Date: 29th January 2007 at 1:45pm
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Blackburn Rovers have been handed an away trip to either Arsenal or Bolton Wanderers in the fifth round of the FA Cup.

The reward (if you can call it that!) for seeing off Luton Town in round four with a comprehensive 4-0 win is the very tough away trip to either Arsenal or Bolton who replay in a couple of weeks.

So the potential of being one of the first finalists at the new Wembley is still a possibility although the likelihood is our midweek opponents Chelsea (after another home draw against lower League opponents) will almost certainly still be in the draw when the Quarter Finals come around should we get that far…

So the fifth round draw in full is as follows:

Chelsea v Blackpool or Norwich City
Watford v Ipswich Town
Preston North End v Manchester City
Plymouth Argyle v Derby County
Manchester United v Reading
Arsenal or Bolton Wanderers v Blackburn Rovers
Bristol City or Middlesbrough v West Bromwich Albion
Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur

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25 Replies to “Blackburn Draw Arsenal or Bolton!”

  • I think we’d rather play Bolton if we are honest although both teams will offer great degrees of difficulty. However on our day we can give anyone a game and could beat anyone!

  • The only solace we can derive from this is that Wenger will play his kids and a full strength Rovers side should see of those pesky kids. Bolton, however may guarentee that we are at least on the Beeb next time again. Not the best draw we couldve got, ah well

  • I think Bolton could beat Arsenal at the Reebok in the replay as they have 3 times in the past year haven’t they. Arsenal are flying at the moment so I’d rather avoid them as I couldn’t see Wenger playing the kids in the FA Cup if I’m honest BomBom. I’d think either way Rovers will have a live TV tie? You’ve got to beat the best to win haven’t you so bring ’em on!

  • ‘You’ve got to beat the best’ Unless you are Chelsea of course, then you just have to beat whatever lower league teams are left.

  • See you at the grove. Nah, thats probably being a bit to cocky but we have to win there sometime, what better time than the present. I know that you have learnt to play football over the last few seasons with players like Pedersen, Emerton and McCarthy but seriously watching you play Bolton, not exactly a match for the ages. That’d be like watching Scotland play England B, British football at its worst. No Savage though, which after that display against us i cant say im to sorry bout, but if we do lose i’ll be supporting the Rovers.

  • I think that’s a little unfair Ozi. The game at the Emirates against Blackburn was a true classic and both teams played the game the way it should be played. Bearing in mind Benni was injured, and at that time Derbyshire hadn’t broken through, they attacked us from the off. The Ewood match was in awful conditions and both teams still tried to play football.

  • Why are so many fans of so many other clubs so narrow mined to others and blinkered to the clubs around them? Rovers are my concern but I still look around and watch ANY team anytime and will appreciate what they do, and give them credit when due. Bolton are such an annoying team to play because of the way they do play but they are much more than the tag they’ve been handed, much like ourselves they are due more respect!! Honestly I’d rather Arsenal beat Bolton but from a footballing point of view I’d want Bolton as our chances of the Quarter Finals and beyond would increase. No matter what you say Ozi Gooner I think Bolton – Blackburn would be a good game, when it happens (should they beat you) you’ll see!

  • Thank you hatespur! As for your point on Chelsea they’ve had quite an easy rid so far haven’t they (with respect to who they’ve played and will play.)

  • i’m not saying Blackburn are crap i’d like to have another go at them and the first game at the grove ‘was’ a classic, and the score line flattered us hugely, it could have very easily finished 3-3. My point was we have to win at Bolton sooner or later, and not that playing Rovers would be a bad unpretty match like the recent game at Ewood but that if it were Bolton v Blackburn, Rovers would be forced to resort back to the uglier style of football to counteract Boltons style which could make that fixture very far from a classic.

  • Why would we have to resort to an “uglier style” of play ozi? If Arsenal don’t need to do this to counter Bolton why should we? We can play football of the highest quality too you know!

