Date: 5th January 2011 at 10:33pm
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Blackburn Rovers ran away 3-1 victors against a poor Liverpool outfit, with Martin Olsson opening the scoring and Benjani finding the net either side of the break. A Late Stevie Gerrard goal set up for late drama, but Rovers were just too good on the night

With talks of transfers possibly unsettling the squad, Steve Kean sent out an attacking minded outfit,










MB Diouf


An important match for both teams, Steve Kean trying to create some sort of consistency and improve on last weeks performance, whilst Roy Hodgson fighting for his job, ensured that their would be a victor. Chris Samba regained the captaincy, despite continuing rumours about his future at the club.

Liverpool were off to a brighter start in this late encounter. Torres linked up well with Konchesky, who returned a cross into the box, with the Spaniard failing to trouble Mark Bunn, spraying his header wide. Liverpool continued to pressure, with Stevie Gerrard moving the ball well, however the final touch from Ngog, Torres and Cole often went astray.

It was not all one way traffic though, as Blackburn attempted to master the fine art of counter-attacking football. Martin Olsson was the first point of threat, he and Junior Hoillet marshalling the flanks well in an attempt to get the ball to Benjani and MB Diouf. The first chance fell to David Dunn, who scooped a loose ball, volleying it into the stands.

The best chance of the opening quarter fell minutes later. Rovers set up for a long throw, but a short one was taken, with Martin Olsson delivering into the box. The ball evaded the Liverpool defence, however it surprised MB DIouf, who could only get a soft touch on it, Reina claiming with ease. MB Diouf created another chance, but yet again couldn’t finish. A pacy counter by Diouf found the ball switched to Benjani. His attempted shot ricoched sky high, into the path of Diouf, striking it over on the half volley.

30 Minutes in, Olsson was not to be denied. MB Diouf brings the ball down well, and scoots up field. He splits the defence, finding a surging Martin Olsson, the young Swede striking on the run, into the back of the net. 1-0 Blackburn

Rovers then doubled their lead within 10 minutes! Pedersen chipped a long ball into Benjani, controlling with his chest. On the turn, Benjani lashed out, screaming past Reina, and into the roof of the goal, superb touch and strike, 2-0 Blackburn!

Rovers fans were rejoicing, whilst the travelling Liverpool supporters, who had been rather vocal, went quiet, as Blackburn took the 2-0 advantage into the break.

Liverpool came out with attacking intentions early in the second half. Joe Cole found himself further up the pitch, whilst Gerrard was moving the ball quickly, in attempt to breach the Rovers defence line. However when the back 4 were caught out, Mark Bunn would pounce, picking up any ball inches before Torres or Ngog could poke home. Bunn also stood strong, stopping a drilled effort from Cole, and parrying a Torres effort wide.

Rovers hit back, with some superb play down the flank. Martin Olsson played Hoillet out wide, with the young Canadian bamboozeling Englands number one Right back, Glen Johnson and Skirtel, skipping past both with ease in a tight corner, dashing into the box and feeding Benjani, who picked up the second of his night, poking it into the open net. 3-0 Blackburn

As the players celebrated, the Rovers faithful started chanting, You’ll be sacked in the morning, to struggling Liverpool manager Hodgson. You do need to feel for him, as much he is responsible, the players in the red jersey have been abysmal, playing with little passion.

And to some up their night, Torres missed from point blank range, after a delightful through ball from Joe Cole. Olsson made way for Diouf, whilst Dunn made way for Morris.

Liverpool clawed their way back into the game, giving the travelling supporters a glimmer of hope. Dirk Kuyt’s cross found Torres, who’s deflected shot fell to Gerrard, placing the ball in the back of the net. 3-1

Gerrard could of pulled another one back not too long after. Salgado brought down Gerrard in the box, with the Liverpool captain stepping up to take the penalty. However, he fluffed it, skying it to the stands, a relieved Salgado urging his teammates to get behind the ball and prevent further opportunities.

Goulon came on for Benjani to shut things down, and that Rovers did, holding out to triumph 3-1.

Player Ratings

Mark Bunn 7
Read the game really well, pouncing off his line when needed and a few fine saves

Michel Salgado 8
He just keeps getting better and better. Tight at the back, racing in to make desperate challenges. Sloppy for the penalty but after a remarkable game, he didnt deserve it

Ryan Nelsen 7
Glued the defence together, moved them around as needed and made several important interceptions

Chris Samba 8
Whether he wants to leave or not, didnt affect his game today. Solid as a rock, and moved the ball fast on the counter

Gael Givet 7
Probably his best game of the season. Limited Joe Cole’s opportunities, and allowed Olsson to focus more on attack

Morten Gamst Pedersen 6
Better performance from Gamst. Still not at his best, but at least he worked hard and made life easier on the back 4

David Dunn 5
Something is not right with Dunny. A real weak point for us at the moment…..

Junior Hoillet 9
Superb. Pacey, tricky, focused. Played like a man on a mission. What an assist for Benjani’s second goal!

Martin Olsson 9
Special performance from Olsson. Starting to regain his form.

Benjani 9
The first goal was superbly taken, brought down and volleyed, whilst the second was a real poachers effort, though he was there and finished. Set up Olsson for his goal, a delightful performance.

MB Diouf 7
Tried hard, should of scored 1 of his 2 chances.

