Date: 17th December 2008 at 3:04pm
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Sam Allardyce has signed a three year contract to become the Blackburn Rovers manager with immediate effect.

Sam replaces Paul Ince who was sacked yesterday.

Some will agree, others won’t but I think this is just what is needed to get this club up the league.

All together now – ‘Big Sam’s Blue and White Army!!!’


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  • This will give the players the kick up the backside that they need. The fitness will improve with the pro-zone etc bought in. Things are looking up.

  • Hmm…I was dubious in the summer and the jury remains out for me. One thing is for certain he will sort the players out and Mikey, you do make some valid points. Lets get behind the big crook then!

  • Im very happy with this appt, fantastic news and I think hes going to bring back the steel we once had that will get us out of this mess, and fingers crossed we can start looking at what now seem the great heights of europe again. One step at a time though!

  • He definitely will go back to the “hard to beat” tactics of Hughes days but that is what got us out of a mess first time round. Points of performances is what is needed. The board recognised this and made the right call.

  • Totally agree. What we need right now is just something toughen the team and keep us up. He wasn’t a good choice for us in the summer because we were looking for someone that can further our success of mark hughes.

  • He SHOULD of got the job in the summer and if he had we wouldn’t be in the more we are now. I just hope it is not too late, by the time the window opens we could have one foot in the Championship. Come on big Sam!!

  • Thank goodness that Alan Shearer has enough brains to know his own limitations. Sam Allardyce will make changes for the better. It might be grim to begin with, but do we really want to be playing lovely football in the Championship? There is no such thing as lovely football in the Championship.

  • Wasn’t keen on him getting the job in the summer, but now the more I think about it (and not just because he is here) I think it’s the right move. He is experience, and his organisational skills (off the pitch as much as anything) will helps. He is ver methodical in his approach, something that we need.

  • Well, I still have reservations about BSA, but I had them about Ince too, kinda ominous eh? Time will tell whether this is the right appointment or not. One thing though, Ince cannot be happy with the spped of the appointment given that he was only finally pushed yesterday, methinks there were discussions in the backgrounds for a few weeks to appoint this quick. Also, some of the board wouldnt have been supportive of BSA so it will be interesting to see if there is a board reshuffle in the coming weeks!

  • Well better hoofball and stay up than get relegated, will get the players fit and motivated and UEFA at Bolton no reason why not at Blackburn and we were happy with that before!

  • We can still play the same style of football that was here under Hughes/Ince but we really need that hard to beat edge as we really dont have that at the moment. Teams view us as an easy 3 points. The players are now playing for their futures as well… good news.

  • umhhh – it’s unfair to comment in a negative way…we must give him our fullest support ‘cuase my god we need him to perform….Uncle Sam needs you! Let’s get right behind him….well done John Williams I love a Chairman that can make decisions…

  • im glad weve got someone in so quickly as the team needs sorting out. i’ve had my reservations about sam allardyce since he was linked with us in the summer but i must admit, i am happy with the choice to bring him in. a good deal i think. whether we agree or not, its happened!! now lets get behind the team!

  • I dont think he will play a long ball game. When he was at Bolton he had very limited midfielders with little or no creativity. He tried to buy Dunny. He wasn’t doing that so he could get his defenders to kick the ball over his head. With better quality players at his disposal and a good knowledge of the transfer market i think he will surprise a lot of people. Wonder will he bring in his own staff

  • hmmmmmmm lovely jubbly me thinks! this is just what some of the boys, looking at the interview with nelly today on roversworld, it seems as thou he is quite happy to have big sam in, and i dont know i have a more optimistic view about things now…..

    and regards to bombom’s comment about the board reshuffle, i read somewhere, i cannot for the life of me remember where, that a majority number of the blackburn rovers fc board had resigned moments after the disposal of paul ince, as recognition of their own mistake in the employment of incey! whether or not that is true i duno!?

  • I thought he didn’t like us? Ah well, all in the past now! Means we should keep hold of Warnock, Santa Cruz, etc…come Jaunary….

  • Well I didn’t want Sam as our manager – but I will give him my support as he is now our manager. Apparantely Souness was offered the job first but he wanted more money for himself and for transfers and the board broke off negotiations and went in for Sam instead.

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