Date: 7th July 2009 at 5:42pm
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Blackburn Rovers have confirmed that Christian Vieri is training with us and the striker could earn himself a deal at Ewood Park.

Vieri was going to train with Rovers then he wasn’t but it’s now official Sam Allardyce has confirmed that the 35-year-old is training with Rovers, however, a deal isn’t immanent and might not happen at all.

Allardyce said on Sky Sports News: “He is obviously out of condition compared to the rest of the lads but joining us at this stage of pre-season shows a certain amount of commitment that he wants to try and play football again.

“If he has got that desire and dedication and can adjust to the physical levels of the Premier League at his tender age then we have got a major player on our hands.

“There is no harm in my point of view in watching his progress and then seeing if there is a situation where we can have him for next season.

“He also has a desire to try and get in the Italy squad for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Personally I don’t think that the Italian has any chance of forcing his way back into the Italian International side as Atalanta wouldn’t have released the striker in April if this was still possible. I’m also not sure that a deal will happen, however, Big Sam is right there isn’t any harm in having a look at Vieri as we’ve got nothing to lose.



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  • I am not sure depends how desperate we get, or he is actually outstanding in pre season. Looking a bit ominous the whole striker situation at the moment.

  • It doesn’t cost us a thing to allow Vieri to try to get fit. And assuming he does, he’s already established that he’s willing to take minimum wages with performance incentives. So I’m hoping that he returns to something resembling his prior form, signs with us, bangs in a boatload of goals, and earns a nice chunk of change in the meantime. And if he doesn’t, no harm, no foul.

  • I’m unsure on this one. The fact Sam is comparing him to Djorkaeff would suggest he is quite interested. At the end of the day, if he signs on a minimal deal related to performance and gives us 5 goals next year, it would be worth it. He does bring a wealth of experience. I don’t think he is another Robbie Fowler.

  • This in nonsense Vieri has been done for the last 4 seasons (at least) It is a bit similar to the Robbie deal last yr, we all know its a stupid move, Vieri will ask for stupid wages for a 35yr old and would he want to come and play in a rainy, windy derby at Burnley in the middle of Dec, Jan – – NO!! as was said it dont cost much to take a look but I think Sam should be concentrating on improving the squad with better younger players and not trying to bring in old has been former house hold names – to end – SAM FORGET THIS ONE!!

  • Clint- In 2007, Vieri was with Atalanta on was on a 1,500 per month (minimum wage!) contract, with a 100,000 per goal incentive, on a one year deal. He did not play much, only scoring 2 goals in 7 appearances. Last year Vieri scored 9 goals in 26 appearances.

    Vieri is old and out of shape for a player. He still has skills. IF he can get himself into shape, and play with some desire, he would be a great asset. And his wage demands, based on his Atalanta deal, would not be much.

  • I have a good feeling about him tbh, obvious quality and exactly what we need, a big lad who can win headers

  • LOL Vieri??? He hasnt been good since the WC 2002!! Plus he has zero pace and is not the physical force he used to be!

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