Date: 13th December 2010 at 5:19pm
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Blackburn Rovers have this afternoon sacked Rovers manager Sam Allardyce.

Sam was relieved of his duties this afternoon along with his assistant Neil McDonald by new owners Venkys.

The new owners left a statement which briefly explained the decision.

‘We have taken this decision as part of our wider plans and ambitions for the club,’ Rovers said in a statement on their website on Monday.

Some people have got what they wanted but personally I think this is a poorly timed decision which robs us of one of the best performing managers in England.

Who do they have lined up? They must have someone as this is a rather daft time to sack a manager…

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15 Replies to “Blackburn Rovers sack Big Sam”

  • All the bull***** about long ball and not liking the style of play aside… I am going to miss him, he grew on me as we went along and he kept us safe from dropping down a division and for that he will always have my thanks. Goodbye Big Sam you will be missed by yours truly.

  • this is a huge shock and is very unfortunate for Big Sam. The beating we took at Old Trafford may have done him in. I understand the new owner would rather have someone they pick to invest their money, but this is a poor decision if they don’t have someone better than Big Sam lined up. More importantly, I am worried the new owner may not have what it takes to run a football club and we end up following the footsteps of Portsmouth.

  • A chok in my opinion, just saw it on danish television. As yo say Mike they must have someone in target. BSA will be missed as he saved us from being relegated….Sad on one hand but also exciting on the other……cheers

  • I think we can all agree that the grand plan of selling the Rovers brand to an Indian market full of Utd fans was never going to work with Sam Allardyce at the helm. The Venkys strategy requires flowing football and entertainment and a clash with Sam was inevitable. Still shocked me that it happened so soon though!

  • is tudor being sarcastic? it is quite unfortunate for Big Sam as he never had the resources to make an imprint on the Rovers squad over two seasons except for Kalinic.

  • If we had won yesterday we would have been in 6th position having spent about 50p in the transfer market, whilst I don’t like Sam’s style of play or the fact that he constantly bigs himself up he has achieved a minor miracle on pennies.

    Good luck to him in all his future endeavours.

    Let the speculation about his successor begin…………………..It’s Jose 😉

  • On the other hand then LFC’s new owner and Hodgson isn’t fitting either, but they are just waiting. So if venkys and BSA doesn’t fit, why not just do it now instead of waiting?….cheers

  • Still shocked at the moment. You have to give Sam credit for keeping us in the premier league and with little financial backing. True the football wasn’t the most entertaining but we were top 10 last season. The question now is who will replace him? Anybody know Martin O’Neill’s number???

  • Blue n White is right, having spent nothing in the transfer market Sam had us close to sixth, then gets sacked Its madness. Anyway I’ll always be grateful to Sam for keeping us up. That was one hell of a job considering the shambles Ince left behind.

  • Sam should of stayed end of, He has worked wonders with no cash, we have a very young squad, he has got players playing there best football at Rovers for years and he is well liked in the football world, and has the ability to attract house hold names, now we are gonna end up with a rooster with a head on

  • I wasn’t a Big Sam fan, but if not for him, we should be playing crystal palace and leicester city now instead of Man U and Tottenham. To be very frank, when Souness dumped us for newcastle and Mark Hughes dumped us for City, i wasn’t so down and upset. This time round, i m absolutely gutted. I can’t explain really, i don’t agree with Sam’s tactics at times and certainly not a lover of hoofball either. But i ALWAYS feel safe, Rovers are in safe hands, under the hands of Big Sam, i have no fear of us getting relegated. I was feeling very down just a couple of weeks ago, getting hammered 7-1, and losing 2-1 to scums was equally bad. But it’s nothing compared to now, losing Sam this feeling is terrible, terrible indeed. I am going to miss Sam, you definitely don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Thanks for keeping us up and the two years as Rovers boss. You have my upmost respect, Big Sam. You will always be in my heart. THERE’S ONLY ONE SAM ALLARDYCE !!!!!!

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