Date: 6th April 2008 at 12:15am
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In the first of our tough run of encounters, Tottenham visited Ewood Park in what was always destined to be an open and free flowing game. With both teams heavily relying on delivery from the flankers, Mark Hughes opted to give Johann Vogels his first team debut for the Rovers. Samba was restored into the defence ahead of Zurab. As for the Spuds, Radek Cerny replaced Robinson in goals.

Tottenham got of to the brightest of starts, with a 6th minute tap in to Berbatov. Poor marking on the right flank by Ooijer allowed a cross to be tucked in, sloppily finished by Berbatov. TOttenham then dominated the next 20 minutes, bombarding the Rovers defence, who at times, appeared a little shaky.

However, nothing could stop a free flowing Bentley attack. Bentley recieved the ball in full stride, hitting the byline and tucking in a cross, with Morten Gamst Pederson continuing his scoring spree, netting the equaliser.

Now it was Rovers chance to dominate, with good chances falling to Roberts and Santa Cruz, with the energetic strikers only managing to hit Cernys chest. Half time, 1-1.

Sparky decided to bring back my boy Emerton, taking off Ooijer. Tottenham once again started their free flowing attack, playing one touch passes which at times, almost rivalled their London Rivals, Arsenal. Robbie Keane had the best of the Chances for Tottenham, forcing Friedel into a save. Nelson and Samba really started to stand up in defence, whilst a Bentley Free kick was smartly saved by Cerny.

WIth Gamst and Bentley bombarding the Tottenham goal, it came to a surprise when Gamst was replaced by Benni McCarthy. BOth teams continued with their attack, Bentley dissalowed what would of been a difficult penalty to give. A dart in the box led to him being checked off the ball, one of those 50 50 decisions which we really needed to go our way.

Full-time 1-1

Player Ratings

Brad Friedel 7
Made a few important saves

Andre Ooijer 5.5
Not his usual solid himself. Made an error leading up to the goal, taken of at the break

Christopher Samba 5.5 First Half, 7.5 Second Half
A game of 2 halves for the big man, sloppy then great. However gave a typical Samba free kick away, fortunately didnt lead to a goal

Ryan Nelson 7.5
Solid game, recieved the man of the match award (lets hope i got this right lol). Made some timely interventions

Steven Warnock 6
Not one of his best, looked really fatigued in defence, hit a few sloppy crosses

Morten Gamst Pederson 8
Made to work extra hard due to Warnocks off game. Hit the by line well, scored a goal, was really surprised he was taken of.

Johann Vogel 6.5
A quiet debut, if there tagging him as Tugays replacement then im dissapointed. More of a cleaner and controller rather than a creative technician

Steven Reid 6.5
Poor passing display from Reid. Lost the ball several times in the first half, however a much more solid performance in the second.

David Bentley 8.5
What can we say, we all know what he is about by now.

Roque Santa Cruz 7
Worked tirelessly, however his finishing ability with the ball at his feet worries me at times

Jason Roberts 7.5
Worked even harder, chasing everything down. He does get pretty frustrated at times, his physical style works against him at times. I think the only reason Benni Mac is still floating around is due to our 2 strikers not scoring the goals. ROberts blasted a few shots straight at Cerny

Brett Emerton 6
Came on at the break, not much influence

Benni McCarthy 5
Why, why take Gamst off for Benni Mc, would of though Vogels could of come of, but im not the manager. Derbs could of come on at least.
Little time to shine

Manager Rating
7. I dont often comment here, but Sparkys choice to take of Gamst Pederson was really frustrating. I havent heard about him copping a knock or anything, but he really was starting to shine. Could of used him in the end

Sasmans Thoughts
We are making it harder for ourselves to make Europe. We really need Pompey to win the cup now, otherwise all hope is lost. If they do, then we are 1 point behind VIlla after their win


17 Replies to “Blackburn1- Tottenham 1”

  • Bentley was great today. I’ve seen the replay of the goal and his play was superb! This season has seen him develop into a better player.

  • Yes I think that is a fair statement which is why I say you’ll see him in a spurs shirt next season. Boyhood fantasy come true for him. tar very much and enjoy the intertoto. Mugs

  • ah geez, typical spud, what we have played twice, this year, a win to us and a draw, keep it zipped and ur trash to ur site. Bentley to Tottenham, rofl…..

  • If you’re surprised by Sparky taking off MGP, so was I by Ramos taking off Malbranque. He was our best player. Strange lot these managers. As for Bentley, he was a Gooner and refused to play for England 21 because he thought himself too good. That’s not the kind of player I’d like to see at Spurs.

  • bullers you certainly live up to your name, never seen a post so pack full of *****, you must have tried really hard! as for the game disapointing that we couldnt have gotten a more positive result against a team that have somewhat struggled in the league and especially away from home. however we are still just a point off that intertoto but i fell villa have the wind in their sails after their good win yesterday!

  • Agreed Durks! It’s gonna be tough now especially with the run-in we have. In relation to hiano’s comment above all I can say is that Bentley’s decision to snub the England 21’s has proved to be the right decision. He’s had a great season for us and has pushed his way into the senior squad, so I don’t really see where your coming from.

  • The game didn’t quite live up to my expectations, probably because we were overly cautious after a right good pounding from the barcodes. Overall don’t think any team deserved to lose and Ewoods a tricky place to come so I’ll settle. Good luck fella

  • Vogel never was touted as a Tugay really, more of a grab the ball from defence and give a decent pass off to start attacks and basically clean up and do the basics that a few of our past DM’s havent done! Agree about Gamst he shouldnt have been withdrawn tbh, and i agree with all the other marks.

  • cheers with the input lads, sure, reid did deliver that wonderful ball which i didnt mention, prob cause of the time i wrote it lol, however, he still is a fair bit of where he last left of. As for Gamst, here here

  • I would’ve LOVED it had we beaten Spurs on Saturday, but I can deal with a draw as this at least meant we didn’t lose, that would have been unbearble!!!
    At this point of the season I think we’ve lost two points, but it could’ve been worse so we’ll soon see if that was a point won?!?!

  • What upsets me with MGP, is that he doesn’t want to take the opposition on. He looks for the pass, as oppsoed to beating his man. I’ve noticed this over the last couple of games. Good to see him scoring regularly now, though. It was awesome control by Bentley from the pass from Reid that lead to the goal. Good football all-round.

  • What a load of rubbish from bullers… lol… Pedersen was our best player after Bents and was injured hence he came off. Nelsen was great at the back but Zurab was really unlucky not to have played. I’ll take a point but that penalty being turned down was a joke.

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