Date: 16th September 2010 at 2:12pm
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Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has kick started another inevitable war of words with nemesis Arsene Wenger by claiming that the Arsenal boss has been influencing referees with his interviews and pre-match comments.

In a Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs moment, Big Sam even seems to acknowledge it as a skill that Wenger has perfected, much like everyone’s favourite Whiskey nosed Scot Sir Alex Ferguson does.

But Big Sam is bound to light a fire up the nerdy looking one’s backside with his latest outburst against the moral high ground taking professor.

Big Sam said, when interview by Sky Sports – ‘Arsene has most of the media in his pocket now and is almost – almost – affecting the officials so that you can’t tackle an Arsenal player.

‘That’s something he’s very clever at working on and it’s almost working in his favour, you can see that.

‘Read his interview before the Stoke City v Aston Villa match, what he said and how he said it – he’s a very, very clever man in terms of influencing referees, officials and everybody in football.

‘He can’t be brought up for it because it’s about another match – rather just before he plays us.

‘There is a perception that we kick everybody and Arsenal’s motivation is that you can’t tackle us as you aren’t supposed to.

‘In terms of saying people are trying to injure players he’s trying to influence, through the media, the referees and that’s something they shouldn’t get sucked in to.’

The difference in ideals between the two managers becomes apparent in Allardyce’s words as whilst Big Sam knows that football is a contact sport, he insists that the days of footballers deliberately trying to take out other players (not like that, this is not Assassin) are long gone.

The Rovers gaffer continued – ‘He’s deflecting attention from the situation which says the game of football is a contact sport. You have to try to win the ball at all costs and if someone doesn’t get it quite right people get injured.

‘It was much more apparent in my day when people used to go out to try to hurt an opponent every week, but today it very rarely happens.

‘I completely deny that my team deliberately injures players, certainly not. In the Premier League the commitment and speed unfortunately brings players together at such pace that it’s almost impossible to avoid injuries.’

The comments probably come about as in the past Wenger has criticised teams managed by ‘good pal’ Allardyce, but the Rovers boss feels that those criticisms are wide of the mark.

In the next phase of his interview, Allardyce has bought back the ‘fear factor’ comments he made the other day but in a different context.

The Blackburn boss continued – ‘We don’t do what everybody says we do and kick everybody, we don’t do it.

‘You are associating fear with bullying, but it’s not that, it’s about the dominance of the team.

‘The fear factor at Old Trafford is about Man United getting the ball and making life very, very difficult for you – that’s the fear factor I’m talking about.

‘When you play the big boys you have to make sure what you do out of possession is giving you a chance to expose them when you get possession, as we did with Arsenal.’

I agree with what Sam is saying but the timing seems a bit odd?!

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13 Replies to “Big Sam in ‘shock’ attack on Arsene”

  • big sam dont ya love him but hes correct wenger plays the media but i dont think any manager is different becasue that is exactly what sam is doing with this statement

  • Before Blackburn vs Everton: Blackburn manager is hoping referee Alan Wiley picks up on Cahill after claiming Everton’s Australia international “plays the man before the ball”.

    He added: “Tim Cahill uses his body and it’s not often he concedes a free-kick, but most of the time we see him playing the man before the ball.

    “Every player commits fouls. It’s whether the referee sees it and sometimes they don’t if a player is as clever as he is.

  • The perception that Wenger often criticises Allardyce’s teams is utterly false. Wenger was upset in 2003 when three Arsenal players went off injured under heavy challenges from Bolton players, other than that, I don’t recall Wenger criticising Allardyce’s teams and I certainly don’t recall Wenger saying that Blacburn kick people. Get to google and try and dig out some quotes see what you find. Bugger all, I’ll bet. And no, winning the ball “at all costs” is not acceptable. Not being accomplished enough to commit a tackle that doesn’t snap players legs in twain is not acceptable. Ask Ramsey and Eduardo if they believe in an “at all costs” approach.

  • Try last seasons 2-1 defeat at Ewood Park for your lot matey… he did nothing but whinge about how we targeted the keeper. And before this seasons game he made reference to playing rugby!!! Rose. Tinted. Specs matey.

  • And Allardyce will Pie munch a gravy stain on his Primark looking shirt whilst moaning about not getting enough credit and whingeing he should be England manager.

  • Sam loves to flap his gums around. Fact is he does not like wenger, whether its because he is a foreigner who has paved the way for more foreign coaches, the fact he is not capable of playing the same kind of attractive football, the fact that wenger wont have a glass of wine after the game. He dislikes him and will keep taking shots with false accusations. I dont care what he says really, the hatred & biterness comes accross so much that any point valid or not that comes out of his mouth is like water of a ducks back. Wenger is no saint either and sometimes he moans too much granted. They will never like eachother so we can probably leave it at that.

  • I think his points are valid Mike but why say it when he does it himself? Where is his attack on Fergie the master of doing it? Face it Allardyce is a moron and is so far up Fergies arse he can lick the alchol off his liver.

  • Lol Iceman. Sam’s latest comments about being good enough to manage RM and United prove your point about his heavy passive drinking from Fergie’s gut.

  • Stop your nonsense, Sam. And concentrate on getting results for Rovers. We lost to arsenal, it’s over. Move on, and grow up, man!

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