round game is being dismissed here. Have people not seen his clever link up play with Gamst and Bents over the season. His movement too is exceptional. He has also been a leader on and off the pitch. Still I don’t want spuds fans thinking this is me claiming he is better than Dimitar, I am merely pointing out the quality Benni has.

  • lol no i can hear what ur saying but i think u underestimate the task of keeping mccarthy for a long period of time too. however as far as inspirational goes, i can comment on how the crowd at ewood react, but u will see at the lane tonight (are u going tonight?) how inspirational berbatov is, we have fan favourites in keane and king but nothing comes close to the inspiration berbatov gives the fans, ill give you an instance when he came on against liverpool earlier this season when we were 1-0 down the place turned up the volume like we had scored just because he came on, you couls see this literally inspired the other players too, also if u read the comments other spurs players have sed about berbs in the past week you will see how inspirational he is to his team mates.

  • Think Berbatov gets the press time because of everything else he brings to the table other then goals. Robbie Keane’s having his best goalscoring season ever on the back of Berbs world class skill hold an link up play. Although in terms of value for money currently McCarthy edges it however Berbatov’s younger and has the pottetial to go to the next level (if that’s even possible!) . I’m interested to know (honestly) who’d you Rovers rather have in your team?

  • I’m not dismissing it roversman, I’ve seen it all too often. he sometimes gives the impression he isn’t interested but he sooo is. I’m just saying look what he has added OFF THE FIELD also, this contribution can’t be over looked.

  • I was offered a ticket buckers but I have to work, so I’ve got to sky plus it and watch it when I get in. I’ve never been to White Hart Lane, but have always wanted to to be honest.

  • McCarthy is a quality player, and always has been, and to be honest, I was jealous that Blackburn had got him. Of course we’re going to think that our respective striker is the better player, but although they’re both strikers, I think that the differences in their games means that you can’t strictly compare the two side-by-side. They bring different things to the game, Berbatov with his vision and flair, and ability to bring others into the game alongside him (how long since Keane has played *this* well?), and Benni with his pace, strength and power, and also in his ability to work so well with his fellow players. On the basis of the first season, I’d say that Benni is the better bargain, simply because he was a quarter of the price, but next season will show whether either player is a one-season wonder, or if they can carry that quality on. I’m looking forwards to Berba being fired up from the start of the season – he had a pretty slow start for us, don’t forget. Especially away from home, where people were saying ‘why bother playing him’. Yup, that’s not really said anymore, is it?! 😉

  • Mcarthy is a great player and arguably a better buy at just 2.5 mil! Best striker though? Berbatov. No doubt about it. When you read in the papaers that chelsea and manure are weighing up bids of up to 40 mil for mcarthy…. then we may have a debate.

  • Berbatov will get better. I think Benni is all that and more, and still has PLENTY to offer but hand on heart if I had to be 100% honest IF I had assurances that we could keep him for the best years of his career, say the next 5-7-years then maybe (AND THIS WON’T BE POPULAR!) maybe I would lean towards Berbatov, sorry guys but I’m an honest person and true not to let personal feeling of a club or matter get in my way.

  • They are both fantastic players at their respective clubs, both doing the job they were bought in to do, so I think its unfair to ask wot one is better, they play different styles of football but both get the end results, yes Benni cost only £2.5m and Berbatov cost £10m but even at this Berbatov is an absolute bargain too. I rate Spurs strikers as the best 3 in the Premier League bar none, thats not down grading ours, cos they are great for us but the 3 that Spurs have are my pick in England, if not Europe!

  • cheddar clubs won’t pay £30-40 million for Benni because he is 29, they will Berbatov because he’s what 23, 24?!?! Scott it is more of an insult to right of Benni (and rovers) as easily as you do. Last I heard I think it was about 600 buckers?!?!

  • wow clint well i also rate them too…in keane defoe and berbatov we have 3 great strikers and ive always sed we cant sell any of them even if we do have some fans who dont like defoe which imo i dont understand

  • No I think your honesty is important HDM, shows how realistic we are. We would have to agree. I rate Berbs so highly and would love to have him at Ewood, however, that won’t happen but I am very happy with Benni. He has been awesome in everything he has done this season and is the buy of the season. Dimitar has the years on him but I would happiluy have Benni as our main man for the next 2-3 seasons. Looking forward to the game tonight.

  • simply put, Berbatov is alot more classy in his style of play. and its not just about the goal getting, its about the offball, setting up, teamwork, effort on the pitch that makes berbatov head and shoulders over Benni.
    U can not say benni is crap, far from it, just berbatov shines more.