Manager Rating
Steve Kean- 9

Got it right. Hit Liverpool at their weakest, managed to get a solid defensive effort, and deployed fast attacking wingers. Well Done

Venky’s thoughts
Knowing what these guys are like, they probably will pull out of any transfer deal now and say we dont need any players! We beat Liverpool! lol


23 Replies to “Blackburn Sink Liverpool”

  • Are you seriously giving Dunn a 5???? what the hell!!!! this is not a good write up Sasman, sorry mate, usually i like reading these, but you have afew too many things wrong in my opinion,… usually I agree with everything you write! I haven’t seen Dunny put in as much effort as he did tonight, he was running himself into the ground and beyond, some great touches and a constant annoyance in the middle! i would have given him a 7!! 🙂

  • good result against an average premier league team regardless of whether its liverpool or not, i think the 7 of 9 rating for mr kean should go to big sam on the basis that this is his team. but fair play to kean regardless, could of gone ultra defensive..but i guess he would lose his job if he did…

  • Agreed Dunny looked a little more like his old self and deserved a 6/7 imo. MB Diouf deserves a long bath tonight as well, don’t think i’ve seen so much effort in a rovers shirt for a few seasons! Guy was chasing down everything and everyone not giving the Liverpool players time to think almost forcing a goal.

  • Fair enough mate. I still think Dunn is having a shocker! maybe expectations are too high on him, but he gave away more stupid fouls then what grella does!

  • Id have said Dunn 6.. and FYI it was Mame Diouf who set up Olsson! 🙂 but Hoilett was MOTM for me! did everything! Kean did everything right apart from his substitutions which were to be frank. Shocking. 7 for Keano! (can we call him keano from now on?)

  • Fantastic performance, lots of spirit keep it up, beat QPR on sat and progress. Relax and enjoy, wait for the signings they will come. We are definitely top half this season, and we played football, no hoof ball seen tonight well done Kean and the Lads

  • Agree with others. Bit harsh on dunny I thought he was good even though he was holding. Played a good part in the first goal spotting diouf in so much space. Agree with the rest though! Fantastic result and is this the game where hoilett finally steps up to the plate and turns into the player we think he can be?

  • inconsistent results like these making evaluating kean impossible. he got huge help from having the regular back 4 and strong play on the wings tonight. the match proves we can’t afford to lose samba.

  • It was a very good performance – some good passing and good football on the break. We also defended very well. Considering that this was Liverpool as well who are all top international players (well except Lucas…) I thought rovers were great. It will take a bit of time for the players to adjust to Kean’s tactics – but on that showing it looks like they are now getting it right. Fortress Ewood again!

  • Great Result I didn’t see this coming with the injuries we’ve got. You have to give Steve Kean some credit as the football was good counter attacking stuff and we were’nt reliant on set pieces to kill the game off. Could’ve even got 4 or 5 goals in the end. We’re in a good position to push on now and with a few good signings we’ll be fine.

  • I still think the way Sam was sacked was disgraceful but last night’s performance was really exhilerating whilst so many victories recently have just been a relief. Was it Sam’s team? Salgado,Givet, Mame and Benjani were signed by Sam but most of these players were there already. I also think this was Dunnys best game of the season but perhaps that is not saying much.

  • Super effort and battling from everyone, richly deserved win and I agree with ITSALLROVER – you have to give Steve Kean credit for identifying where Liverpool were weak and using pace to exploit it. Massive thumbs up!

  • I’m sorry, but you Kean haters are just ridiculous. How can you say that Sam should take credit for this win? If Big Sam was still in charge, we would not have won yesterday’s game. Why I hear you ask? Because he is so damn negative! With 8 players out, he would’ve played even more defensive than usual and we would not have scored 3 goals. We scored 3 goals and battered Liverpool because of the tacticts employed by Kean and because of the work rate of our players. So please, get the hell over this “Kean is a back stabber” BS and give credit where credit is due. It’s sad and pathetic how fickle fans can be at times.

  • Exactly. We win as a team, we lose as a team. He has now lost 2, won 2 and drawn 1, I think that’s ok for a new manager who has to completely change the mentality of the players at his disposal. Venky’s have done nothing wrong, nor has Kean, yet they are both seemingly hated. I just hope all of these fickle fans will apolgosie and admit they were wrong when we sign some good players this month and have a decent league finish. I have a feeling they won’t, sports fans in general are some of the most hypocritical people known to man.

  • They haven’t really done anything wrong but I think the criticism stems from their truly shocking understanding of the media and their constant contradictions. They haven’t help themselves so far but they will learn I am sure…

  • Brilliant last night, just brilliant, cannot fault any of the lads for commitment, Holiett n Ollson provided what ive wanted at rovers for a long time, blistering wide attacking football, Only negative was the subs n sitting back last 10mins but otherwise Keano got it right and il agree we probably would of lost this game under sam, Keano keeps picking formations like this and with the addition of a few good players i’l happily get behind him.

  • i’m not a kean or chicken supporter, but got to give credit to kean for this victory. He got it right this time to go out to attack an out-of-form liverpool, made good use of the pace we had in Olsson & Hoilett to exploit the liverpool defence. In fact, making good use of what’s available with quite a number of 1st team players out injuried, he deserves credit for that.

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