  • I rate Blackburn. Being an Aussie, i was very disapointed with Neill that he left a club competing in Europe and improving in the premiership to play for money with an average side that has a good possibility of relegation regardless of the money they are throwing at their problems. Pedersen is one of the few premiership players i would love to see in an Arseanl shirt as i think he is top class, i rate Emerton a lot more than most as he is a versatile player who is consistent and effective anywhere wide on the field. I’ve liked Nonda and McCarthy for a long while watching them both play fine football when their old clubs emberassed the European giants to both reach the final and if it wasnt for Nondas horrible injury that year feel he could be one of the better strikers in England. It is Bolton who i despise; Fat sam is a C**t and that is all; Diouf and Gianakopoulos are two of the worst divers in the league; Davies is nothing but a thug; Hunt and Faye will do anything to stop an attacker including break their leg. I think if forced to you will play that more physical side which you are still capable of (and when mixed with attacking flair is how an ambitious English club should play) and against Bolton at home i feel you would be forced to. Not an insult to Rovers at all, an insult to Bolton and Fat Sam.

  • In fairness HDM maybe we do need to change our style to beat Bolton. Recent history suggest we can’t beat them playing football through the midfield. In saying that we resorted to long balls up to Adebayor on Sunday and that worked even less.

  • When I’ve watched Arsenal play Bolton in the past I couldn’t see you breaking them down (when they hadn’t) but can honestly say hand on heart I knew they would when I watched the game yesterday. After the first I almost expected a second.

  • Let’s all laugh at Lucas Neill – his first game he twists he ankle – what a shame! And they get booed off the park…. and they went out of the cup.

    My other local team Swindon, closed up to within 1 point of Walsall, add to that Rovers 4-0 win – life is great!!!

  • Was listening to the football on the radio on Saturday and when they went to Upton Park as soon as they said Lucas Neill’s day wasn’t going very well with the words “having been booked in the first half” I as expecting them to follow it with “picking up a second so being sent off!” As it was they said injured, wouldn’t wish injury on anyone but its only minor so you can’t help but have a little smile especially as all they (West Ham) have to play for (despite their millions!) now is the little matter of Premiership survival!!!

  • Dont be a softcock Ex Ewood, everyone needs a challenge. Honestly even if we do get through if our injury situation doesnt improve quickly you’ll probably end up playing our kiddies to. Wengers already said he has to prioritise competitions and that means the champions league both qualifying and PSV

  • After seeing your post of vital Arsenal Ex Ewood Resident I decided to follow suit with some predications. I went for Chelsea, Ipswich, Man City, Plymouth, Reading, Bristol City, Fulham and of course Rovers to qualify for the Quarters. Backed your call for Reading over United because they caused United problems at Old Trafford earlier in the season and can see them getting a draw then winning at the Madejski!

  • So just about the worst draw possible then lads.. the hottest team in the ****ry or the most difficult to play agianst team in the ****ry.. AWAY FROM HOME. They always say you have to beat the best to win these things and thats never gonna be more true than this year.

  • You’ve gotta look on the bright side of things our job is made easier when we beat one of these two! Ideally Chelsea being drawn with Man Utd (if they both get through, although I have doubts on United to be honest!) in the Quarter Finals would help.

  • what is it with these top 4 teams!!?! They’ve got it easy.. all these home draws… apart from Arsenal who’ve got a real toughie ive been told.

  • On the face of it United also have an “easy” looking tie but although I’m sure they’ll win I have a feeling they might not! If Reading take them back to the Madejski I think they could beat them. As for Chelsea they’ve been drawn at home in every round against lower league opponents haven’t they.

  • Maches surrounding the next FA Cup weekend (17th/18th?) are busy for us… UEFA Home and Away, Pompey and Everton in the Prem (must win if we want 6th place)! Saying that though the fixtures for notlob… Wednesday, 14 February 2007 Bolton v Arsenal Saturday, 17 February 2007 Arsenal/ Bolton v Blackburn, 12:30 (it’s on telly!)… so perhaps…

  • This is perhaps the worst draw we could have wished for in all honesty. Either way it will be tough but we are due some luck against the bung collectors and well….I don’t know what will work against Arsenal. Perhaps this time at the Emirates the scoreline will flatter Rovers!!!

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