  • Defoe is quality, better than a lot of people give him credit. It’s a myth that he doesn’t play too often though I feel, but also feel that he won’t be liking the situation he is in for too much longer. I guess what I’m saying is he is a player that probably deserves to play week in week out, but then so do Berbatov and Keane but NOT Mido!

  • Benni is a good player. Granted. But Berbatov is beyond class. Benni is reknown for losing concentration and have good and bad spells. He has had a good season though. I would still prefer Berbatov though.

  • Without doubt roversman, if we keep Benni next season (which I think we will) then I think we will be safe in the knowledge that we can and will keep him for the rest of his meaningful career, which would be great and the youngsters like Derbyshire, Garner, De Vita, even Gallagher will learn a lot. Even the experience JR will still pick up things, but also Benni can learn from these! He’s never too old to learn. And above ALL they have Sparky as a teacher!!!

  • Hughes, how can you say I wont be popular because you said Berbs is better than McCarthy, it’s the truth and if anyone in the world argues against they are blatantly lying, if someone said to me Pedersen or Tainio there would be no contest.

  • rzzn no matter whta is said Benni is better than a “good” player. He was WORLD-CLASS when he arrived, he can’t suddenly become anything less. Berbatov was exceptionally good when he arrived, arguably class he CAN and will get better so probably is now WORLD-CLASS himself. They are different players but when all is said and done in the same bracket this can’t and shouldn’t be doubted.

  • It’s a shame Benni spent so long in Portugal, he’s proved this year that he could have forged a real name for himself in England on the ‘biggest stage’ (unlike twice european golden bot winner Jardel lol)

  • Benni is a brilliant striker but, berbatov may have 5 fewer league goals (but the same amount of goals overall) but in the league Berbatov has 9 assists, whereas McCarthy has none!

  • But they wouldn’t be blatantly lying Scott, at the end of the day it all comes down to opinion to a degree, you can say this and that about whoever’s game makes them better or worse but it is opinion. Berbatov WILL become a better player all the time, but at this point in time there is nowhere near the gap in class that many feel there is between the two, so it wouldn’t be a blatant lie. Saying Tainio is better than MGP would be! Although you Spurs rave about MGP and he hasn’t had that great a season in all honesty.

  • I have said on here b4 I think Benni losing concentration in the big matches but he’s better all round player than folk give him credit for. His link up play and runs are wot got him 22 goals so far after all. I can see the pair of them doing it all over again next season, both of them are too good not too.

  • shevchenko was 30 and sold for 30mil and i would honestly have berbs up front rather that him. age regardless. He’s so much more than just goals. He is a pleasure to watch just ebacsue his control gives him so much more time on the ball. I do think mcarthy is a great player, but berba is the best all round striker ive seen at white hart lane in a long time! probably even better than klinsmann. (now theres a proper debate!!!)

  • Is that fact BringBack_LeGin?!?! I find it hard to believe that Benni has no assists, in fact I’m almost 100% certain off the top of my head that he assisted JR for his second against Charlton with a classy back heel, although he may have back heeled to MGP to assist?!?!

  • Yea I know MGP hasn’t been great this season I’ve seen every Blackburn game on TV this season and he hasn’t shined but still everytime I see him play he whips in a quality ball, whether it be a free kick, corner or from normal play(not that I need to be telling you that), maybe his fee will go down? £10m would get him, right?

  • Spurs and Rovers agreeing, this can’t be right Phartman 🙂 LOL Pele can keep it up all night though, so he’s a winner for most people, I bet Klinsmann can’t!

  • The Defoe deabte will go on forever, I think he’s too good to be on the bench, but every team needs 4 top quality strikers. It depends on how Defoe feels about being back up, he could walk into any team in the league and score buckets of goals. Its a hard one cos Keane and Berbatov work so well together but I can see him getting fed up knowing he’s that good

  • There are several different debates all rolled into one here. Better bargain – McCarthy, no doubt about it. 2.5M was an absolute steal. Better player – Pointless arguement, depends on too many factors and personal opinion. Who would i sooner have in the team – For the moment, McCarthy, but only because he suits our style of play better and links up well on a personal level with our other forwards (something that cannot be bought). Ignoring all outside influences who would i sooner have – Berbatov, the lads pure talent and has a good four or five more years than Benni… Overall, i wouldn’t swap, because we can only bank on keeping them for two years or so anyway, and over that time frame, Benni suits our club better. Nothing against Dimi – ignoring costs, best buy of the season.

