Date: 15th May 2007 at 12:14am
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Vital Blackburn’s most recent poll asked, “Who’s been the best value for money signing this season?” The majority feel Christopher Samba.

This was a very interesting poll for me and showed me, when I looked at all the signings in front of me (for what they cost and what we’ve got) that we’ve had value for money from most, and as such maybe some of the people should have gained a higher proportion of the vote?

As it is the £400,000 paid to Hertha Berlin for Samba in January is viewed as the best value for money purchase with 43% of the vote. The amount, pocket change for even the poorest of Premiership clubs (not that I’m suggesting we are by ANY means that, as we aren’t!) has seen us get an absolutely brilliant defender that has slotted in like a seasoned veteran alongside Ryan Nelsen. The Wall really is one of the Premiership’s most talented young defenders. And to think Sparky didn’t intend to play him much this season, if at all!

The £2.5 million paid for Benni McCarthy was nothing before a ball had even been kicked, as we signed a PROVEN world-class footballer at a price that wouldn’t have even got some players of similar qualities boots let alone the player to fill them! 23% saw him as the next best value for money signing. His goals cost about £100,000 a pop, worth EVERY penny especially when you take into account how much more these could be worth in the long run.

Next came Stephen Warnock with 13%, he looks an absolute steel for me at £1.5 million and I’ll stick my neck out, is already in my running to be the Player of the Season next season and will be right in with a shout of an England re-call, if Steve McClaren opens his eyes! This saw Warnock just edge out Andre Ooijer, who gained 12%. The Dutch International looked out of his depth when he first arrived but his true quality shone through in the end. Until the Wall came along we missed Ooijer a great deal.

The £3 million paid for Jason Roberts has looked a lot of money, and in terms of value for this amount he hasn’t been good for it, and his 0% of the vote shows this. While I agree with this, had injuries not hampered so much of his season I am certain he would have been much, much higher up the scale. Next season will see the best of Roberts, as we started seeing in the latter months of the 06-07 season.

So in summary
B Berner (nominal) – 6%
J Brown (Free) – 0%
D Dunn (£2.2m) – 0%
S Henchoz (Free) – 0%
F Jeffers (Free) – 2%
B McCarthy (£2.5m) – 23%
S Nonda (loan) – 1%
A Ooijer (£2m) – 12%
J Roberts (£3m) – 0%
C Samba (£400,000) – 43%
S Warnock (£1.5m) – 13%

So another season has ended, don’t expect too much transfer activity during the summer but Sparky will look to strengthen here and there if he can with more bargains and steels, so the current poll, suggested by MikeyGamst is asking, “Which area of the field do Rovers need to strengthen most by the start of next season?

As for what you think, cast your vote and why not have your say on the latest polls findings?

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18 Replies to “Best Value for Money Rover”

  • It’s quite hard to disagree with this really isn’t it, £400,000 is nothing and what we’ve got has been amazing! Benni has been top class but we knew what we were getting. He’s been amazing value for money but just dips out to the Wall for me, but maybe not by as big a margin as the poll suggests. Stevie Warnock has also been a better buy than the poll suggests. Bruno Berner gaining 6%, hmm this is an interesting one!

  • What are you talking about, he was a quality value for money signing 🙂 LOL. I know what you mean mate, but each to their own.

  • have to say im surprised benni didnt get it 24 goals this season thats great value for 2.5 million but samba is a great signing for 400,000

  • I hink the right guy won… Warnock is a dead cert to be in the top 3 players next year. SLIGHTLY better than Dominic Mateo….lol

  • durks de rover – Both were great signings (arguable at whatever cost they would have been) and whilst I see what you are saying the long-term future we’ll get from the Wall makes his £400,000 signing even better. I obviously don’t want to see this happen, but so long as we keep him under a long term contract if he takes that move to the next level and is regarded on par with the Premiership’s best (as I think he can) then we’ll get a MASSIVE amount of money for him if we had to sell him. but I guess this argument would really apply to making him the best value for money signing THIS season would it?!?! Depending on how this is viewed as that is more long term… …

  • MikeyGamst – Don’t you be dissing big Dom, what a legend… … hang on what am I talking about he was *****! Stevie Warnock is as good as most other left-back’s out there, has the ability to be up there with the VERY best. He’s the perfect modern day full-back isn’t he, gets up and down regularly, can attack like a winger, can defend like a proper defender (whe he’s not hitting his own bar!), has great speed and can runaround all day. He makes it look effortless at times when he runs at speed with the ball at his feet doesn’t he.

  • i suppose if we look long term then samba is but i just feel without benni this year we would have struggled a lot more than we would have struggled without samba by that i mean we had more able replacements in the centre half position then up front!

  • True, and I agree mate, but had we not got Benni, surely Sparky would have picked up someone else?!?! All hypothetical but maybe Franny Jeffers would have come to the party more?

  • jeffers- really?! i dont really know why he came here maybe one of sparkys weaker moments but i do think hughes had a plan for his strike forceif you look at it it stinks of a well laid out and executed plan! he wanted to sign benni but this wasnt happenin but he felt he could get him the year after so singed bellamy for the year(reason why he had a clause in his contract) and kuqi to partner him! then when he knew he would get benni it was no problem lettin bellamy go as he had his man and then signed nonda roberts and jeffers to see what partner benni would like and got rid of kuqi as he was only signed to help bellamy up front!

  • Well Jeffers, maybe not but you never know, given a run in the team a few goals and he could have been the bargain of the season couldn’t he?!?! Sparky had tracked Benni for over a year hadn’t he, was ALWAYS going to sign either him or Mido when he let Bellers go. Mido WASTED so much of our summer, but thankfully we got Benni. Roberts was his man to pair with WHOEVER he got as he and Jeffers arrived on the same day didn’t they a few weeks before Benni. I’m sooo glad we didn’t get Mido though! Sparky had laid out plans so I see what you are saying, he’s always thinking!

  • I think Benni has been the value buy of the summer, Samba has done really well and for £400,000 def looks the part for the next few seasons but Benni should get simply cos he has been here from the start of the season and scored 24 goals in all comps, in his 1st season in a league he’d never played in b4. I agree that Samba has been superb and will just grow and grow as a player but Benni has it for me this season, saying he was second behind a player who cost £24, £2.5m must be the bargain buy

  • who knows… in the future maybe berner will turn out to be an absolute stormer of a player (I don’t really feel we’ve seen enough of him yet) If so he may well prove to be Sparky’s true best buy?

  • £400,000 !!!!! oh my god did not realise how cheap that guy was for you … looks worth 10 X that IMO

  • He’s the dogs nuts isn’t he dazednconfuzed. We’d EASILY get £4 million if we sold him now, in a few years time he’ll be EVEN better!

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