  • If £10 million gets Ashley Young, as good as he could and probably will be then in this day and age for a proven Premiership adn International player you would surely be looking at £15 million minimum?!?! In terms of delivery this season there has been NO ONE better than David Bentley, honestly no word of a lie almost ALWAYS spot on, even when it hasn’t been the ball was but the run wasn’t!

  • Well said Head Rover Heels, summed up pretty much all the debates brilliantly!!! The debate today though, unlike yesterday has been a decent one with constructed points on the whole not just rubbish. Again in the main the posters from Spurs that have come over here make good (and generally fair) points, the ones that post on Vital Spurs just throw mud and hope it sticks.

  • Bents has proved his quality, consistently this season. He would now command a very large fee I feel. The point you make about gamst’s value is valid too because if Young costs that much then Gamst has to be worth more, especially now he is moving into his prime. As for the Benni Dim debate. I am tired of reading people saying the same thing. Benni is great for us and has had a world class season.Dim has, eventually, been world class for Spuds. They are both world class and would make into the squads of most big sides. I just hope benni can add to his tally this season and give the Spuds fans something to wonder. Looking forward to the game and good luck to the Spuds.

  • OK, we’re all getting on abit better, the scores going to be 3-1 now, carry on being nice and it might go down to 2-1 Spurs, hehehe.

  • Haha, I’ll fetch a cake with me, buy you a pint later, and take a 0-1 victory thank you very much 😉

  • If I’d known that is all it would have taken I’d have published an article earlier in the week, Deal or no Deal! It would have been deal, damn it. It’ll be a corking match and I can’t wait.

  • Benni by the fact that he is £2.5m and Berbatov£10.9m, with Benni scoring more goals , there is no doubting he is the better bargain buy. However Berbatov is in another league when it comes to ball control, natural skill, playing other player in. So have to go for Brbatov being the better player!

  • I’m not so sure about him the better bargain, because we could make at least 3 times the money we paid for Berbatov, could you lot get £8m for McCarthy at his age? Not so sure. Before you mention Shevchenko, that’s Chelsea we’re talking about.

  • Benni SHOULD have costs at least £8 million when we signed him, god only knows how we got him for £2.5 million. If you want to view it in terms of what you’ll get for him when you sell him then you’ll get a shed load more, but I DON’T look at it in terms of what we’ll get if/when we sell.

  • That’s where the “personal” side of it comes in for me Huscarl – We set up with playmakers on the wings, and need a relatively selfish finisher, who can get knock ins, pick up scraps off Roberts and Nonda (the traditional “meaty” forwards) Berbatov suits yours by allowing the midfield et al. to stream forward. The thought of Mokoena running onto precision passes fills me with absolute dread. Horses for courses – Benni’s built to be a rover, Dimi’s a true yido. Both superb, and in their own environment, almost irreplaceable. I’d bet that if they traded places, neither would be quite as effective as they have been.

  • No nor do I really, just trying to put another arguement FOR Berbatov. lol. He’s been signing of the season, end of.

  • Mccarthy is not world class. Never will be. He has been a good buy for you, a real snip. But i’m afraid Berbs has so much more and is such a better player it is unreal. I have mccarthy in my fantasy football team and he is good. The comparison though is ridiculous. Who are you comparing next? pennant and ronaldo?

  • 3-1 spurs it will be to. A cracking game it will be and a joy to watch. However at home i can’t see us losing this.

  • Jesus the Axe would have a nose bleed if he chased up from midfield! Look at his goal against City in the Cup, first effort was shocking, although in fairness he reacted well and finish like a seasoned veteran! One again Head Rover Heels you are the voice of reason, making damn good points!!!

  • Head Rover Heels- I agree with you to the extent that Benni is right for you and also agree he would have been a total flop at spurs if he was one of us. But where I disagree is that Berbatov would have changed his style of game if he was in your squad. He would be fed by the likes of GMP, and just do the shooting, link up play would be a lesser part of his game.

  • mrcommonsence you REALLY need to change your username as you talk no sence AT ALL. I suspect most the garbage you come out with is in an attempt to gain a reaction as surely no one can be as arrogant and disprespectful to everyone (other than Spurs) as you are from what I’ve seen you come out with over the months!

  • I happen to agree with him, if he was world class, at 29(or whatever) he would have gone Madrid, Barca etc, not Blackburn.

  • Scott you DON’T suddenly stop being a class act based on who you play for? So you are telling me that David Beckham will suddenly not be a class act when he plays in America?!?! Zidane is coming out of retirement to play in America also isn’t he, if so does he suddenly not be a class act? What’s the saying form is temporary class is peminant! Applies to WHATEVER side you play for also.

  • They are coming to the ends of there career and only after money, McCarthy aint on both accounts. By the way i’m not dissing McCarthy one bit as I think he’s a good Prem striker and will be our biggest threat tonight and if you score he’ll probably score it but just pointing out he aint as good as what some are saying on here. Your talking like he’s one of the best strikers in the world, when he aint.

  • Scott FACT is he came into this country commonly known as being world-class, had he signed for ANY of the big four he would still be known as such (I bet you would still give him such a tag had he signed for Spurs?!?!) IF (and he won’t!) he signed for one of these big four (and three have been linked!) in the summer he will again be “world-class”, you don’t lose that ability to be classed as world-class no matter who you play for, where you play or what age you are. This is your personal opinion, and fair enough but the general opinion on his class around Europe and the World can’t be wrong can it?

  • So how come the “World class Berbatov” signed for a middle rated club like Spurs then. Surely he’d have gone to someone half decent if that’s the way it works. (Runs and hides behind a bush, giggling)

  • A LONDONER THAT SPEAKS THE TRUTH: Benni McCarthy has NEVER been a world class striker. He has scored 129 in 294, but virtually all in the dutch and portuguese leagues (and we all know how poor they are). Interestingly, when he played in a good league eg Spain, he managed a measly 10 league goals in 66 appearances!! In addition, world class strikers DO NOT get signed for 2.5million quid. Throughout his career the most he has gone for is 4million, because he is just not that good. As for the comparison to Berba – you lot must be joking. Was reading an interesting article in the Times today (you know, the one without the celebrities on the front) and it highlighted the fact that McCarthy does not have a single assist this season, compared to Berba’s nine. McCarthy crosses? Eight. Berba has 50. Goals? 22 a piece, but McCarthy takes pens. As if there is a comparison.

  • Correct scott. Berba is world class mccarthy aint. This whole conversation is a joke. I hear iraq needs another minister of misinformation hughes da man. You can go over there and tell them all their players are world class like the crap you are talking here about mccarthy being so. I hardly think real madrid, Barcelona, Ac milan, Man utd, Chelsea would really pick mccarthy over any of their strikers do you? no thought not. To be world class you have to have everything, berbs does, mccarthy don’t. Since when was Beckham world class to? any other world class players you can think of? Ameobi, primus, doyle? see when i think world class i think kaka, ronaldo, ronaldinho, Gerrard, Berbatov these are players who can win a game single handidly and do something out of the ordinary.

  • Hughes Da Man, a fact is an undeniable truth, not a subjective joke. Benni McCarthy has never been considered world class by anyone outside of Blackburn, never mind being ‘commonly’ known. He has an average scoring record, across Europe’s average teams, and his zero in the assist column this season hardly puts him up there with Totti or Kaka. All he has in his locker is hitting the net, and has an infinitely worse record at that that truly world class players like Shevchenko or Ronaldo. I would of thought fans who got to watch Alan Shearer play would have a better idea of what a world class striker really is. Shame on you.

  • wemustsignaleftwinge – Mouriniho wanted to take him to Chelsea from porto and Benni turned him down because he wanted to play regularly… Benni is by no means the best striker in the world – but his ball control at his feet takes a long way to be beaten… he isn’t a “powerhouse” type fo striker that will chase everything and turn a game (like Jason Roberts could be!) but ignored and disrepect him at your peril, just like Arsenal did in the FA Cup replay!

  • Totti is not considered a top goal scorer, in fact the opposite is true, that he has never quite lived up to his hype?? McCarthy is a very good stiker and does wot it says on the box – scores goals, im with u in the fact that I wouldnt consider him to World Class, as there are very few that are, but wot we have here is a very good stiker scoring goals. Much like Spurs have in Berbatov, who in my opinion has a way to go yet b4 he is World Class, but dont get me wrong he’s going to be

  • Finally clint a sensible statement from a blackburn fan. Berbs is fast becoming one of the best players in the world, mccarthy has had a fantastic season for your club in which he has scored goals but you cannot say they are anyway near the same player bracket. Berbs is streets ahead

  • Vital Football has seen my opinion of MANY fan bases rise this season, but on the whole from what Spurs pump out (not all, but the majority) against ALL teams has seen my estimations of them lower even more. You are a deluded, arrogant and above ALL disprespectful bunch.

  • Agree with Clint, mrcommon & ScottDaYid. I don’t think either striker are world class yet, but Berbatov definitely has the potential. I don’t doubt that McCarthy is a good striker – at 3rd highest scorer in the Premiership he has to be – but goalscoring is just about all he has in his locker, whereas Berba has the lot. Incidently, my illustration using Totti was that some world class strikers are considered such on the basis of goalscoring alone, and some, like Totti, are measured by their creativity. Insert the name ‘Ronaldihno’ where Totti was and give me a break!

  • I think it’s time scott and wemustsign we returned to vital spurs to talk with people who understand football and leave these numpteys in their dream world where players like mccarthy and savage are world beaters. so long and good luck with these ‘class’ players.

  • Come on Hughes Da Man, don’t get all defensive – what happened to all the “McCarthy is the best striker in the world” nonsense? As soon as someone puts a well constructed argument in front of you you get all melodramatic. The spurs fans are so deluded, yet you are the ones suggesting a player who has only played for average teams in poor leagues (with the exception of one season in the Premiership) and who still has a very average scoring record (with no other real aptitudes) is world-reknowned as world-class?!?!?! Dream on.

  • You’ll be back mrcommonsence win, lose or draw. If we win hopefully you’ll return with some praise and respect instead of the complete opposite you show. Same goes for the rest of you that fail to show ANY towards us.

  • I NEVER said McCarthy was the best striker in the World wemustsignaleftwinge. I’m just bored of this constant stream of crap I’m reading, and this crap is making it hard to focus on the valid and interesting points people make.

  • What would they know…??They think Simon Garner was the bees knees,the greatest thing since Lancashire Hot Pot……!!He he he

  • I would like to say that for the record ronaldinhio is a pile of rubbish.. can’t imagine a lazier player in the world. I’d rather have savage any day 😀

  • Hughes Da Man we are all (you included) just passionate fans who stick up for our team and players irrespective of everything. If football support was based on science and fact, then you would have to accept that Blackburn are not as good as Spurs and the Berba is better than McCarthy. Then again, in that case we would all support Chelsea/Man U and just think how arrogant we would all be then! I am very glad so much of being a football supporter is subjective, and I am also glad you have had the conviction to continue shouting the odds about Blackburn, because that is exactly what we do when we play liverpool or Arsenal.

  • chalky, you can’t beat the taste of a Lancashire Hot Pot, it tastes almost as good as the taste of a Premiership Title, but hey what would they know!! He he he

  • I said you owuld be back wemustsignaleftwinge 🙂 LOL! But there is sticking up for your team and just being plain disprespectful, I’ve seen all to often the latter being shown by Spurs. I will stick up for Rovers as much as they next man but not being blatantly disrespectful to ANY side, Spurs included and have acknowledged their quality etc. openly here, why do so many Spurs fans feel the need not to do likewise?

  • I understand your sentiment, and us Spurs fans are not exactly shy in coming forward, but Vital Spurs has been absolutely riddled with Blackburn Rovers fans stating obsenities like “Samba is better than Dawson” and “McCarthy and Roberts are the best strikers in the league” not to mention the cult status awarded to Warnock just because he played for Liverpool?! Just like you we like to stick up for our players, but I don’t think any spurs fan would deny an admiration for Gamst, McCarthy or Bentley. The trouble is, the way you lot talk about Bentley, he is the next Wayne Rooney, not an ex-gooner who has never made the England squad! That was a bit of a cheap shot. The point is I think both sets of fans have done some disrespecting, and you are quite sensitive.

  • blasphemy.. bentley has been cheated… also how many clean sheets have spurs kept this I seem to remember it was some kind of record (Samba towers above Dawson)

  • benni was a great buy for his price, but i don’t think he is world class or ever will be, but a good goalscorer, berbatov may well turn out to be world class, but he is a long way off atm

  • 3-1 spurs it will be to. A cracking game it will be and a joy to watch. However at home i can’t see us losing this.
    mrcommonsence…..yeah…sure. LOOOL!!!

  • To be honest wemustsignaleftwinge I got so *****ed off with what was coming out of the Spurs fans mouths that I couldn’t be arsed to stay on Vital Spurs anymore. But what I was getting on the whole was that we felt our central defensive partnership matched yours, which I honestly think it does. Dude there are a HELL of a lot more Spurs than Rovers both on this site and in general and the disrespect Spurs show ALL teams is unreal. Maybe I am sensitive but this is because I do have respect and can appreciate the qualties others have, unlike many Spurs fans who seem so far up their own arse it’s unreal! Oh and chalky Friedel is a better keeper than Robinson, who for me SHOULDN’T even be England’s number one!

  • If I had to choose between the 2 I would choose Benni… strikers are always judged on goals… and he has more so there fore he gets my vote.

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